Can You Give Me More Clarity Of The “National” Side Of The Moorish Divine And National Movement?

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 * These are the words of Deputy Sheik A. Talib-El who has compiled this break down of some of the degrees of the “National” side of the Moorish Divine and National movement:

There are less than a handful of Moors who understand the national side of this movement. 99.5% of the Moors don’t know the national side; it’s not being taught. I will break down a good portion of the national side. Act 6 is in degrees. There are many things about act 6 that hold keys. You must understand the Divine Constitution and By-Laws is a legal document. Thus you must use Black’s Law Dictionary to understand the language. But one must first understand what has taken place before and since the transcending of the Prophet. This is the Divine and National MOVEMENT. We have to be able to adapt to fit the times. In 1928, during the Prophet’s time, the United States was still under the republican form of government. At that time, just getting a nationality card was all one needed. But in 1933 the United States was converted into a commercial venue under the ‘new deal’. Once everyone in the nation went under the 14th Amendment, they became guilty of treason against the republic and became alien and foreign to the free national constitution. Once you are alien to the constitution it no longer applies to you (which is the problem the negro has, see Dred Scott case of 1857) although the Constitution became perpetual (meaning everlasting) since The Articles of Confederation (stated in the preamble). We are to proclaim our nationality, but you must understand that is a legal process. In Black’s Law Dictionary, 5th edition, nationality is defined as: “That quality or character which arises from the fact of a person’s belonging to a nation or state. Nationality determines the political status of the individual, especially with reference to allegiance; while domicile determines his civil status. Nationality arises either by BIRTH or by NATURALIZATION. See also Naturalization.” This means if you were born under the 14th Amendment (having a birth certificate when you were born) then you are alien to the Constitutional fold because the 14th Amendment is unconstitutional. The only way to get back to the constitution is through NATURALIZATION. If you weren’t born Moorish-American LAWFULLY as a Citizen of the ‘Moorish government’ then you must naturalize into it as those are the only possible ways in law to have a nationality as the word “naturalization” is in the definition of nationality. Black’s Law Dictionary, 5th edition defines naturalization as: “The process by which a person acquires a nationality AFTER BIRTH and becomes entitled to the privileges of citizenship.” So what is the lawful constitutional de jure means of being naturalized as a Citizen? It’s Article 1 section 8 clause 4 of the U.S. Constitution which states that Congress shall have the power to establish a uniform Rule of Naturalization. In act 6 it states the era of slavery was 1779-1865. What happened in 1779? The Articles of Confederation ratified and formed the U.S.A. under which John Hanson was the first president. The Moorish nation fell in 1774 here in North America (Holy Koran of the MSTA or MHTS chapter 47 verse 17) In 1779 it became law under the Articles of Confederation as that’s when the U.S.A. was official formed. That is why it doesn’t say 1779 in chapter 47 because we fell and became a conquered nation in 1774 but the United States wasn’t officially a nation until 1779 under the Articles of Confederation which President John Hanson served as the first president (who was a Moor as well). What happened in 1865? The emancipation proclamation occurred January 1, 1863. So what lawfully happened in 1865 that ended the era of slavery? November 18, 1865 the 13th Amendment with 20 sections was the law that freed the slaves. Contrary to popular belief President Abraham Lincoln was a hero. He was the first president ever assassinated because he was trying to bring the “negro” into the Constitutional fold. He created 4 proclamations that became law. Under article 4 section 4 of the constitution it states: The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence. This gives the president the power of enacting legislation/law during times of war. Watch the movie ‘Lincoln’. In it there are many degrees but the whole movie was about getting the 13th Amendment passed because once the nation was no longer at war the Supreme Court would overturn what the laws he made to free the slaves. Once the vote on the 13th Amendment with 20 sections reached the 2/3’s necessary which is constitutionally required (US Constitution Article 5 Clause 1) it would become law. And it did, however President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated and the 13th Amendment with 20 sections was replaced with the 13th Amendment with 2 sections. On March 31, 1864 there was a debate in the Senate on the Hebrew law. Senator Saulsbury and Senator Harlan were debating on what legal precedent to use in order to naturalize a slave as a Citizen.

