The Quattro Mori: The Four Moors

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One of Livorno’s most famous landmarks is a monument located near the Port of Livorno. This work of art, which dates back to the Renaissance period, is called “Monumento dei quattro mori” (Monument of the Four Moors). This powerful monument, depicting four Moors, was dedicated to Grand Duke Ferdinando I.
I Quattro Mori –At the end of the XVI century the works for the realization of the new fortified city of Livorno started. In order to celebrate this enterprise and the triumphs of the Order of the knights of Santo Stefano against barbaric pirates, Ferdinando de’Medici erected a monument in his honor. The statue of the Granduca was commissioned to the sculptor Giovanni Bandini, than realized it in Carrara in 1595; it was moved to Livorno in 1601. Subsequently, in 1621 Pietro Tacca completed the monument with the four chained Moors, that the sculptor made between 1623 and 1626. The monument is constituted by the Four Moors in bronze at the base of a high pedestal, over which there is the statue of Ferdinando I. The Granduca is represented with the uniform of the Order of the knights of Santo Stefano, the military institution founded in order to fight the Ottomans and the pirates in the Mediterranean Sea. The Four Moors constitute the most important part of the work: the emphasized torsions and the grimaces of pain represent the condition of imprisonment of the subjects, with great realism and elegance. (source: Tuscany Travels)
The Four Moors is the oldest and most popular monument in Leghorn, it symbolizes the winner of Medici against pirates in the Mediterranean Sea.
The monument consist of two parts, one in marble and the other one in bronze. The former, in Carrara marble, shows Ferdinando I dei Medici in the uniform of the Order of the Knights of St. Stephan, a navy establishment to fight the piracy which was an obstacle to free trade and the development of the growning Medicean port. Created by the Florentine sculptor Giovanni Bandini, it was terminated in 1595, but only in 1617 the statue was placed on its pedestal.
The Four Moors, works of considerable merit by the Carrara sculptor Pietro Tacca, a pupil of Giambologna, were added between 1623 and 1626.

In 1861 the statue was moved about 20 mt to its present position. On the occasion it was completely renovated. During the Second World War it was once again dismantled to protect it from aerial bombardments. At the end of the war it was returned to its place. (source: Geocaching)

The Four Moors – a symbol of Livorno Overlooking the old Medici Port, right at the port end of Via Grande, you cannot fail to notice the statue known as I Quattro Mori (‘the four moors’) which is undoubtedly Livorno’s most famous landmark. The monument, which is a symbol of Livorno, was carried out in two stages. The upper part, portraying Ferdinando I, the Medici Grand Duke, was sculpted in marble by Giovanni Bandini by order of Ferdinando’s son, Cosimo II, to honour his father. It was erected in 1617, nine years after Grand Duke Ferdinando’s death.
The four bronze moors were added between 1623 and 1626 and are the work of the Carrara sculptor, Pietro Tacca, who was Giambologna’s greatest pupil. He used two slaves as a model for his work and it is said that in return for posing for several months these two men were then set free.
The younger of the two moved to Florence and started a family there. On holidays he used to bring his family to Livorno so that they could admire his bronze likeness!
The whole monument is supposed to represent Tuscany’s victories over pirate attacks.
Province of Livorno, Toscana (Tuscany), Italy.  This is a map of Italy that identifies the province of Livorno. The province of Livorno is a part of the Toscana (Tuscany) region.
cagliari photos

The Municipio with Sardinian Flag (Cagliari Photos}.  The Municipio, or town hall, of Cagliari displays three flags – European Union, Italy, and Sardinia, the flag with the Quattro Mori, or four Moors.

The Quattro Mori on Cagliari Municipio (Cagliari Photos). The quattro mori, the symbol of Sardegna, are displayed atop the Cagliari Municipio, or town hall.

Sardinian Flag Quattro Mori

Map of the Province of Sassari, Sardegna (Sardinia), Italy.  The province of Sassari is a part of the Sardegna (Sardinia) region.

Fountain of the Four Moors: Fontana Dei Quattro Mori, Marino, Lazio, Italia
The Fountain of the Four Moors during the Italian Grape Festival

Lazio (Latium), Italy. Lazio is a region in the center of Italy along the Tyrrhenian Sea; with five provinces, one of which is Roma (Rome).


