International Grand Sheik F. Turner-El

As we get more information on one of our mighty Moors that most Moorish Americans may not have heard about, it will be added to this page accordingly. The lineage of the Moorish Science Temple The Divine and National Movement of North America, Inc., #13 The Moorish American National Republic is through the founder Prophet Noble Drew Ali, Supreme Grand Advisor and Moderator C. Kirkman-Bey who appointed Grand Sheik F. Turner-El in 1933, Reincarnated Prophet Sheik John Givens-El, then Grand Sheik Richardson Dingle-El who received his charter from International Grand Sheik F. Turner-El.

Grand Sheik Richardson Dingle-El then appointed National Grand Sheik J. Bratton-Bey, who before was the chief investigator and chauffeur for Grand Sheik Richardson Dingle-El. Our students, members and Citizens should be very familiar with Grand Sheik F. Turner-El’s name because his name is on our charter. The International Grand Sheik F. Turner-El is the individual that this post is about and you will see why he’s an International Grand Sheik by the time this presentation is over. As for as we know there is no books that was written about the International Grand Sheik F. Tuner-El’s life that we currently know of. The first place most of us have heard about him is through word of mouth, and also his name and pictures being mention in the book “The Negro, the black, the Moor” by Rommani M. Amenu-El (you can purchase the book in our “Educational Books And Other Materials Available For Purchase” section). However through research, we were able to follow Grand Sheik F. Turner-El’s words, works and deeds through newspaper articles. Currently the newspaper articles that we have seen, shows his activity in the Moorish movement between 1936 and 1963. That’s 27 years of activity pertaining to Moorish affairs.

Before we get into the newspaper articles, we do have some information on his early years. One newspaper shows that Grand Sheik F. Turner-El said he was born in Cincinnati, Ohio; he graduated from the University of Cairo, he spoke 10 languages fluently and another source shows his full name as Tamad Fredrick Turner-El.

Grand Sheik F. Turner-El’s father was Grand Governor E. Turner-El. In the year 1913 in the City of Newark, State of New Jersey, the Prophet Noble Drew Ali formed a group of Moorish Americans under the name of “Canaanite Temple”. E. Turner-El was a member of this group. In 1926, Prophet Noble Drew Ali formed The Moorish Temple of Science No. 1 in Chicago, Illinois and changed the name of the Canaanite Temple to The Moorish Temple of Science No. 10 in the same year. E. Turner-El was the Assistant Grand Sheik of The Moorish Temple of Science No. 10. In August of 1933 E. Turner-El moved to the Borough of Brooklyn, City and State of New York; and with the assistance of his son F. Turner-El formed Moorish Science Temple of America No. 23.

On the 19th of September 1933 Sheik C. Kirkman-Bey, the national leader at the time clothed E. Turner-El and F.Turner-El with the appropriate power and presented them with a certificate to appoint the national office of Grand Governor for the State of New York to E. Turner-El and Grand Sheik to F. Turner-El. Grand Sheik F. Turner-El and Grand Governor E. Turner-El had under their jurisdiction Temple #21, #23, #27, #34 and #41 in Brooklyn, New York and was put in charge of them by Sheik C. Kirkman-Bey.

1. The first newspaper article that we have that he makes an appearance was done on Tuesday July 7, 1936 in the Albany New York Evening Journal. The article is titled “Consul Comes To aid of Moor On Gun Charge”. The article reads as follows: “The Moorish-American Consulate rallied today to the aid of Rudolph Myers-Bey. One of six persons arrested by Albany police after a wild chase through Pine Hills streets last week. Myers-Bey is slated for hearing late today on gun possession charges. Into Police Court, in red fez with a carnation in his lapel, came Frederick Turner, official representative of Moorish Ambassador C. Kirkman-Bey. He conferred with Acting Police Justice Duncan and announced he would represent Myers-Bey, who is just plain Rudolph Myers to Patrolman Charles O’Hagan, who made the arrests. Turner never offed the fez, which he told newspaper men is symbolic that he is an official. Were he a warrior of his race, he said, he would sport a black fez, and if an ordinary citizen, a purple one.”

