National Moorish American Day: History that needs to be told

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april-fools-nigga1 April, 1774 the pale skin nations of Europe started calling us ‘Negros’, which later got officially documented into the Continental Congress and we became slaves. The biggest “April Fool” joke ever played amongst a whole Nation of People, properly recorded in History as Moors descendants of Ancient Moabites whom inhabited Northwest and Southwest Africa (The Americas), was to get them to emotionally accept the slave de-naturalization process, labels, classifications, identifications or “descriptions” such as Black, Negro, Colored, Ethiopian, West Indian, Native American, Native Indian, American Indian, Amerindian, Black Indian, Latino, Mexican, Afro American, African American, First People, First Nation, Original People, Aboriginal, Indigenous, Paleo, Pre-Adamite, Autochthon, etc… Some may call it ‘April fools’ day, but April 1st is National Moorish American Day, we will be fools no more. Moor Love and Peace is needed! Happy Holy Day Moslems all over the world.



Graduation / Naturalization Ceremony 2015

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A message for the SisTars from A SisTar

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A demonstration from our National Director of Children Sunday School, Sheikess Gloria Cherry-El.

Interview with National Grand Sheik Joel Bratton-Bey

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“Lets Put The Conversation On The Table” Episode 1

March 14, 2015

Graduation 2014

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The Freedmen’s Bureau The Bills Before Congress To-day.

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February 9, 1865

The Freedmen’s Bureau The Bills Before Congress To-day.

A measure of far-reaching influence and importance to the colored race and to the country comes up before Congress to-day — Mr. ELIOT’S bill for the establishment of a “Freedmen’s Bureau,” or, in other words, of a separate department of Government, controlling the interests of millions of human beings in the future. The new bill is a compound of the two bills — the House and the Senate — which have been up before for the settlement of this difficult matter. It has been framed mainly by Senators HOWARD and SUMNER, and Messrs. ELIOT and KELLEY, of the House.

In point of fact, this measure, if passed, will found an imperium in imperio, a separate department, responsible alone to the President, and supported by military power from him, to take charge of the abandoned and forfeited lands of the rebels, settle them with freedmen, guard the interests of these latter, aid in adjusting wages, in enforcing contracts, and in protecting these unfortunate people from injustice, and securing them their liberty. The commissioner of the bureau and his agents shall have power to establish regulations, and cause them to be enforced, for the protection of this great class, and before any civil or military court they shall act as their legal advisers. In certain cases, they can hire out the freedmen with suitable persons at a proper compensation. The assistant commissioners and agents can, under certain specified conditions, be tried by courts-martial in their respective districts.

This bill, as will be seen even in this very brief abstract, is of vast consequence. It provides a government in the future for millions of blacks, and disposes of hundreds of millions of property. So important a measure, wherein so many difficulty questions of economy and politics are settled, and involving such immense consequences, ought not to be passed in a hurry.

The problem is one of the most refined in social administration. To protect an inferior race and not sap its independence; to govern an ignorant but a most honest and deserving population; to provide against the wrongs which, in the future, the overreaching shrewdness of the Northerners and the habits of oppression of the Southerners may inflict on the freed slaves; to preserve and guard labor, secure production and repress idleness.

All these are difficult objects to attain, and we might well frame many Congressional bills before they could be reached. Manifestly, when peace is finally concluded, the United States will have a new kind of political task before it — the securing future peace in the insurgent territory, and the enforcing the laws of Congress in a dissatisfied and disobedient community. The protection, then, of the freedmen, and the best development of their labor, will appeal to both the honor and the interests of the nation. But in the meantime, we do not think the Government is fully prepared for a separate administration of the freedmen. At the present, it seems to us more wise that this bureau should be a bureau of the War Department. All the machinery is at hand for the purpose; the power, the instrumentalities, courts, officers, systems of supply and fixed rules. There would be no clashing of military authorities; the country to be settled by the freedmen is now held by the war power, and the summary authority of the latter is a benefit in such matters as the management of the interests of freed slaves. Looking merely at persons, to no public man could the fate of the freedmen be so safely trusted as to the present Secretary of War.

