Supreme Grand Advisor and Moderator C. Kirkman-Bey


Sheik C. Kirkman-Bey

Sheik C. Kirkman-Bey was also known to many as Col. C. Kirkman-Bey and Charles Kirkman-Bey Sheik C. Kirkman-Bey “was the janitor of the Temple during the time of Prophet Drew Ali. He was asked by Prophet Drew Ali to be his interpreter for the Sixth Annul Pan American Conference on Private International Law in Cuba; as he was then given the title to the effect of ‘Language Secretary’.”

Sister M. Lovett El, Past Grand Governess of Illinois said that the Holy Prophet asked her, “Do you have anyone in your temple that can speak foreign languages.” She said yes. At that time, she was the Grand Sheikess of Temple 9. She said that one cold night that she took Brother C. Kirkman-Bey to the Holy Prophet’s office, where she said, “Brother Prophet, this is the Brother that I was talking about” she said, “I thought that I was introducing him to the Prophet, but they already knew each other, because they had went to school together.” She said that the Holy Prophet asked Brother C. Kirkman-Bey, “Can you speak high German?” Brother C. Kirkman-Bey said, “Yes, but I am a little rusty.” She said that the Holy Prophet reached in to a trunk pulled out a book, and dusted it off with a feather-duster, and handed it to Brother Kirkman-Bey, and he read from it. The Holy Prophet was satisfied, and told him that He had to go down to Cuba, and He wanted him to go with Him. Brother C. Kirkman-Bey told the Prophet that he had a wife and a child or children. The Holy Prophet let him know that they would be provided for.

Brother I. Cook-Bey Grand Governor of ILL. told Bro. R. Love El, Grand Sheik of the Moorish Science Temple of America and Brother C. Tyson-Bey, Past Chairman of the Moorish Science Temple of America about the time, when the Holy Prophet Noble Drew Ali and Brother C. Kirkman-Bey went to the Pan American Conference in 1928. At that time, the Holy Prophet went there and represented the Moors, and there was an Indian Chief representing the American Indians.

The Conference was in Havana, Cuba, and the nations of both North, South and Central America were present. Secretary of State Hughes of the United States represented the United States at this conference. Brother C. Kirkman-Bey was the interpreter for the Holy Prophet at this conference. Bro. I. Cook-Bey said that when the Holy Prophet and Brother C. Kirkman Bey’s ship was tied up at the dock, the Cuban army was standing on the dock, and Brother C. Kirkman-Bey said something to them in Spanish, and the army came to attention, then he and the Holy Prophet came down from the ship. At the conference, Brother C. Kirkman-Bey addressed the conference in both Spanish and Arabic, and when the Secretary of State of the United States heard Brother C. Kirkman-Bey speak, he said, “That’s a dangerous man.” Up to that period of time, the United States received a 50 year mandate for this land. At this conference, the mandate for this land was given to Prophet Noble Drew Ali. Brother G. Cook-Bey, Grand Sheik of Temple #1 said that Prophet Noble Drew Ali showed us the mandate in the Adept Chamber.

Sheik C. Kirkman-Bey and Grand Sheik E. Mealy-El both were in charge of the management and supervision of the headquarters and office of Prophet Noble Drew Ali during the Prophet’s life time and Sheik C. Kirkman-Bey also acted as his interpreter and traveled to other countries with Prophet Noble Drew Ali in the interests of The Moorish Science Temple of America.

On July, 20th 1929 the Prophet Noble Drew Ali transcended and his body was laid to rest in the State of Illinois. Before the bank crash in 1929, Sister A. Brown El of Temple 4 and 25 said that the Holy Prophet told the Moors, “if they had money in the bank, to get it out”. Some said that the Prophet told the Moors to put their money in the post office. Those that obeyed the Holy Prophet saved their money, and those that did not, lost their money. Brother C. Carriton Bey Past Grand Governor of New York said that one day he was at the annual national convention, and Brother C. Kirkman Bey sent for him to come outside to witness something. There was a European man, his wife, and daughter there. The European man asked Brother C. Kirkman-Bey “Where is that little man that use to be around.” Brother C. Kirkman-Bey let them know that he was no longer with us. These Europeans started crying. They were looking for the Holy Prophet. That man was able to save his money during the bank crash, because he obeyed the Holy Prophet, and took his money out of the bank.