2. The next article was done on Friday January 29, 1937 in the Rome New York Daily Sentinel. The article is titled “When A Hat Is Not A Hat”. The articles reads: “Ruling that a fez is not a hat, Chief Justice William M. Maltbie has permitted Moors to wear it when appearing before the Supreme Court of Errors and Appeals in Connecticut, upon the request of Grand Sheik F. Turner- El of the Moorish diplomatic service. It is explained in the dispatch from Hartford that ‘the fez is the religious symbol and national costume of the Moors.’ That a fez is not just as much a hat as that worn by cardinals though differently shaped, does not seem to be born out of the dictionaries. Neither does it seem to be true that it is exclusively Moorish; although the city of Fez has manufactured great quantities of them in the course of the years and is suppose to have given its names to the headgear. While the reference books do not agree as one might like, it is made to appear that the Sultan Mahmud II, early in the 19th century, ordained it as part of official dress and it was held to identify Turkish subject whether Mohammedans or other wise. As the sultan of Turkey was then the head of the Moslem faith, citizenship and religion would seem to have become more or less confused in some regions. While the countries along the African shores of the Mediterranean had their own sultans or other rulers, they also for some decades owed nominal fealty to Constantinople. The anomaly in the Connecticut episode lies in the fact that since the deposition of the sultan and caliph in Turkey, the Turks have been forbidden to wear the fez. In any event, the chief justice would have been on firmer ground had he allowed the fez to be worn in the court room on religious grounds solely-since it serves all the purpose of a hat, except as some hats keep the sun out of the eyes which the brimless fez does not.”

3. and 4. – The 3rd and 4th newspaper articles deals with a court case pertaining to the name of the Temple in Brooklyn, New York. We are still investigating it to find the complete story so that we don’t assume or speculate what happen. As soon as we get the full story the webmaster will give an update on it here. One of those articles was in the New York Times on December 20, 1938 the other article was done in the New York, New York Age newspaper on Saturday December 31, 1938. However what our students, members and Citizens of Moorish Science Temple the Divine and National Movement of North America, Inc., #13 The Moorish American National Republic should keep in mind is that the International Grand Sheik F. Turner-El first used “Moorish Science Temple The Divine and National Movement of North America, Inc.” in Brooklyn, New York first before taking that same name to Connecticut.

*UPDATE* Through our investigation there was a dispute with a Moor name J. Walton-El who was a self appointed Grand Sheik of a Temple in Chicago and Grand Sheik F. Turner-El a Grand Governor E. Turner-El over the name change from Moorish Science Temple Of America, Inc. to Moorish Science Temple The Divine and National Movement of America Inc. The result of the case was that the self appointed Grand Sheik J. Walton-El was not authorized to do any law suit, neither was he recognized as a leader in the Movement by the lawful body of Grand Advisor C. Kirkman-Bey who was the leader of the Moorish body that F. Turner-El and E. Turner-El was a part of. Grand Sheik J. Walton-El was out to get money since the New York Temples had thousands of members at that time. His case was dismissed because of lack of jurisdiction and authority.

5. On Tuesday, January 11, 1938, an article done by the Brooklyn Daily Eagle is titled “Moors Celebrate Birth of Prophet”. The article says: “Celebrating the birth of the prophet Noble Drew-Ali, more than 500 Moorish people and their guests gathered at a dinner and a ceremonial Saturday night at the Moorish Science Temple, 44 Jefferson Ave. The birth of the prophet on Jan. 8, 1886, was made a Moorish national holiday shortly after his death in 1929. F. Turner-El, representing the Moorish consulate, was in charge of the proceedings.”

6. An article was done by the Brooklyn Daily Eagle on Saturday, April 16, 1938. The article is titled “Moors to Establish a Mecca For 20,000 in Yaphank Area”. The articles reads: “Plans for establishment of a Moorish colony at Yaphank, which will serve as a mecca for the 20,000 Moors in Greater New York and Connecticut were outlined last night by Grand Sheik F. Turner-El. spokesman for the Moorish Council of the Eastern States, at a meeting at 864 Gates Ave. ‘The colony,’ he said, ‘will be a place where more than 1,000 homes, built in the Moorish style of architecture, will be set up in the near future. Land in the Garden Heights section has already been purchased with funds representing contributions to the Moorish Science Temple of America, and construction on some of the houses was begun about a month ago.’ ‘We feel,’ he said, ‘that the colony we are anticipating will provide better housing conditions for the persons in this country of Moorish descent, and will permit them to practice the customs and religious tenets of Morocco.’”