Ava DuVernay’s 13th Documentary

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Peace to All,

I peeped @AVAETC Ava DuVernay’s documentary entitled “13th” on Monday, October 10, 2016! I was impressed with it’s coverage of how History, Law, and Race are connected. It was refreshing to see the cover get lifted from off the machine (ALEC) behind a large portion of our current legislation. I am so grateful The Creator moved her spirit and those of the entire cast and crew to produce this film in order to begin a much needed public discussion on the topic of the 13th Amendment. If there’s a part two in the works, I offer this article as a starting point for research covering how the ORIGINAL 13th Amendment with 20 sections was passed (ratified) on November 18, 1865 by 3/4 of the Several States and is still the Law but has been suppressed. My question is why was the original amendment suppressed and replaced with the 13th Amendment highlighted in this poignant film?

The actual 13th Amendment with 20 Sections contains and clearly explains how those who were freed from slavery after its abolishment were to receive compensation, land, free education, and other vital necessities to restore them into becoming productive Citizens.

The key word to begin our discussion is *Public. The relationship between the Public and Law is interconnected.

Law effects The Public, The Public affects Law.

*Public: Henry Black’s Revised Fourth Edition Law Dictionary defines public when it’s used as a noun (a person, place, or thing) and an adjective (that which describes a noun) as:

So as we now understand how public is defined in Law we realize this term relates to “all the people of a particular place; the body of the people at large, without reference to the geographical limits of any corporation like a city, town or county; the whole body of people.” If we keep this in mind while we continue on, then it’s simple after one is shown sound information to see that when we use certain terms which do not properly identify or address a particular group of people our efforts lose some of their effectiveness with the rest of the general public.

“People of Color”, “Blacks/black people”, “African Americans”, “brown people”, “Negros” were frequently used terms throughout 13th by activists, scholars, entertainers, and others. However, usage of such terms, especially if there’s no part two in development, is where 13th lost a bit of its punch for me. Noble Drew Ali wrote in the Circle Seven Chapter 47 Keys 9 and 10 “According to all true and Divine records of the human race, there is no negro, black, or colored race attached to the human family […] 10. What your ancient forefathers and mothers were, you are today without doubt or contradiction.”

The increased application of these terms started when they were first applied to the autochthonous, original, aboriginal and indigenous peoples of and in the Americas (MRS; Moors/Muurs) publicly in 1779 when those of Moorish descent were stripped of their nationality in 1774 by colonizers and slaveholders of European descent. Therefore, any attempt for true political, social, economic change, and protection of our Human Rights utilizing any of those aforementioned terms are rendered ineffective in the general public including courts of Law which, in my opinion, is one purpose the film was created and that is to seek public redress for the issues highlighted throughout the film due to its inclusion of interviews with law professors, current and former members of the U.S. Congress, and U.S. Presidential nominees.

Now, one of the issues I’ve come across with a few of those of so called African ancestry and born in America is that when most of them whom I’ve come in contact with and have tried to explain to them the fact that our nationality was taken from us ask me for a reference, some more subtly than others, tend to be seeking a source that comes from a European or Eurocentric so called “white publication” or some other reference deemed “publicly valid” and accepted by the dominant Anglo culture of thought and outlook rather than Moorish Americans. The point I raise with this line of thinking is that most of these well intentioned folks forget in those moments of reasoning is that if so called “white people” have systematically hidden, distorted, or erased parts of our historical legacies of fact to propagate their alleged superiority while promoting our stupidity, laziness, and lower-self based activities, then what purpose does it serve him/her to publicly validate the keys and steps towards our actual freedom?

A large portion of what the European has done in this country and others was planned behind closed doors, kept in secret, and then executed or performed openly in public theater. This clandestine activity still takes place today. Unfortunately, since our public educational system is controlled by members of these same clandestine groups, melanin rich (olive, dark olive skinned) people of the strongest minds fall victim to the thought and research patterns of melanin recessive processes and if information such as the importance of birthrights and nationality comes from others who may not have high school diplomas, college B.A.’s, Masters, Ph.D.’s, or a show on the History Channel, it is quite often rejected and or so acutely scrutinized then ignored because these well intentioned brothers and sisters have often taken on the world outlook of those born in America whom also suffer and harm others due to their colorable educational training.