We hold then Mr. ELIOT’s bill defective in not making this bureau a branch of the War Department. Its provisions need also more careful revision than they have yet enjoyed at the hands of the two Houses. The fifth section seems at first reading to include “all the real estate to which the United States have title,” which would give the Freedmen’s Bureau control over all public lands; but this may be limited by the previous sections, to the rebel States. The thirteenth section also includes a repeal of the joint resolution of Congress, July, 1862, by which confiscation was limited to the life-estate in land of the traitor. This is too important a measure to be inclosed with a Freedman’s Bill. The President himself is known to have caused the passage of this joint resolution, and a repeal of it in this law would not certainly add to the probabilities of his signing the present bill. Besides, the question of amnesty and the whole matter of confiscation, ought to come up in other connections, and be discussed by themselves.

We trust that Congress will give this grave matter thorough consideration before taking action upon it. Mr. ELIOT’s bill, beside being open to the serious objections already made, is cumbersome, divergent, impracticable and ineffective in many of its details. The concise bill of Mr. SCHENCK, which we print elsewhere, is much more satisfactory in character and principle, though that also requires a revision of some of its features.

To our Marching, Demonstrating Sistren and Brethren

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To our Marching, Demonstrating Sistren and Brethren:

Please allow us to share information VITAL to SUCCESSFULLY addressing, and bringing MEANINGFUL resolution to, the centuries old crime of murdering our people with impunity.  The “…negro has no rights which a white man is bound to respect…” statement and decision codified these heinous crimes.  Please comprehend that anyone classified as ‘negro’ or ‘african-american’, is a  “Captive of War” who now exists as a ‘Ward of the State’ and thereby, will never be able to achieve TRUE Citizenship under this 14th Amendment status.  Under the 14th Amendment, a pseudo-citizenship has been allotted and we find it severely lacking.  This is the basic problem/challenge.  To effectively end these killings and place our feet on the road to ACTUAL Self-Determination of our lives we must, individually and collectively, correct our LEGAL status.

Have you ever asked yourself why it is that the ONLY group/people whose voting rights are “renewed” every 20 or so years is that of so-called black people?

What do you say when we tell you that circa 1865, individually and as a nation, we were denied the opportunity to voice our choice on how and where we wanted to live post-captivity?  Such opportunity was clandestinely removed from the table of options leaving the sole option of remaining Wards of the Federal Government which has resulted in generations of dysfunctional individuals and families and the wholesale slaughter of our people.   Do you not think our survivors of chattel captivity should have a voice in what should next become of them and how?  Our answer is “Yes! Without a doubt or contradiction!”

The option of which we speak consists of going through the process by which our ancestors would have four choices, i.e.:

  • become Citizens here in the U.S.A;
  • become Citizens somewhere on the continent called Africa;
  • become Citizens in yet some other land/government; or
  • become Citizens in your own government, on your own land within the “lower 48”.

Do you not desire your own society and government in which you determine your Life as opposed to having Life dictated to you by someone cares not about you and who has NOT your concerns at heart?

Basically these were the options, contained in President Lincoln’s Proclamations and Legislation, on the table at the time of his assassination.  Even better, this LAW is still on the books and in effect should you choose to assist the Moorish American National Republic in pursuing such.  The major point here is that our people (so-called african-americans) are not Citizens and must become True Citizens.  Don’t be fooled by the 14th amendment, just look at the growing numbers of our people being slaughtered and realistically remind yourself that you are a ‘citizen’, if you can.  Your see and feel the Truth of this, but your paradigm/programming won’t allow you to accept it.  The longer acceptance of this Truth is avoided, the longer the onslaught continues.  “My people perish for lack of knowledge.”