7. On Wednesday, January 15, 1941 an article was done by the Poughkeepsie, New York Daily Eagle. The article is titled “SHEIK SEEKS LENIENCY FOR LAMONT WATSON-EL”. The article reads: “A man describing himself as Grand Sheik F. Turner-El, of Brooklyn, shepherd of the flock of which Lamont Watson-El former local artist, model and ash collector is a member, waited upon District Attorney Schwartz yesterday afternoon. Sheik Turner, who wore a brilliant red fez sought to intervene on behalf of Watson-El who pleaded guilty before County Judge Flannery to an abandonment indictment. The case was adjourned for one week for sentence. Watson-El is accused of having abandoned his wife, Mrs. Bertha Watson, who does not claim the ‘El’ designation. It took Sheik Turner an hour to explain to Mr. Schwartz, Assistant District Attorney Gellert and Sheriff Close that Watson-El, who has a dark-complexion, is a Moor and not a Negro. Sheik Turner explained the ‘El’ designation, by asserting members of the Moorish church of Mohammed are entitled to the designation to show that they are Moors —not Negroes. Joseph R. Kelly, 38, who said he resides at 58 Montgomery Street and is a lineman, pleaded guilty to an abandonment indictment. His case was adjourned for one week for sentence.”

8. The next article gives a follow up of the previous article. It was done 5 days later on Monday, January 20, 1941. The article was done by the Poughkeepsie, New York Evening Star and Enterprise. The article is titled “Schwartz to Ask Prison for Watson-El: Two Cases Await County Court Action”. The article reads: “Sing Sing prison sentences will be recommended for two men who have pleaded guilty to abandonment charges. District Attorney Schwartz said as he prepared for disposition of their cases before Judge Flannery in county court tomorrow. They are Lamont Watson-El, 44, former local ash man and artist’s model, and Joseph R. Kelly. 37, lineman who formerly resided in Montgomery Street before moving to Hartford without his family. Watson, who now calls himself Watson-El and professes to be a member of the Mohammedan faith, pleaded guilty to abandoning his wife and two children. In spite of intervention of Grand Sheik F. Turner-El of Brooklyn, who offered to aid in rehabilitating the family of Watson-El, and of Simon R. Kaplan, author and municipal ash contractor who offered to restore Watson-El to the ash collecting payroll. Mr. Schwartz indicated that he will recommend Sing Sing instead. Kelly, who will encounter a similar recommendation from the prosecutor, pleaded guilty to abandoning his wife and four children.”

9. The next set of information deals with the FBI investigation in 1943 that was done on The Moorish Science Temple movement that mentions Grand Sheik F. Turner-El in one report. Just to give you full picture on what was going on at that time; “During World War II, the Moorish Science Temple (specifically the Kirkman-Bey faction) came to the attention of the FBI, who falsely suspected the Moorish Americans of collaborating with Japan. The FBI was alarmed by their doctrines that the world order would one day invert and put Moors back in charge, as the Temple taught was the original order of things. The FBI created a file on the Temple; it grew to 3,117 pages. They never found any evidence of any connection or much sympathy of the temple’s members for Japan.” – page for Moorish Science Temple

Also the FBI report that mentioned Grand Sheik F. Turner-El’s name is showing the year 1943. J. Edgar Hoover, whose full name is John Edgar Hoover who was the head of the FBI was the 1st Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation between the years of March 22, 1935 to May 2, 1972. The President of the United States at the time this investigation was done was Franklin D. Roosevelt (March 4, 1933 – April 12, 1945).

The FBI document reads: “Date made 2/11/43, Period 1/22/43 to 2/1/43, 2/2/42 (they have it has 2/1,2/43). This Investigation is predicated upon the fact that that Moorish Science Temple is reported to have pro-Japanese tendencies. A review of the file in the instant case reflects the following article which appeared in the Bridgeport, Conn. Post on November 21, 1941: ‘MOORS TO FORM BRIDGEPORT UNIT—Grand Sheik Visits City to Assist 100 with organization Plans. Organization of a Bridgeport unit of the Moorish Science Temple, the Divine and National Movement of North America, Inc., with local headquarters at 405 Main Street was announced today by Tamad Fredrick Turner-El, grand Sheik and National Counselor of Brooklyn. The organization which is headed here by JACOB E. HOLMES, World War Veteran, as sheik and Mr. J. Chavis, grand sheik, has been in existence for about five months and has 100 members. The unit meets each Sunday afternoon. In telling the objects of the organization, Grand Sheik Turner-El said that it is strictly patriotic and non-subversive and that its members are directed to uphold the constitution of the United States. The temple has been in existence more than 15 years and its purpose is to teach the persons of Moorish descent their history, nationality and other phases of their background. Through these teachings, the grand sheik points out it hoped to engender self respect among his people so that others will respect them. Through the organization the reformation of the colored people will be sought. A unit has been in existence in Hartford six years. The past national convention was held there in September with the lieutenant governor as the principal speaker. The national organization owns 800 acres of land in Woodstock where they also conduct a home for the aged. They have just purchased a $50,000 site in the Berkshires where they will send wayward boys and girls for rehabilitation through farm work and study.’ ”