Then On September 15th until September 20th in 1929. a National Convention was called by Supreme Grand Sheik E. Mealy-El. – (in photo below)

At the National Convention offices were created. Those offices were Supreme Grand Advisor and Moderator, Grand Sheik, Grand Treasurer, Grand Financial Secretary, Custodian of Charters (Seals and Ordination Papers) and Grand Governor. At the National Convention Sheik C. Kirkman-Bey was duly, properly, and lawfully elected Supreme Grand Advisor as the chief officer in authority for The Moorish Science Temples of America. Officers were elected for each of the offices then and there at the National Convention duly, properly and lawfully created, and each of them assumed the duties of the office to which they were elected.

National officers were to organize, direct and coordinate a nation wide movement to teach all Moors in America their nationality and their divine creed. Each local temple in every State was presided over by a Grand Sheik.

Each State was presided over by a Grand Governor of the State, and the entire organization was presided over by the national officers consisting of the Supreme Grand Advisor and Moderator, the Grand Treasurer and the Grand Financial Secretary. And the Grand Financial Secretary. For example, in the year 1934 in the State of Illinois the Grand Sheik of Temple No. 1 was W. Morris-El and the Grand Governor of the State of Illinois was S. Lovett-Bey. In New York the Grand Sheik of Temple No. 23 was F. Turner-El and the Grand Governor of the State of New York was E. Turner-El (both appointed by Sheik C. Kirkman-Bey in 1933). The Supreme National Grand officer was C. Kirkman-Bey.

These positions and offices were noted in the pamphlet entitled “Rules and Regulations of the Moorish Science Temple of America and Moorish Holy Temple of Science as set forth by the Grand body at the Seventh Annual Convention held at 3337 S. State Street in Chicago, Illinois on September 15, 1934.”

It is said by Moors: Sheik C. Kirkman-Bey “was a great teacher with tremendous insight and patience. He graduated from two colleges and is said to have studied in the same schools that the Prophet had. He was a highly skilled adept of special spiritual qualities. Education was a major factor, and he addressed the issue by placing teachers in the temples. He told us to search out the meanings for ourselves because the gifts of understanding are the treasure of Allah, and everyone has his own portion. He said if you learned one question, one verse, or one chapter ‘Master It.’ He re-established the Moorish Manufacturing Co. and Moorish Guide with the help of the grand body. He also re-established the Moorish National Sisters’ Auxiliary. He would surprise the sisters with his culinary skills. He re-established the Young Peoples Moorish National League. He always paid special attention to the youth with patience and praise. He established the Mufti Corp. of which he had been previously ordained to do by Prophet Noble Drew Ali. Being among the Moors was his special time, and he tried to prepare for us with the establishment of Moorish Homes. His compassion for us was unmeasured, and he had a tremendous love for mankind.”

Sheik C. Kirkman-Bey’s wife was Sister P. Kirkman-Bey. Sheik C. Kirkman-Bey was Supreme Grand Advisor and Moderator from 1929 to 1959. In 1959 Sheik F. Nelson-Bey became the second Supreme Grand Advisor and Moderator until 1962. Sheik C. Kirkman-Bey engineered the blue print for the Moorish colony in Virginia, and Sheik F. Nelson-Bey started the work.

Sister M. Howell El said that Sheik C. Kirkman-Bey told her that Prophet Noble Drew Ali said, “Anytime a Moslem goes into a church for any reason; it ceases to be church, and it is a temple.”

* If there is any one who is a descendant of any of the Moors who walked, was taught or was under the teachings of Sheik C. Kirkman-Bey or any family member or descendants of Sheik C. Kirkman-Bey that has any stories, pictures, files or documents they would like to share, or would like for us to have, please contact the webmaster or National Grand Sheik J. Bratton-Bey in the contact us section

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