The only law they could come up with was Leviticus 25:10 (which is engraved on the Liberty Bell). Leviticus 25:10 is the ancient Hebrew law of naturalization and compensation of slaves. They chose the Hebrew law also because they know we Moors in the Americas are 10 of the 12 tribes of Israel. Evidence on this can be found in the book of Elias Boudinot (who was the 2nd president after John Hanson) called a “Star in the West” who stated that the “Indians” (who we know in reality are Moors) were “Hebrews”. The 13th Amendment with 20 sections was created out of this debate. The 13th Amendment with 20 sections is Leviticus 25:10 in layman’s (law man’s) terms. Under the four proclamations of President Abraham Lincoln and the 13th Amendment with 20 sections are to be: naturalized as Citizens under the U.S.A. republican form of government, allowed to colonize 22 states from the Allegheny Mountains to the Rocky Mountains, north into Canada, south into the southern states and allowed to colonize anything on the 36’30 parallel around the planet and we are to be compensated for the labor our ancestors endured during slavery; which is why the Prophet said don’t throw away your slave names, because we are going to get paid through them and this is the law that facilitates that in conjunction with the President Abraham Lincoln’s “Compensation Emancipation Proclamation” of December 1, 1862. This is LAW and part and parcel of the Constitution. Also President Abraham Lincoln signed into law the “Oath of Amnesty and Reconstruction” on December 8, 1863. If you did not take this Oath then you are in a state of rebellion against the Union and martial law can be placed upon you. This Oath is the only way someone who was a slave, prisoner of war, a Citizen of a state who seceded or a member of the Confederate military could come back into the Constitutional fold. In “The Great Meeting is On, A Warning from the Prophet” Noble Drew Ali stated: “….it is a sin for any group of people to violate the National Constitutional Laws of a Free National Governments….”. He also stated we must enforce the Constitution. Well you cannot enforce a contract (which the constitution is) if you are not a party to it. And if you are alien to the constitution then you are not a party. The only way back into the Constitutional fold is taking the Oath of Amnesty and Reconstruction and through that 13th Amendment with 20 sections and naturalizing as a Citizen. This is the de jure process by way of article 1 section 8 clause 4 because Congress established “a uniform rule of naturalization” with the 2/3’s congressional vote as required by article 5 of the Constitution. That rule of naturalization is 13th Amendment with 20 sections and four proclamations. The Prophet’s warning is the national side. What I just broke down is the true national side of this movement. You have to do the knowledge because man cannot know by being told but I have provided all the sources you need to research to confirm or disprove what I have written. If I am wrong, answer this: what law makes you a Citizen? Because the Prophet said both in the warning and diving constitution (Act 6) we are “part and parcel” of this said government (“said” in law means “before mentioned”). How are you part and parcel of the U.S.A.? He also stated in the warning (3rd paragraph 2nd to last sentence) “Help me to save my people who have FALLEN FROM THE CONSTITUTIONAL LAWS OF GOVERNMENT.” In that warning is the national side but you got to study, study, study Constitutional law and the true history of this nation in relation to our people to comprehend where he was coming from. In the “Oral Statements and Prophesies of Prophet Noble Drew Ali”, Noble Drew said “It will take you 50 years to find out what I brought you….”. 50 years after the Prophet transcended “The Resurrection” was published by Grand Sheik Richardson Dingle-El fulfilling this prophecy. Most of these degrees I got can be found in that book.

The Prophet transcended July 20, 1929. “The Resurrection” was published in 1978. Grand Sheik Richardson Dingle-El along with Grand Sheik Timothy Dingle-El were the first people to discover the 13th Amendment with 20 sections and the conspiracy that hid it. Honors to those brothers who secured the national side of this movement. Now the only problem is educating the rest of the Moors on this information which is the missing component to getting this movement where it needs to go.

With that I say peace.

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