Application For Citizenship
And Moorish School Of Law And History Forms

Click or right click (save-as) here >>> Citizenship application <<< to “download”, along with the three Moorish School of Law & History (M.S.L. & H.) class forms and additional forms (you Must submit all forms 11 pages in total.)

 Click or right click (save-as) here to download all at once, or if you need one of the individual applications the links are Below. Forms will open in another window or tab. “DOWNLOAD” them to your computer. All of the 7 forms must be sent in 11 pages total with color copies, fees, photos and requested information.

1. Moorish American National Republic Citizenship Form– (5 pages)

2. M.S.L. & H. Warning Class Form– (1 page)

3. M. S. L. & H. Be It Known Class Form– (1 page)

4. M.S.L. & H. Nationality & Identification Card Class Form– (1 page)

5. M.S.L. & H. Courses Rules And Agreement Form– (1 page)

6. M.S.L. & H. Procedures & Materials Required For Courses Form– (1 page)

7. M.S.L. & H.  Class Voucher Form– (1 page)

* Please click each of the above links separately and wait for the respective forms to load before clicking and loading the next form. When you click on the “DOWNLOAD FILE” icon image at the “TOP RIGHT” of the screen (arrow pointing down), a pop-up box will ask you to pick a location on your computer to download the form e.g, Save As/Save In. We suggest you save to your desk top (as the most convenient location) or save to an easily accessible location on your computer. After downloading the form(s), go to your chosen location to view and/or print the form.

** In order to download the forms, you must have Adobe Flash Player. Most computers already have it.
If yours doesn’t, go to this link to get the Adobe Flash Player – Get Flash Player

*** To see which version of Adobe Flash Player you have on your computer, go to the link to do a check and follow directions on how to get the latest version – Install New Flash Version Any questions “specifically” pertaining to any form, please call Sheikess A. Bellamy-Bey at the Office of the National Registrar, 410 488-6858, Tuesday’s, Wednesday’s and Thursdays between 11am & 4pm Eastern Time. You may also email at