I Have Skills, Experiences, Talents and Expertise, How Can I Help The Moorish American National Republic?

January 29th, 2016   •   no comments   
If you are an active or retired Accountant, Architect, Agricultural and Food Scientist, Automotive Mechanic, Bookkeeping Clerk, Budget Analyst, Court Clerk, Business Manager, Carpenter, Chef, Chemist, Childcare Worker, Computer Engineer, Designer, Doctor, Educator, Electrician, Farmer, Financial Adviser or Consultant, Firefighter, Fitness Trainer, Historian, Judge, Law Enforcement Officer, Lawyer, Librarian, Nurse, Paralegal, Physician, Plumber, Police Officer, Psychologist, Real Estate Agent or Manager, Secretary, Social Worker; Worked Or Currently Work In Government Locally, State Wide or Federally, etc; your skills are welcome if you wish to be a member, Citizen, consultant or adviser.

There are many Moorish Government departments that need to be set up, filled, enforced and activated so those with skills and experiences in any field are welcome especially if you are seeking to be a member and Citizen. We ask that you fill out the “Citizenship And Moorish School Of Law And History Forms” so that you can go through our naturalization process to be in better position to aid us. You can also go to the “Contact Us” section of our page and speak to an official who will also speak with you on how you can help in better detail.

“If the Europeans and other nations are helping me, why not you?” – Prophet Noble Drew Ali

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