10 . The next article was done by the Baltimore Afro-American newspaper on June 28, 1947. It is titled “Moors Call for Unity at Berkshire Session”. It reads: “GREAT BARRINGTON, Mass.–‘The colored man must do three things to achieve victory in his fight for a place in the world,’ Grand Sheik F. Turner-El of the Moorish Science Movement told a press conference here last week. They are: Forget forever the use of the derogatory term of ‘Negro’; learn the true historical background of great people and their contributions, and make themselves strong individually and in the nation that we may be heard when we speak. The Remarks were made at the interorganizational conference of the Moorish Science Movement at its Berkshire homestead here. ”

11. On Saturday, June 28, 1947, a newspaper known as the New York Age wrote an article titled “The Moorish Science Temple Holds Two Day Convention”. The article reads: “GREAT BARRINGTON. Mass., Despite the feet that one of the featured speakers, who was to represent Governor Robert Bradford was taken to the hospital with a heart attack a few hours before the meeting was scheduled to open, the Interorganizational Conference of the Moorish Science Temple here Saturday and Sunday proved to be the most successful gathering of its type recently held in this area. Heading the two-day session was Grand Sheik F. Turner-El, head of the Moorish movement in this country. Present for the sessions were over 200 delegates representing thousands of people scattered over 15 states of the Union. F. A. Ajaye, African-American importer; Arthur Reed, head of the Harlem Labor Council; and Madame Margot-Bey were among those heard during the sessions. Ajaye called for the creation of a ‘Center of culture, enterprise and unity which will become to our people what the United Nations is to the World.’ Mr. Reed pointed out that ‘Many of our troubles are not the fault of other people; they are our own. We can be respected when we are united.’ Madame Margot-Bey called for the expansion of our producing facilities and advantages. Henry H. Ham-Bey gave an excellent financial report on the organization, and stated that it plans the immediate creation of a school for the dissemination of the true facts of history, and the increasing of the present holdings of the organization to where they will represent ‘A true investment in a kind of security that few people ever dreamed of.’ ”

12. On Saturday, April 23, 1949 The New York Age newspaper wrote an article called “MIIA Plans Conference”. The article reads: “The Moroccan International and Inter-Organizational Association’s conference will convene May 14-16 at its national shrine at Great Barrington, Mass., where the first Negro slave was freed in the U. S. Heading this conclave will be Grand Sheik F. Turner-EL, executive counselor and moderator of the Moorish American Movement which has helped many African students studying in this country. The M.I.I A. was established 16 years ago by Sheik Turner-El to ‘rehabilitate the so-called 18 million Negroes in the U. S.’ According to the Sheik, it is not a ‘back-to-Africa’ movement. M.I.I A. believes that America was formerly a part of the Moslem empire. Sheik Turner-EL declared that the main theme of the convention will be to stress coordination among Negroes through the M.I.I.A. Participants are coming from such nations as India, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iraq and Egypt. There will be a Moroccan bazaar during the meeting where authentic goods from the participating nations will be on sale.”

