I see debates between Afrocenetric groups, Kemetic/Egyptian groups, Hebrew Israelite groups, Islamic groups, Black Indians/Indigenous Natives and Moors; what is the disagreement?

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The disagreement is the lack of knowing “global” history, nationality, pre-slavery history and blood lineage. The difference between an Afrocentric and a Moorish-American is that an individual who claim to be so called Black, Afro/African American claims to be from the region known as Africa today and calls that specific continent their origin. Yet they can not tell you what country, region, flag, tribe or blood lineage of Africa of the east they belong to. They mostly mention Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan and maybe a North African or west African country. The Moorish-American sees the entire eastern part of the world as Northeastern and Southeastern Africa, and the entire western part of the planet as Northwestern and southwestern Africa. So from a Moorish perspective, the Americas is Ancient Africa (Amexem). And the western hemisphere is where the Moors/Moabites/MB/MR inhabit before the continental shift/break up. Black is an adjective, not a nationality or blood lineage. Black is also a second class citizen status category by law; since there is no such thing as a “Black” or “White” person on earth. Read about what “Black” status is by going to the link – Second Class citizen

Afro/African American, West Indian, Negro, Colored, ect are also false nationalities. Moorish-American satisfies “Jus Soli” and “Jus Sanguinis”. Research those two terms in law.  Many folks speak about doing blood tests and genealogy tests. However the oldest blood type in the world is the “O” type, where all blood types come from. The “O” blood type is indigenous to the Americas and Australia. Therefore everyone on the planet should be doing a blood test to see if they are related to the ancient ones in the Americas (North, Central, South America [Caribbean Islands, Alaska, Canada, Greenland]).

In the Moorish perspective of history, the Egyptians were the Moors/Moabites relatives. So the Moors and Egyptians always shared a family tie. In history the Moors/Moabites and Egyptians shared many unions and wars, but was still a family tie was known. The founder of the Moorish movement, Prophet Noble Drew Ali was an Egyptian Adept and returned many Egyptian mystery system keys back to the Moorish-Americans. He began those Egyptian Adept lessons with the many ways of teaching us about “knowing thy self”. Ancient Egypt also started in the Americas, then spread to the eastern part of the world and Northeast Africa of today. The oldest ancient Egyptian pyramids, mummies and ruins are also in the Americas, the secondary ones are in the east.

When it comes to the Hebrew Israelites and Moorish-Americans, there should be no debates. Moors/Moabites are Hebrews. Moabites were Hebrews before Jacob and the 12 tribes. For example, Abraham is a 6th generation Hebrew; the Moabites are 8th generation Hebrews. Research “Eber” and the “Children of Eber”. Prophet Noble Drew Ali was a Hebrew Prophet. The Moorish Holy Koran mentions Hebrew a few times and that science is shown in the Moorish 101 questions. Which is why the Moorish Science Temple The Divine and National Movement of North America Inc; #13 The Moorish American National Republic pushes the ancient Hebrew laws that deals with freedom, birthrights and nationality in constitutional law and why Moors are Hebrew Moslems of Moorish decent by nature.

Moorish-Americans have a religion called Islamism. Prophet Noble Drew Ali brought a “distinct” form of Islam, known as Islamism, the science of peace. Moors have their own Holy Book, The Moorish Holy Koran, however we use the Qur’an of Mohammed as well as the Bible. The Qur’an itself shows that a Prophet is brought up amongst the people, amongst their own, so no Islamic group should have a problem. Also check the fact that Prophet Noble Drew Ali came on the scene in 1913 in America teaching Islamism. So anyone in other Islamic groups would just need to know what perspective a Moorish-American is coming from. Which is why we deal with “Islamism”, the Old Time Religion and we are “Moslems” not Muslims.

So called Black Indians/Indigenous Natives are confusing tribal, kingdom, national, and empire points of views when they disagree with Moorish-Americans. The founder of the Moorish movement was a Cherokee Moor, he did not erase his Cherokee roots, but strengthen it by proclaiming his Moorish “nationality”. Anyone who has American tribal ties will keep their tribal ties, for no one can erase anyone’s ancestral ties. Nationality, jurisdiction and political status is what is needed to be learned and understood within the current governmentconstruct. All the so called Native American/Indian tribes have a Moorish/Moabite connection anyway. The Moorish/Moabite history in the Americas go back before the continents split apart.

These are just the basics to show that education or re-education is needed to understand what Prophet Noble Drew Ali brought and what is being demonstrated by the learned and properly guided Moorish-Americans who know that we have more in common with all the “conscious” groups and organizations than differences. Prophet Noble Drew Ali came and tied in all the “African”, “Kemetic/Egyptian”, “Hebrew” and “Islamic” connections all in one, because it began as one. Today we are scattered and debating amongst one another; pieces of the same puzzle. As was stated earlier, it is just the lack of knowing global history, nationality, pre-slavery history and blood lineage.

This is just a general break down. Any questions for detail and clarity, send your questions and inquiry to our weekly Sunday conference call email at townhall@moorishamericannationalrepublic.com and your questions will be answered in the order that it was received on the call.

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  1. Marie
    posted on Feb 17, 2016 at 9:27 PM

    The debates and the confusion definitely turned me off to the whole thing, but maybe after some contemplating I will come back into the fold. Still not sure. Lots of questions still.

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