Moorish School of Law & History 2017

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We are now preparing for our 2017 classes. 

If you have not already done so, it is that time to register for the Moorish School of Law & History courses.

“A Warning from the Prophet” Course

Orientation: January 11, 2017
Instruction begins:January 18, 2017
Eight to ten week course.
Fee: $125.00 – U.S. Postal Money Orders ONLY.

“BE IT KNOWN” Course
Orientation: March 29, 2017
Instruction begins: April 5, 2017
Eight to ten week course.
Fee: $125.00 – US Postal Money Orders ONLY.

“Nationality and ID Card” Course
Orientation: June 14, 2017
Instruction begins:June 21, 2017
Eight to ten week course.
Fee: $125.00 – US Postal Money Orders ONLY.

In order to register for these classes, an Application for Moorish American Citizenship MUST BE SUBMITTED. The Application is FREE because your Nationality is FREE of CHARGE!

PLEASE NOTE: ALL CLASSES ARE TAUGHT VIA TELECONFERENCE EVERY WEDNESDAY FROM 8:00 PM TO 10:00 PM EST, FROM THE COMFORT OF YOUR HOME. Also, please make note of the prerequisites for the attending the classes. A BLACK’S LAW DICTIONARY IS MANDATORY (3rd or Revised 4th Edition is recommended).

PLEASE REGISTER EARLY! Late registration will not be tolerated. Please get an early start for these upcoming courses.

There will be a Naturalization Ceremony in October on Baltimore, Maryland. All are invited. Please let us know if you would like attend. We would love to have you join us.

Course Materials:

  1. Naturalization Orientation Handbook (Required)
  2. The Negro A Beast (Recommended)
  3. The negro, the black, the Moor (Suggested)
  4. The Resurrection (Suggested)

Ask the Instructor to send you “The negro A Beast” in an email attachment if you wish to have it.

All Forms:

1. Moorish American National Republic Citizenship Form

2. Moorish American National Republic Warning Class Form

3. Moorish American National Republic Be It Known Class Form

4. Moorish American National Republic Nationality And Identification Card Class Form

5. Moorish American National Republic Courses Rules And Agreement Form

6. Moorish American National Republic Procedures And Materials Required For Courses Form

7. Moorish American National Republic Class Voucher Form

Form Submission Process:

Please mail all forms along with your resume to:

Sheikess A. Bellamy-Bey, National Registrar,
P. O. Box 23408,
Baltimore, Maryland 21203

Please use the SELF AUDIT sheet prior to mailing to ensure all your documents are included.

If you have questions please call 410-488-6858, Tuesday thru Thursday, 11:00 AM thru 4:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time. Do NOT call the National Registrar BEFORE nor AFTER normal business days & hours under ANY circumstances! If you are not in the Eastern Time zone, make sure that you ONLY call the National Registrar during normal business days and hours according to the Eastern Daylight Time. When you call, make sure you leave a detailed message. Otherwise, your call may not be returned.

Additional Information:

To avoid unauthorized users: When you receive any passcode to get into the class conference from the National Registrar, you are NOT to give it out to anyone else under any circumstances. If anyone who communicates to you needs it, do NOT give it to them! They must call the National Registrar during her NORMAL BUSINESS HOURS and ONLY her to obtain it.

We will be monitoring the telephone numbers of those in the class conferences. No UNAUTHORIZED numbers are allowed! An authorized number is the number which one will use to get into the class conference that is on file with the National Registrar. Using a means of getting into the class conference other than a direct telephone will appear on the board as ANONYMOUS. All ANONYMOUS numbers on the conference board will be immediately dropped! So, please prepare yourself to prevent this.

We also invite you to join us on our regular Sunday School conference call from 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM EST, on conference call number 712-432-3900, code 717118#. Press *1 to mute your phone to remove any background noises and *1 to unmute your phone to make a comment or ask a question. Please announce your name and state where you are calling from.