Black’s Law Dictionary Revised Fourth Edition defines *colorable as:

“Colorable Law” or the” Color of Law” are legal phrases that refer to the semblance or appearance of law but actually is Not Law at all! The phrase “People of Color” can, and is, also looked upon in the same light when viewed from a lawful and legal context in public. Remember, there are existing laws against public slander, libel, and defamation when an individual or group makes false statements which injures another individual or group of people. (Seek a Law Dictionary for definitions of these terms.) Therefore, when addressing why issues such as mass incarceration, police brutality or excessive force happen to certain people in the public, the phrase “people of color” then equates to “something like a people but not quite a people.” In other words, what is actually being communicated is that those people are Not lawfully recognized because all beings of the Human family have free national descent names that, unless man or woman’s powers extends beyond the Great God’s powers, cannot change. It’s not emotional. And, no matter how many emotional appeals a melanin rich individual or group makes to those operating a free national government, those appeals no matter how emotionally charged with validity, will never be properly nor fully recognized until those same individuals properly recognize Themselves first!

Black’s Law Dictionary Revised Fourth Edition defines the word *Color and the phrase *Colorable Law:

 Acceptance begins with One’s learning the knowledge of, then proclaiming One’s own free national descent name to the public. The first step to learning this is by enrolling in The Moorish School of Law and History and taking the three courses designed to help and teach those of African descent or calling themselves black or African American, Hispanic, Latino or any other colorable name in North America what their actual nationality and birthright is. Remember, just because someone who looks like you said it’s okay to publicly call yourself and those who look like you other than what your Ancestors were does not automatically make it true. “[…] Are you a mastermind and do not know that man and woman knows naught by being told?” -Prophet YHShAY/Issa/Jesus, The Circle Seven.

All of us need to study and keep studying!

Melanin rich people in America (Moors) are known for being some of the most religious and spiritual people on Earth but yet when it comes to acting on the lines of claiming and utilizing knowledge leading towards their actual freedom it seems like old cliches and excuses like, “I believe in the whole Bible, Quran, Torah/Tanach, Diamond Sutras, Vedas, etc. all except, that part” syndrome kicks in. In other words, apparently, we believe what’s convenient at any given time as long as the so called “white man and woman” are in agreement with it or have said it’s true first.

However, in closing, once again I’d like to thank and send much love to Ava DuVernay, the cast, and crew of 13th as well as the people of NETFLIX for having the courage to release such a timely film. And, since it is now online for the entire world and public to review and study, I share these final thoughts and definitions from Blacks Law Dictionary Revised Fourth Edition in regards to *Public character, *Public convenience, *Public interest, and *Public law.

13th as well as all the other publicly recorded footage captured throughout the United States of America and posted on social media everywhere is done in order to correct and change the mindsets of the public who views them. They are presented for public recognition of issues which have gone half addressed for far too long. They are disseminated because there is a public need for real justice. The public interest is vested in the issues surrounding these audio/video clips, films, and photos irregardless of which particular city, town, or village these horrible things take place. The content of these mediums portray the effect of current Public Law. However, it’s only when those of Moorish descent honor their Ancient Foremothers and Forefathers and accept their true nationality by realizing they are not colors or colorable brands (names) which actually delude to them being considered a mental slave (minority) then and only then can the door to true justice be opened.

Thank you for your time.


Moabitess speaking on the effects of feminism on the Moabite community

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She’s using slave terminology, but making lots of sense none the less. It’s time for the Moabitess to love, honour, and respect the Moabite man. And to do so without playing into the systems in play to hold him down: making him feel bad for not being able to find work, using sex as a weapon, and thinking that because you can earn a living on your own that your home does not need his presence and guidance. #rebuildthemoabitefamily

Chopping down the Cherry Tree

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Chopping of cherry tree

In school they told us two good myths. One was of G.W. chopping down the cherry tree and the other was of old honest Abe who supposedly never told a lie.

Back when this country, as we know it, was first being formed by the rebels from Europe who decided that they wanted to be independent of their motherland, they petitioned to the then existing world empires for sovereignty…which basically means that they were asking the empires for permission to be granted the right to call and govern themselves as a nation.

No existing empire would grant them that permission. After continuous petitioning, finally the Empire of the Moors granted them permission. Because the Moors were an Islamic nation, no melaninated person designating themselves as a Moor or Muslim could be enslaved. This was a part of the treaty. What George Washington did after they obtained their sovereignty was “to take the Moorish flag, fold it up and lock it in a safe”…thereby leaving no sign or symbol of the empire or people who granted them sovereignty to be seen.