13. The next newspaper article was done by the Baltimore Afro-American on April 27, 1957. The article is titled “One Way To Solve The Race Problem: CHANGE NAME; CHANGE LUCK”. The article was done by Ralph Matthews, it reads: “There are many ways of solving the so-called ‘Negro problem’ and the quickest way, according to Grand Sheik F. Turner-El, director of the Moroccan United Organization Federation is to just stop being ‘Negroes’ at all. The Grand Sheik was in Washington last week visiting state department officials, and foreign embassies and members of Congress in connection with his plan to press for Moroccan independence and also have a bill passed which will destroy forever all references to the term ‘Negro’ and restore to the race their rightful name of ‘Moors’. Accompanied by Brother R. G. Bey, mythical governor of the State of Maryland, Grand Sheik Turner-El also extended official invitations to many Asian and African representatives to attend the special educational session to be held in New haven, Conn., on June 1, 1957, and lasting for several weeks. When a colored man puts on a fez, grows a beard and talks in a foreign tongue he has no race problem even in the Deep South, Sheik Turner-El points out, that’s why he is out to convert as many colored citizens as possible to his belief. The educational program will consist of the following: Education and indoctrination relative to the Islamic Religion dealing with Islamic Culture and Civilization in order to Prepare and indoctrinate Grand Sheiks, Imams, Grand Governors, Governor-Generals and President-Generals of the Moroccan United Organizations Federation. It will be imperative and necessary that all leaders and representatives who aspire to leadership under the charter and auspices of the Moroccan United Organizations Federation must be thoroughly prepared and indoctrinated for leadership in order to defend the principles and purposes of our organization at large. Courses and education will be disseminated relative and relevant to history and civilizations of Morocco in order to cope with the present Moroccan situation in the world coherent with the independence and sovereignty of Morocco to enable Moorish-Americans and Moroccan Americans to participate and share in the blessings of Moroccan culture and civilization; the History and background of the greatest Sultan that ever ruled Morocco, whose name was Mullay Ishmael, who was known in history as Louis XIV of Morocco; the history of Louis Africanus, as well as the history of Louis, the African of Fez, who were great patriots in Moroccan history will be taught to all Moroccans who attend the 1957 session of the Moroccan Education National Home, Litchfield, Conn., telephone Kimball 2-5597. All Moroccan-Americans who desire to be taught the Moroccan language, the language of our ancient forefathers which is Moghrobbin Arabic, the language of Morocco, which is greatly related to the ancient Hebrew language, which is the language of Ethiopia, and related to the Aramic language, the language which Jesus spoke, because Jesus uttered when he was on the cross, Allah ililahe Sebethany, My Father God why have thou forsaken me. Education relative to the Koranic Islamic Law and Islamic sciences pertaining to ancient Adept philosophy will be taught at the Moroccan Educational School during the summer session of 1957. All interested parties must communicate with Grand Sheik F. Turner-El in care of Young Johnson-Bey, special consultant to the councilor, before the Moroccan National International Home, May 17th, 18th and 19th, 1957, embodying the representations of newly appointed accredited ambassadors from Morocco, Sudan and Tunisia, whose reception and banquet we commemorated Friday night, February 8, 1957, at Theresa Hotel in New York City, 7th Avenue and 125th Street.”

14. The last article we have so far that archives the demonstrations of the International Grand Sheik F. Turner-El was done on November 10, 1963 by The Hartford Courant written by REID MACCLUGGAGE. The article is titled “ ’School for Sheiks’ Win Fight For Tax Exemption in Norfolk ”. (Spelling errors in article were corrected by webmaster) It reads: “NORFOLK – There isn’t much of a campus. There are no blackboards or classrooms, no dormitories or fraternity houses. But for 13 years a stately stone and stucco estate high above this quiet rural community has been ‘School for Sheiks.’ Since 1950 ministers of the Islamic religion have been trained to become sheiks and grand sheiks in the old Todd mansion off Litchfield Avenue. Known as the Moroccan National Home, it is the headquarters of the Moorish Science Temple, the Divine National Movement of North America. But until last month the town had considered the school little more than a summer camp and refused to grant tax exemption.

Legal Battle: This touched off a lengthy legal battle that was sparked by Grand Sheikh’s charge of racial injustice. Much of the activity at the home centers around a program to teach African-Americans their heritage and language. The tax fight started when grand Sheik F. Turner-El purchased the estate in 1950. Unaware of the proper legal appeals they could make, the Moslems agreed to a compromise in 1959 and paid half of the taxes owed since 1951. In 1960 and 1961 they again filed for exemption but their applications were turned down by the Board of Tax Review. That was when the Grand Sheik went to Atty. Carmine Lavieri of Winstead for help. Appeals were immediately filed and the case went to the Court of Common Pleas. Atty. Lavieri shunned the ‘racial case’ and concentrated on the legal aspects. He argued that the home existed for educational and spiritual purposes and concluded by convincing the court the school was well within the law governing tax exempt organizations. Atty. Jonathan Ells, representing the town, maintained the home’s youth program had a minimum of prayer and instruction and an abundance of outdoor activities, including hikes and games. Adults, he said, came to the home largely for rest and relaxation. Furthermore, Ells argued, the home was being used for political purposes, such as discussions of racial equality and the evils of colonialism.