We also have our Playback recording of the Sunday calls: 712-432-3903 and the passcode is the same. Press 0# for the RECENT recording. You can also hear the recordings from our archives page at

Peace & Love, Beloveds.

Birth Certificate Authentication, UCC codes, and Protection under the law

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We had a great Town Hall Call meeting this past Sunday evening. Some very relevant and important information was dispensed by both National Grand Shiek, Shieks, members, and honored guests. The discussion addressed issues which tie very closely into the split between us Moors today. I urge you all to take a close listen.

The questions on the floor were:

  1. I would like to know do we need to authenticate the Birth Certificate and why we should not use UCC 1 financing statements?  (Jump to 00:36:22)

  2. What safeguards are Moorish Americans entitled to in the event of a federal emergency being declared as a result of obvious civil unrest, when so many of us live in such close proximity to the so-called negroes, blacks, coloreds and African Americans.  If there were to be a government action similar to what happened to Tulsa, OK., would not Moors also certainly be adversely affected? (Jump to 1:19:00)

Words directly from our National Grand Shiek, Jump to 1:30:00.

Press the play button in the media player below.  Enjoy!




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Moorish Science 101: UNITED NATIONS TRAP


Eloquent demonstrations from our brothers in the NY Republic.

The Morning Show With Yusef El Special Guest National Grand Sheik J. Bratten-Bey

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Join us November 27, 2015 as we welcome National Grand Sheik Bratton Bey to the High Frequency Radio Network. Being in the Moorish Divine and National movement for 39 years to date, National Grand Sheik J. Bratton-Bey is holding the flame of the National side of the Moorish Divine and National movement, the teachings of the Four Proclamations of President Abraham Lincoln that pertains to securing birth rights and nationality, and the 13th Amendment with 20 sections that was resurrected by Grand Sheik Richardson Dingle-El to facilitate a uniform naturalization process so that those known as Blacks, Negro, Colored, etc; properly known historically as Moorish-Americans can be True American Citizens of the U.S.A. according to Constitutional Law and the Hebrew Code to stop the abuses they are suffering from throughout the nation. Along with the “genius citizens” that Prophet Noble Drew Ali spoke about that would come, as demonstrated by International Grand Sheik F. Turner-El and Grand Sheik Richardson Dingle-El; National Grand Sheik J. Bratton-Bey is continuing the mission of the Moorish Divine and National movement as the founder Prophet Noble Drew Ali had intended if h Moorish-Americans study, study, study and enforce the law (constitutional fold) to save the nation.
This is one you don’t want to miss!!!!
Peace to the Gods!

National Moorish American Day: History that needs to be told

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april-fools-nigga1 April, 1774 the pale skin nations of Europe started calling us ‘Negros’, which later got officially documented into the Continental Congress and we became slaves. The biggest “April Fool” joke ever played amongst a whole Nation of People, properly recorded in History as Moors descendants of Ancient Moabites whom inhabited Northwest and Southwest Africa (The Americas), was to get them to emotionally accept the slave de-naturalization process, labels, classifications, identifications or “descriptions” such as Black, Negro, Colored, Ethiopian, West Indian, Native American, Native Indian, American Indian, Amerindian, Black Indian, Latino, Mexican, Afro American, African American, First People, First Nation, Original People, Aboriginal, Indigenous, Paleo, Pre-Adamite, Autochthon, etc… Some may call it ‘April fools’ day, but April 1st is National Moorish American Day, we will be fools no more. Moor Love and Peace is needed! Happy Holy Day Moslems all over the world.



Graduation / Naturalization Ceremony 2015

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A message for the SisTars from A SisTar

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A demonstration from our National Director of Children Sunday School, Sheikess Gloria Cherry-El.

Interview with National Grand Sheik Joel Bratton-Bey

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“Lets Put The Conversation On The Table” Episode 1

March 14, 2015

Graduation 2014

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The Freedmen’s Bureau The Bills Before Congress To-day.