The Moorish flag looked like a big cherry in the middle of a blue background, therefore it was the cherry tree that granted this country the right to become a nation, and with the flag locked away, any and all darker skinned Moors were thereby designated to be enslaved.

The country became known as “The United States Of America”. Once the United States Of America (The Republic) went corporate their “corporate name” became known as the “United States”, There is a legal difference. Furthermore, we said; I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and TO THE REPUBLIC FOR WHICH IT STANDS. “Excuse me ! I Know yall thought you were living in a Democracy…but where did you learn that lie from when we were already told when we were young that “THIS IS A REPUBLIC” NOT A DEMOCRACY….AND YET WE FOOLISHLY LET OUR PEOPLE GO OFF TO FIGHT IN THE NAME OF A DEMOCRACY THAT IS NOT LAWFUL HERE IN AMERICA.

You’ve been hijacked out of The Republic, hijacked into illegally paying taxes, hijacked into thinking you’re legal citizens, and you’ve been hijacked into fear so real that very few dare move with the truth once they know it.

This is why it is a must that you proclaim your Nationality!  To reclaim what is ours.

The first step, RE-EDUCATION at our Moorish School of Law and History


Moorish School of Law & History 2017

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We are now preparing for our 2017 classes. 

If you have not already done so, it is that time to register for the Moorish School of Law & History courses.

“A Warning from the Prophet” Course

Orientation: January 11, 2017
Instruction begins:January 18, 2017
Eight to ten week course.
Fee: $125.00 – U.S. Postal Money Orders ONLY.

“BE IT KNOWN” Course
Orientation: March 29, 2017
Instruction begins: April 5, 2017
Eight to ten week course.
Fee: $125.00 – US Postal Money Orders ONLY.

“Nationality and ID Card” Course
Orientation: June 14, 2017
Instruction begins:June 21, 2017
Eight to ten week course.
Fee: $125.00 – US Postal Money Orders ONLY.

In order to register for these classes, an Application for Moorish American Citizenship MUST BE SUBMITTED. The Application is FREE because your Nationality is FREE of CHARGE!

PLEASE NOTE: ALL CLASSES ARE TAUGHT VIA TELECONFERENCE EVERY WEDNESDAY FROM 8:00 PM TO 10:00 PM EST, FROM THE COMFORT OF YOUR HOME. Also, please make note of the prerequisites for the attending the classes. A BLACK’S LAW DICTIONARY IS MANDATORY (3rd or Revised 4th Edition is recommended).

PLEASE REGISTER EARLY! Late registration will not be tolerated. Please get an early start for these upcoming courses.

There will be a Naturalization Ceremony in October on Baltimore, Maryland. All are invited. Please let us know if you would like attend. We would love to have you join us.

Course Materials:

  1. Naturalization Orientation Handbook (Required)
  2. The Negro A Beast (Recommended)
  3. The negro, the black, the Moor (Suggested)
  4. The Resurrection (Suggested)

Ask the Instructor to send you “The negro A Beast” in an email attachment if you wish to have it.

All Forms:

1. Moorish American National Republic Citizenship Form

2. Moorish American National Republic Warning Class Form

3. Moorish American National Republic Be It Known Class Form

4. Moorish American National Republic Nationality And Identification Card Class Form

5. Moorish American National Republic Courses Rules And Agreement Form

6. Moorish American National Republic Procedures And Materials Required For Courses Form

7. Moorish American National Republic Class Voucher Form

Form Submission Process:

Please mail all forms along with your resume to:

Sheikess A. Bellamy-Bey, National Registrar,
P. O. Box 23408,
Baltimore, Maryland 21203

Please use the SELF AUDIT sheet prior to mailing to ensure all your documents are included.

If you have questions please call 410-488-6858, Tuesday thru Thursday, 11:00 AM thru 4:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time. Do NOT call the National Registrar BEFORE nor AFTER normal business days & hours under ANY circumstances! If you are not in the Eastern Time zone, make sure that you ONLY call the National Registrar during normal business days and hours according to the Eastern Daylight Time. When you call, make sure you leave a detailed message. Otherwise, your call may not be returned.

Additional Information:

To avoid unauthorized users: When you receive any passcode to get into the class conference from the National Registrar, you are NOT to give it out to anyone else under any circumstances. If anyone who communicates to you needs it, do NOT give it to them! They must call the National Registrar during her NORMAL BUSINESS HOURS and ONLY her to obtain it.