Wins Case: A ruling in the home’s favor was handed down Oct. 24. Soon after the decision, the Grand Sheikh left his home in Brooklyn, N.Y. and came to Norfolk to share in a victory dinner and make plans for the future. Accompanying him were his wife, Sheikess Hattie, and their six-year-old daughter, Hazael. It was a sunny autumn Sunday when the grand Sheikh arrived, his eyes sparkling as he reached out to shake Lavieri’s hand. Soon jugs of cider and a bottle of wine were placed on a table beside yams and plates of chicken salads, curried rice and cabbage. After the supper when the dishes were cleared away and the aroma of steaming coffee and pipe tobacco filled the room, the guests sat back to relax. But the mood was abruptly changed. The Grand Sheikh spoke spontaneously but with a deliberate forcefulness that suggested a prepared speech in a spacious arena: More would be done, he said, to emphasize the rich heritage Afro-Americans enjoy and an intensive campaign would be launched to stamp out the word Negro.

Says No ‘Negroes’: ‘The word is a fictitious term designed to separate all mankind,’ he said. ‘According to all human or divine records there is no such race or nationality by the name of Negro, black and colored peoples.’ To erase the term Negro, classes are offered at the national home in language, religion and history. Emphasis is placed on the importance of the Moors and the civilization they carried to Spain. ‘The African-American is the only person in the United States without a name,’ the Grand Sheikh said. ‘He is living behind an ‘Iron Curtain’ in the South and even in the North, right here in Connecticut; he is a man without a home. His pride has been taken away.’ He sat erect in his chair and shot back an answer to a question: ‘Yes, soldiers should be sent to Birmingham. Why? Because the extremists have gone as far as forcing rattlesnakes down the mouths of some Negroes. This is an atrocious act and I have said it loud to the government.’ The Small room grew still as he continued uninterrupted.

Force Considered: ‘I am not a radical, but sometimes I think if this catastrophe continues I will propose the African Americans arm themselves with guns and ammunition and turn Birmingham into turmoil. The law of self preservation is the law of God.’ They were harsh but not unfamiliar words, but they sounded out of place on a quiet autumn day in this rural New England town. The Grand Sheikh’s hope is that some day they will be heard and understood, not only in the South, where ‘the shadow of an ‘Iron Curtain’ hangs over the African-American, but also in the North, in other rural towns like Norfolk, where the full significance of social revolution often takes generation to penetrate.’ ”


* Last Thoughts: Moorish Science Temples across North America should really pay attention to the demonstration of the International Grand Sheik F. Turner-El. Based on the tools, methods and avenues that was available; he used them to the best of his ability to demonstrate the National side of the Moorish Divine and National movement. It can be seen by these different departments he had set up:

– The Moorish-American Consulate

– Moorish Diplomatic Service

– The Moorish Council of The Eastern States

– The Moroccan International and Inter-Organizational Association

– Moroccan United Organization Federation

The sign of Grand Sheik F. Turner-El giving Grand Sheik Richardson Dingle-El a charter can be seen as the normal divine procedure of how a Sheik gets a charter in a the proper manner and protocol which is from Grand Sheik to Sheik; however there is a connection with a passing of the baton from the works that Grand Sheik F. Turner-El was doing and the expanding of the National side that was formulated by the Dingle-El brothers and Grand Sheik Richardson Dingle-El bringing to light the Proclamations of President Abraham Lincoln, the 13th Amendment with 20 sections and starting the Moorish School of Law and History. Clearly the International Grand Sheik F. Turner-El, who was appointed by Sheik C. Kirkman-Bey knew where the National side of the moment was going and also Grand Sheik Richardson Dingle-El who sat under the teachings of the founder Prophet Noble Drew Ali and Reincarnated Prophet Sheik John Givens-El. That lineage continues today with the Grand Sheik of Moorish Science Temple the Divine and National Movement of North America, Inc., #13 The Moorish American National Republic who is National Grand Sheik J. Bratton- Bey.

** If there is any one who is a descendant of any of the Moors who walked, was taught or was under the teachings of Grand Sheik F. Turner-El or any family member or descendants of Grand Sheik F. Turner-El that has any stories, pictures, files or documents they would like to share, or would like for us to have, please contact the webmaster or National Grand Sheik J. Bratton-Bey in the contact us section.

The picture above is from the Baltimore Afro-American newspaper article done in 1957. It shows Brother R. German Bey, Moroccan Governor of Maryland on the left and Grand Sheik F. Turner-El on the right as they were visiting diplomats, foreign embassies and State Department officials in Washington D.C.

The picture above is a 1952 photo of Grand Sheik F. Turner-El in the center shaking hands with Hadj Ahmed Balafrej, the Executive Secretary General of Independent Party of Morocco for His Majesty Mohammed V King Of Morocco and Head Of Morocco Royal Delegation to the United Nation. To the right is Mohammed El Mandjra, Member Of Morocco Delegation To The United Nations.