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May 24th, 2014  

[Picture above of a Moorish woman that was  featured in the Moorish Voice magazine. Notice she is wearing her Moorish garb, turban, Allah pin in the center and holding the Moorish flag and American banner. The flags are normally flown with the Moorish flag on the left and American banner on the right. The flags show and demonstrate the basics of what makes up a nationality which is Jus Soli and Jus Sanguinis; the right of soil and the right of blood. Which means your blood lineage and place of origin of your ancestors. Hence Moorish-American]

The Moorish Voice was a magazine publication that was printed monthly by the Moorish Science Temple Of America under the Supreme Grand Advisor and Moderator Col. C. Kirkman-Bey after the Prophet Noble Drew Ali departed from the flesh in 1929. The many monthly articles gave updates on who was sick and healthy, birthdays, funerals, baby births, Temple events across the nation, national announcements, Moorish advertisement; new rules, guidelines and regulations adopted by the executives to be implemented by the Temples and members, and more. Below are five readable articles that were preserved through archive that were able to be typed out. These articles are VERY powerful because they show the history and building of the organization in different stages, unity, thoughts and vision that the Moorish-Americans had for the movement and for one another.

Moorish Voice, April 1943 Edition; Editorial: ‘THE PROPHET SMILES ON AN ELDERLY GENTLEMAN’; Page Four, Five and Six


It was Sunday night and the word had travelled as if on the wings of the air that the Prophet would be in the city. The Temple was filled beyond capacity for many were standing in the balcony. This was back in 1928, during the days of great plenty, then, as it is now, employment and money was flourishing; all who desired employment could procure it. Thousands of our thoughtless people were drunk on wine of things which were derived from these times and conditions. Very few, other than those who had either affiliated themselves with the Moorish Science Temple of America or who had heard the teachings of the Prophet through the Moorish Science Temple of America could realize and see that these seemingly carefree days of great plenty for some although not enough for others – was to be of short duration – and could not last and would eventually give away to days of bankrupt financiers – closing the banks, the wheels of industry at a virtual standstill, destitution and desolation throughout the land; men walking the streets in search of jobs – thousands standing in the bread lines – eviction from long-owned homes as well as from rented dwellings, weary-eyed mothers and fathers unable to answer the cry for bread of half-naked starving children. The program of this Sunday night meeting had been beautifully presented, several speakers having addressed the audience, then the Prophet himself had stood forth and addressed the great throng, calling all the Asiatics of America to come and learn of the Creed and Principles of their Ancient Ancestors, and learn to Love instead of to hate and all the speakers bringing the same general thought and all urgently calling our people to come together as one unit; come back home to Islam, to worship under one vine and fig-tree which is their very own. At the end of this most inspiring program, the membership call was made there by giving the many Asiatic visitors present, a chance to prove whether the words which they had heard meant anything to them or not, and I was happy to see that the aisles of the Temple were filled with many sincere souls coming up to receive their Nationality Cards, proving that they desired to become members of this great organization and were willing to bow down at the footstool of ‘Wisdom’ and learn the great ‘Wisdom’ offered thru it. Among them and towering a little above them all, was a tall slender-built, white haired old gentleman, standing awaiting his turn to secure his Nationality Card, that ‘Little white card with the new name written there-upon,’ which would bear witness to his freedom from slavery, freedom from Negro, black, colored and likewise from fetters of Christianity. My heart was made glad to see this aged brother who was still handsome though the weight of some seventy years bore upon him, as he turned his face towards the rostrum where the Prophet stood and with a glint of pride in his eyes reached out his hand to clasp in a hearty handshake with the Prophet as he said, ‘You are the man that I have been looking for all my life.’ As the Prophet’s eyes scanned the old gentleman from head to foot, his expression showed love and kindliness towards this man who had seen the first rays if light in the far south and who had known all the hardships, privations, the hard laborious tasks which fell to the lot of our people during decades following the days of slavery; and as the Prophet’s eyes rested upon that beautiful silver hair I shall never forget the pleasant smile which framed his countenance as he watched this aged father who even though all his life had been a struggle against the odds, and who had experienced the results of the oppressor, yet he still had faith and courage and hope for a better life; a brighter future for his children and grandchildren; even though his eyesight may have been blurred, yet his vision of freedom and happiness for his race of people thru the program offered by the Prophet was very very clear.“

Moorish Voice, May 1943 Edition; Editorial: ‘Studying Oneself’, Page Six, Seventeen and Eighteen; by Sister Fuller Bey, Temple No.7; Cleveland, Ohio