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February 9, 1865

The Freedmen’s Bureau The Bills Before Congress To-day.

A measure of far-reaching influence and importance to the colored race and to the country comes up before Congress to-day — Mr. ELIOT’S bill for the establishment of a “Freedmen’s Bureau,” or, in other words, of a separate department of Government, controlling the interests of millions of human beings in the future. The new bill is a compound of the two bills — the House and the Senate — which have been up before for the settlement of this difficult matter. It has been framed mainly by Senators HOWARD and SUMNER, and Messrs. ELIOT and KELLEY, of the House.

In point of fact, this measure, if passed, will found an imperium in imperio, a separate department, responsible alone to the President, and supported by military power from him, to take charge of the abandoned and forfeited lands of the rebels, settle them with freedmen, guard the interests of these latter, aid in adjusting wages, in enforcing contracts, and in protecting these unfortunate people from injustice, and securing them their liberty. The commissioner of the bureau and his agents shall have power to establish regulations, and cause them to be enforced, for the protection of this great class, and before any civil or military court they shall act as their legal advisers. In certain cases, they can hire out the freedmen with suitable persons at a proper compensation. The assistant commissioners and agents can, under certain specified conditions, be tried by courts-martial in their respective districts.

This bill, as will be seen even in this very brief abstract, is of vast consequence. It provides a government in the future for millions of blacks, and disposes of hundreds of millions of property. So important a measure, wherein so many difficulty questions of economy and politics are settled, and involving such immense consequences, ought not to be passed in a hurry.

The problem is one of the most refined in social administration. To protect an inferior race and not sap its independence; to govern an ignorant but a most honest and deserving population; to provide against the wrongs which, in the future, the overreaching shrewdness of the Northerners and the habits of oppression of the Southerners may inflict on the freed slaves; to preserve and guard labor, secure production and repress idleness.

All these are difficult objects to attain, and we might well frame many Congressional bills before they could be reached. Manifestly, when peace is finally concluded, the United States will have a new kind of political task before it — the securing future peace in the insurgent territory, and the enforcing the laws of Congress in a dissatisfied and disobedient community. The protection, then, of the freedmen, and the best development of their labor, will appeal to both the honor and the interests of the nation. But in the meantime, we do not think the Government is fully prepared for a separate administration of the freedmen. At the present, it seems to us more wise that this bureau should be a bureau of the War Department. All the machinery is at hand for the purpose; the power, the instrumentalities, courts, officers, systems of supply and fixed rules. There would be no clashing of military authorities; the country to be settled by the freedmen is now held by the war power, and the summary authority of the latter is a benefit in such matters as the management of the interests of freed slaves. Looking merely at persons, to no public man could the fate of the freedmen be so safely trusted as to the present Secretary of War.

We hold then Mr. ELIOT’s bill defective in not making this bureau a branch of the War Department. Its provisions need also more careful revision than they have yet enjoyed at the hands of the two Houses. The fifth section seems at first reading to include “all the real estate to which the United States have title,” which would give the Freedmen’s Bureau control over all public lands; but this may be limited by the previous sections, to the rebel States. The thirteenth section also includes a repeal of the joint resolution of Congress, July, 1862, by which confiscation was limited to the life-estate in land of the traitor. This is too important a measure to be inclosed with a Freedman’s Bill. The President himself is known to have caused the passage of this joint resolution, and a repeal of it in this law would not certainly add to the probabilities of his signing the present bill. Besides, the question of amnesty and the whole matter of confiscation, ought to come up in other connections, and be discussed by themselves.

We trust that Congress will give this grave matter thorough consideration before taking action upon it. Mr. ELIOT’s bill, beside being open to the serious objections already made, is cumbersome, divergent, impracticable and ineffective in many of its details. The concise bill of Mr. SCHENCK, which we print elsewhere, is much more satisfactory in character and principle, though that also requires a revision of some of its features.