We will be monitoring the telephone numbers of those in the class conferences. No UNAUTHORIZED numbers are allowed! An authorized number is the number which one will use to get into the class conference that is on file with the National Registrar. Using a means of getting into the class conference other than a direct telephone will appear on the board as ANONYMOUS. All ANONYMOUS numbers on the conference board will be immediately dropped! So, please prepare yourself to prevent this.

We also invite you to join us on our regular Sunday School conference call from 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM EST, on conference call number 712-432-3900, code 717118#. Press *1 to mute your phone to remove any background noises and *1 to unmute your phone to make a comment or ask a question. Please announce your name and state where you are calling from.

We also have our Playback recording of the Sunday calls: 712-432-3903 and the passcode is the same. Press 0# for the RECENT recording. You can also hear the recordings from our archives page at

Peace & Love, Beloveds.

Birth Certificate Authentication, UCC codes, and Protection under the law

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We had a great Town Hall Call meeting this past Sunday evening. Some very relevant and important information was dispensed by both National Grand Shiek, Shieks, members, and honored guests. The discussion addressed issues which tie very closely into the split between us Moors today. I urge you all to take a close listen.

The questions on the floor were:

  1. I would like to know do we need to authenticate the Birth Certificate and why we should not use UCC 1 financing statements?  (Jump to 00:36:22)

  2. What safeguards are Moorish Americans entitled to in the event of a federal emergency being declared as a result of obvious civil unrest, when so many of us live in such close proximity to the so-called negroes, blacks, coloreds and African Americans.  If there were to be a government action similar to what happened to Tulsa, OK., would not Moors also certainly be adversely affected? (Jump to 1:19:00)

Words directly from our National Grand Shiek, Jump to 1:30:00.

Press the play button in the media player below.  Enjoy!




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Moorish Science 101: UNITED NATIONS TRAP


Eloquent demonstrations from our brothers in the NY Republic.

The Morning Show With Yusef El Special Guest National Grand Sheik J. Bratten-Bey

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Join us November 27, 2015 as we welcome National Grand Sheik Bratton Bey to the High Frequency Radio Network. Being in the Moorish Divine and National movement for 39 years to date, National Grand Sheik J. Bratton-Bey is holding the flame of the National side of the Moorish Divine and National movement, the teachings of the Four Proclamations of President Abraham Lincoln that pertains to securing birth rights and nationality, and the 13th Amendment with 20 sections that was resurrected by Grand Sheik Richardson Dingle-El to facilitate a uniform naturalization process so that those known as Blacks, Negro, Colored, etc; properly known historically as Moorish-Americans can be True American Citizens of the U.S.A. according to Constitutional Law and the Hebrew Code to stop the abuses they are suffering from throughout the nation. Along with the “genius citizens” that Prophet Noble Drew Ali spoke about that would come, as demonstrated by International Grand Sheik F. Turner-El and Grand Sheik Richardson Dingle-El; National Grand Sheik J. Bratton-Bey is continuing the mission of the Moorish Divine and National movement as the founder Prophet Noble Drew Ali had intended if h Moorish-Americans study, study, study and enforce the law (constitutional fold) to save the nation.
This is one you don’t want to miss!!!!
Peace to the Gods!

National Moorish American Day: History that needs to be told

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april-fools-nigga1 April, 1774 the pale skin nations of Europe started calling us ‘Negros’, which later got officially documented into the Continental Congress and we became slaves. The biggest “April Fool” joke ever played amongst a whole Nation of People, properly recorded in History as Moors descendants of Ancient Moabites whom inhabited Northwest and Southwest Africa (The Americas), was to get them to emotionally accept the slave de-naturalization process, labels, classifications, identifications or “descriptions” such as Black, Negro, Colored, Ethiopian, West Indian, Native American, Native Indian, American Indian, Amerindian, Black Indian, Latino, Mexican, Afro American, African American, First People, First Nation, Original People, Aboriginal, Indigenous, Paleo, Pre-Adamite, Autochthon, etc… Some may call it ‘April fools’ day, but April 1st is National Moorish American Day, we will be fools no more. Moor Love and Peace is needed! Happy Holy Day Moslems all over the world.



Graduation / Naturalization Ceremony 2015

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