The root of this conundrum is the game which has been played on african-american people.  You’ve always been told of the ‘Emancipation Proclamation’ being issued January 1, 1863 but NOT of the ‘INITIAL Emancipation Proclamation’ of September 22, 1862.  Why do you think that is?  Now, we must ask you, “Have you read the January Proclamation?”  We think not for had you done so you would have been invariably directed, from its opening phraseology, to the September, or INITIAL, Proclamation.  Or perhaps you have but tended to ignore the opening, and all, verbiage other than that speaking to the locales affected by this Executive War-Time Order.  Read the January Proclamation yet again and note that there is no legal basis cited authorizing the Order itself.

The LEGAL authority for the January Proclamation is found in  the September 22, 1862 Initial Emancipation Proclamation, hence the opening phraseology.  Reading the September Proclamation  you’ll find the Acts of Congress authorizing Mr. Lincoln’s Executive Actions. Even more importantly, preceding his citing of those Congressional Acts, Mr. Lincoln outlines his intent to put before Congress a Plan by which the institution of Chattel Property would be abolished and the manumitted people would be “colonized” (basically according to the options mentioned earlier).  Please read the September Proclamation for it is the foundation upon which our Actual Constitutional Freedom is to be attained, maintained and fully actualized.  The September Proclamation is the first part of what is a Freedom Package comprised of Executive Orders and Congressional Legislation accomplishing the goals outlined above.  If you’ve read this Proclamation then you are aware that at this point Asiatics coming under Federal control are now FREE, yet classified as “captives of war”, not Citizens.

As indicated in the September Proclamation, Mr. Lincoln presented to Congress, in his State of the Union Address, December 1, 1862, his Plan for “Gradual Compensated Emancipation” which included the Colonization of said manumitted people.  The Plan for Gradual Compensated Emancipation was accepted by Congress via a Resolution to begin the Constitutional Legislation (The Original 13th Amendment with 20 sections) process to successfully effect the Plan.  

At this point, so-called african-americans are yet “captives of war” lacking the rights of Citizenship.  December 8, 1863 finds Mr. Lincoln issuing yet another Executive Order, this a Proclamation of “Amnesty and Reconstruction”.  In it, the President stipulates that ALL persons who have “directly or indirectly” participated in the Rebellion MUST take the “Oath of Amnesty and Reconstruction” to have Citizenship bestowed and recognized.  If ones, as Messrs. Jefferson Davis and Robert E. Lee, did not take the oath, those could not enjoy the benefits of Citizenship.  As Messrs. Davis and Lee, our people NEVER took the oath, although for reasons vastly different than these Confederate leaders.  However, according to Mr. LIncoln’s plan, we were to be administered the oath, restored to our humanity and Citizenship and Colonized and Compensated, with a period of 37 years allotted to accomplish same.  Using 1863 as our baseline, this indicates that the process outlined by Mr. Lincoln should have begun no later than the year 1900 A.D.  However our right to Citizenship and Compensation was thwarted and hidden with Mr. Lincoln’s death.

During the Spring of 1864, Congress debated the LEGAL Basis for the chattel institution called slavery.  They found NO LAWS on slavery in any of the Empirical Histories they researched. The only EXCEPTION was/is the biblical “Levitical/Hebrew Code” which states that once freed, the person held to servitude was to be GIVEN a portion of ALL they had helped to build-up while in service.  Mr. Lincoln had incorporated this concept in his Compensation package by which those who held persons in chattel would be compensated for their losses AS WELL AS those persons who had been held as chattel would receive Compensation, in the words of the Hebrew Law, “…return every man to his family and every man to his possession…”.  

The following January finds the Original 13th Amendment with 20 Sections passing Congress with Mr. LIncoln signing the following day February 1, 1865.  November 18, 1865, the Amendment is ratified by 3/4 of the States.  Within the Proclamations and Original 13th Amendment containing 20 section are provisions for 1)Naturalization – restoration of hue-man status and true Citizenship, 2) Colonization – on 22+ contiguous States and 3) Compensation – resources to bring about the education and transformation of our people and stability of our Nation-State.

