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For all those who are labeled, classified, identified or “described” as Black, Negro, Colored, Ethiopian, West Indian, Native American, Native Indian, American Indian, Amerindian, Aboriginal, Black Indian, Latino, Mexican, Afro American, African American, First People, First Nation, Original People, Asiatics, Indigenous, Paleo, Pre-Adamite, Autochthon, etc. to understand that:

Click or right click (save-as) here >>> Citizenship application <<< to “download”, along with the three Moorish School of Law & History (M.S.L. & H.) class forms and additional forms (Application for Citizenship [5 pages] and the Moorish School of Law & History applications [6 pages] must be sent by US Postal Mail, with color copies, fees, photos and requested information.)

if you need one of the individual applications the links are Below. Remember All of the Applications must be sent in by Postal Mail 11 pages total with color copies, fees, photos and requested information.

*The headquarters for Temple #13 and The Moorish American National Republic is in Baltimore, Maryland. Citizens of The Moorish American National Republic Government  are teaching about nationality, status, Prophet Noble Drew Ali and the Moorish movement, history, law and civics and constitutional law*.

“A Warning from the Prophet” Course
Begins in January
Eight to ten week course.
Fee: $125.00 – U.S. Postal Money Orders ONLY.

“BE IT KNOWN” Course
Begins in April
Eight to ten week course.
Fee: $125.00 – US Postal Money Orders ONLY.

“Nationality and ID Card” Course
Begins in June
Eight to ten week course.
Fee: $125.00 – US Postal Money Orders ONLY.

In order to register for these classes, an Application for Moorish American Citizenship MUST BE SUBMITTED. The Application is FREE because your Nationality is FREE of CHARGE!

PLEASE NOTE: ALL CLASSES ARE TAUGHT VIA TELE/WEB CONFERENCE EVERY WEDNESDAY FROM 8:00 pm TO 10:00 pm ET, FROM THE COMFORT OF YOUR HOME. Also, please make note of the prerequisites for the attending the classes. A BLACK’S LAW DICTIONARY IS MANDATORY (3rd or Revised 4th Edition is recommended).

PLEASE REGISTER EARLY! Late registration will not be tolerated. Please get an early start for these upcoming courses.

There will be a Naturalization Ceremony in October on Baltimore, Maryland. All are invited. Please let us know if you would like attend. We would love to have you join us.

Course Materials:

  1. Naturalization Orientation Handbook (Required)
  2. The Negro A Beast (Recommended)
  3. The negro, the black, the Moor (Suggested)
  4. The Resurrection (Suggested)

Download, Fill out, and Send Us ALL 7 FORMS:

1. Moorish American National Republic Citizenship Form – (5 pages)

2. Moorish American National Republic Warning Class Form – (1 page)

3. Moorish American National Republic Be It Known Class Form – (1 page)

4. Moorish American National Republic Nationality And Identification Card Class Form – (1 page)

5. Moorish American National Republic Courses Rules And Agreement Form – (1 page)

6. Moorish American National Republic Procedures And Materials Required For Courses Form – (1 page)

7. Moorish American National Republic Class Voucher Form– (1 page)

Form Submission Process:

Please mail(US post) ALL 11 pages along with a copy of your resume to:

Sheikess A. Bellamy-Bey, National Registrar,
P. O. Box 23408,
Baltimore, Maryland 21203

Please! use the SELF AUDIT sheet prior to mailing to ensure all your documents are included.

If you have questions please call 410-488-6858, Tuesday thru Thursday, 11:00 AM thru 4:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time. Leave a detailed message, so that, your call may not be returned. Please Do NOT call the National Registrar BEFORE nor AFTER normal business days & hours under ANY circumstances! If you are not in the Eastern Time zone, make sure that you ONLY call the National Registrar during normal business days and hours according to the Eastern Time. When you call, 

Additional Information:

To avoid unauthorized users: When you receive any passcode to get into the class conference from the National Registrar, you are NOT to give it out to anyone else under any circumstances. If anyone who communicates to you needs it, do NOT give it to them! They must call the National Registrar during her NORMAL BUSINESS HOURS and ONLY her to obtain it.

We will be monitoring the telephone numbers of those in the class conferences. No UNAUTHORIZED numbers are allowed! An authorized number is the number which one will use to get into the class conference that is on file with the National Registrar. Using a means of getting into the class conference other than a direct telephone will appear on the board as ANONYMOUS. All ANONYMOUS numbers on the conference board will be immediately dropped! So, please prepare yourself to prevent this.

We also invite you to join us on our regular

Holy Night Conference: 8pm to 10pm Est

Sunday School conference call: 11am to 1:30pm EST & 12pm to 2:30pm DST 

Sunday Town Hall conference: 7:30pm to 10pm 

either by dialing  number 443-961-4434, or logging onto

comments and questions are welcome. Please announce your name and state where you are calling from.

We also have recordings of our public calls: 

Holy Night

Sunday School

Town Hall 


Peace & Love, Beloveds.

To download the necessary registration forms, click here.