With Mr. Lincoln’s assassination, the Radical Republicans swiftly swept this legislation under that proverbial rug, replacing it with the language of the Northwest Ordinance of 1776 in the form of the 13th amendment with (only) TWO sections seen today.  With the help of the misguided,  uninformed ‘negro’ leadership (prone due to their “lack of knowledge”)  the Radical Republicans pressed for the ‘enfranchisement’ of the “captives of war” who are yet “Wards of the State”, NOT Citizens.  

In 1857 the Dred Scott case is decided accordingly issuing that statement which in essence codified the behaviors we witness today.  A NON-CITIZEN, i.e. so-called african-americans, will never be treated as a TRUE CITIZEN and is subject, WITHOUT REDRESS OR GRIEVANCE, to the abuses and mistreatments the Citizenry cares to bestow.  Hence our children, womb-men and men are killed with impunity.  Such a seemingly small detail is naturalization, yet such a critical detail.

Now before you reject this as too strange to be true, please take the time to RESEARCH this information and keep in mind that ‘the Truth is often stranger than fiction.’  Our goal at the Moorish American National Republic is Restoration of our people to human status and recognition, as a nation, among the family of nations through the full implementation of the aforecited Laws.  This knowledge is prerequisite to the healing process requisite to our moving forward and taking our RIGHTful place among the family of nations.  A daunting task but a task of utmost necessity.  Considering the continuance of the present state being the alternative, we must accomplish our own Liberation and Uplift.  If not, shame on us!

So Read, Research and Record your findings and let us know when you see, and are ready to act upon, the only true LAWful means to end these legally-sanctioned mistreatments and random slaughter of our people.

The same LAWful means by which we Uplift our individual and collective selves above the degradation to which too many of our people are accustomed and which they consider their natural state.  What a waste of such Divine Genius!

For further research, moor information, etc. our website is .  Questions may also be sent to our email  Our National Headquarters are open Tuesday – Thursday, 10am – 5pm, 410 488 6858.

We look forward to hearing from you.  Peace.

Moorish American Business Directory

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We now have an online business directory for all current and aspiring citizens.  Please, if you have a business, add your listing to our online directory.  Even if you do not run your own business, please browse our directory and show your support by supporting your brothers and sisters’ businesses.

It takes money to build a nation and it is vital that we support one another every chance that we get.

View and/or Add to Directory


2016 Classes have Begun!

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2016 Classes have Begun!

*Classes started January 13th, 2016 which was orientation, the first class of instructions started January 20, 2016. Register early. No Registration after the 8th week of class. Any Registration received after the 8th week will secure you for the following course. Come and learn about our Great Divine and National Movement which was established by our Founder, Prophet Noble Drew Ali and how to proclaim your Nationality and become a True American Citizen*.

For all those who are labeled, classified, identified or “described” as Black, Negro, Colored, Ethiopian, West Indian, Native American, Native Indian, American Indian, Amerindian, Aboriginal, Black Indian, Latino, Mexican, Afro American, African American, First People, First Nation, Original People, Asiatics, Indigenous, Paleo, Pre-Adamite, Autochthon, etc. to understand that:

  • We are teaching our people their Nationality and Divine Creed.
  • We are teaching our people that we must have a free National Name to be recognized by the Government in which we live and the Nations of the Earth.
  • We are laying the foundation for our people to become better Citizens and True American Citizens.
  • We are teaching our people the usages of the laws and edicts of the Moorish Science Temple, The Divine and National Movement.
  • We teach the laws that govern our Body Politic (The Holy Koran Of The Moorish Science Temple, 101 Questionnaire and Religious Affidavit of Organization Form No. 1099, Charter/Mandate, Constitution and By-Laws Of The Moorish Science Temple, Our Authority, U.S. Constitution, Proclamations of Abraham Lincoln and the 13 Amendment with 20 sections).
  • We teach our people the obedience to law, respect and loyalty to government, tolerance and unity.
  • We teach about the Levitical Codes and Hebrew Law that is in layman terms on the law books pertaining to freedom.
  • We teach about the system of change pertaining to the Moorish National Bureau of Vital Statistics which will:
    • Record all Moors to get the 30,000 needed according to the U.S. Constitution to have political representation in Congress.
    • Work on the Birth certificate issue.
    • Work on the Naturalization, Compensation and Colonization issue
    • Work on identification, classification, status issue
  • We teach why its important to understand Our Authority as set up by the Prophet Noble Drew Ali.
  • We teach Constitutional Law and what is needed to be fully in the Constitutional fold and the Union.
  • We teach about the documented laws that secure your freedom.
  • We teach History, the many sciences and law from a Moorish perspective.
  • We teach Your true history of North, Central, South America and the Caribbean Islands.
  • We teach the hidden meaning of the writing on the Liberty Bell which is Leviticus 25:10 which deals with the Levitical Codes or Hebrew Laws that is in Constitutional law and connected to the 13 Amendment with 20 sections.
  • Why we have a Moorish School of Law and History to re-educate the masses all over North America.
  • How to position oneself to do real lawful nation building under your own government and with uniformity.

*The headquarters for Temple #13 and The Moorish American National Republic is in Baltimore, Maryland. Citizens of The Moorish American National Republic Government who are teaching about nationality, status, Prophet Noble Drew Ali and the Moorish movement, history, law and civics and constitutional law*.

To download the necessary registration forms, click here.

*Conference call every Sunday at 7:30 PM Eastern Time. Number: 712-432-3900, Passcode: 717118#, Press *1 to mute your phone. Send questions to
All questions will be answered in the order that they come and in the time available on conference call, about 2 1/2 hours*.

If you missed the conference call, during the week, before the next Sunday call, you can dial 712-432-3903, code 717118#, listen for the prompt to hear the last recent recorded show, press 0#.

“…know that they are not Negroes, Colored folks, Black People or Ethiopian, because these were names given to slaves by slave holders in 1779 and lasted until 1865 during the time of slavery…”

“…but this is a new era of time now, and all men now must proclaim their free national name to be recognized by the government in which they live and the nations of the earth…”

“The Moorish Americans are the Descendants of the Ancient Moabites whom inhabited the North Western and South Western shores of Africa.” – Prophet Noble Drew Ali

SS Annoucements

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Islam Moors! The Divine and National Movement of North America, Inc., #13, The Moorish American National Republic expects the presence of all members, and invites the public to join us, every Sunday at 11 am Eastern time for our Moorish Sunday School Class Conference Call. Please join us by calling 712 432 3900, access code 189209#. All Moors currently naturalized through the Moorish American National Republic, and who have not already done so, are requested to forward an email to to confirm registration and receive your Info Packet. Please include the names of all children, their ages, birthdays and school grade. Again, the Moorish American National Republic Sunday School Conference Call is at 11am eastern time and we invite the public to join us. 712 432 3900, Access Code 189209#. We had a Divinely Full and inspiring class today and you can share in today’s class by dialing 712 432 3903, code 189209#. We look forward to exercising our five senses together manifesting Guidance for our Nation. Thank you and Peace!

To learn more about our Sunday School, click here.

Islam, One and All! Committee opportunities are available for your participation. Your Temple needs your expertise and skills on committees of Website and Content, Implementation, Research, Membership and Events, Strategies for Change, Moorpreneurship and others as we grow. Your current skill base in the areas of communications, sales, marketing, writing, proofreading/editing, health and nutrition, counseling, event-planning, I.T., Finances and Financial planning, Law, Science, botany, agriculture, zoology, economics or any other area is direly needed. Also, we are requesting that members send us family pictures for posting on our website. Pictures of Moorish families studying, playing working, etc. in unity are highly desireable. Please be advised that submission of your photo constitutes your permission to post same. To submit your photo send via email to To join the committees of your choice send an email to It is true that Freedom isn’t free, there is much work for all to do and only we can free ourselves, so choose your committees and let’s get busy. Our government awaits our action now. Peace.