The Ancient Moslems taught that a man, who had never been married, had only perfected half of his religion, therefore he was known as a half man. Until he was married he had never fully lived. So it is with education. Until man begins the study of himself, his education will be incomplete. Man has travelled this globe around. He has been down in the bowels of the earth seeking for the key to the mystery of the Universe and yet he will return and ask the simple question, ‘Who am I’. Man’s body is like the globe of the earth. He has a universe within. So if man desires to learn the mystery of the universe, he must look ‘within’. Man is a thought of Allah manifested in flesh. Doesn’t it seem logical then that everything man makes is a thought of himself, man, being the ruler of the Land, and is gifted with unlimited power. But somewhere along the road of his long journey, man got out of tune with the infinite and struck a note of discord that has echoed down through the ages. A discord so great that it threw man off his balance and caused universal confusion. In fact, until the coming of Prophet Noble Drew Ali, man had forgotten what tune he had been playing and only a Great Teacher, like the Prophet, could start man again playing in harmony upon the Harp of Love. Religion is the only key given to man to unlock the door within and there he will find what he is looking for, be it good or bad, it is all within. Every man today is fighting for ‘Peace.’ If these world leaders only knew that the battle within himself must first be won before he will be able to establish everlasting peace, again and again we find the answer, ‘Look Within.’ How can man free the world when he himself is a slave to his own desire, his lust and greed for power? Once upon a time man was really a God. He was so high he could walk and talk with Allah at will. He didn’t need a middle man to intercede for him. His power was so great he was Lord of everything. But at last man sinned. So the wise man held a council on what to do with manpower if they took it from him. One said. ‘Hide his power in the sky.’ The answer was ‘No, because man would build giant telescopes and will be able to read the different planets.’ One said, ‘Hide it in the sea.’ The council said, ‘No, for some day man will be able to build great ships to sail under water and there he will find his power.’ Still, another said, ‘Suppose we hide it in the bowels of the earth.’ The council said, ‘No, for man will become an archeologist and dig into the earth for ancient mystery.’ Then, where shall we hide his power, the council asked? One of the wise answered, ‘Hide his power within himself, for that is the last place he will look.’ He will find himself, someday. But it will take a long time. Man is like amnesia victim. He can see and know the present and future, but he remembers nothing of the past. But the day will surely come when man will fully uncover and remember who he is. When we open our Koran the first page reads. ‘Know Thyself and Thy Father God Allah.’ ”

Moorish Voice, May 1943 Edition; Editorial: ‘Lasting Impressions’, Page Six, Eighteen and Nineteen; by Sister L. Blakely Bey, Temple No.15; Indianapolis, Indiana

“At frequent intervals the Prophet toured the country, visiting every Temple teaching and instructing his followers, according to the words of ‘Wisdom’ which Allah, the Great God of the Universe, had placed in his mouth to deliver unto them. This particular tour, of which I speak, was different to those preceding it, for it was during this tour that the Prophet had a sincere question to ask the Moors. As he travelled from city to city, stopping at each Temple he put forth the same question. The next stop of the Prophet’s entourage was the great Motor City of America, that city so alive with the hum of automobile factories, that city which literally put the world on wheels. The Temple, a great temple in a great city, in fact, one of the greatest, largest and also on of the most industrious of all the Moorish Science Temples of America, ablaze with light and a heavy crowd surged in as usual when the Prophet was expected. The meeting proceeded along the usual schedule until the Prophet address the audience, and by asking one simple question, puzzled the minds of the Moors and started them to wonder over the question put to them. Yes, it seemed a very simple question; a question of few words; that same question that mankind, through necessity has been asking each other through the Ages, that question which necessitated the writing of the Thirtieth Chapter of the Holy Koran, Subject, Holy ‘Instructions from the Prophet, The Social Duties,’ thru which arises the necessity for mankind to receive and in turn to gratefully offer reciprocal helps and mutual obligations. Of course this did not seem at the moment to be a hard question to answer and I thought surely there would be many in this vast audience who would surely raise their hand in answer to the question put before them by the Prophet, Noble Drew Ali. Travelling North, South, East and West, the same question was asked to all, ‘who is there among you who can help me? Who among you can speak as many as three languages? I need your help; the organization is growing by leaps and bounds and I need someone to assist me.’ I shall never forget the fact that instead of an answer to his question, a fall of silence fell upon the audience, a quietness like that of the grave and the tongue of all present whose learning placed them in the group designated as those of ‘Higher Learning,’ was as if dumb in his presence, for not one of this great crowd, many of whom boasted of having been great politicians versed in politics; many were or had been attached to the clergy, bearing the mark and wearing the attire of their station; others were Lawyers, versed in the technicalities of the laws of the land; some were doctors, being able to prescribe for the physical ailments of the body; some were or had been students of mental physics and so-called occult sciences, and many among this group up-doubtedly pressed to their hearts memories of their High School and College days. But the question, ‘who is there among you who can help me? Who among you can speak as many as three languages?’ remained unanswered by this group. But even so, there was an answer to this very quest, somewhere in these United States of America, and God-Allah who in the depths of his mind revolveth all knowledge and before whom the secrets of futurity are as an open book, had, in His own Divine way prepared from the foundation of the world an answer to the Plea of His Prophet; an answer manifested in the form of a Noble Spirit, Divinely prepared from the foundation of the world, to assist the Prophet in this great work of Uplifting a fallen Nation of North America and leading the way back to Universal Love and Brotherhood of Mankind here on this earth.”

Moorish Voice, June 1943 Edition; Editorial: ‘Lasting Impressions’, Page Six and Nineteen; by Sister L. Blakely Bey

“According to the vibration of the ethers, reflexing, disappear, like which the many scenes of life present themselves to us and swiftly pass out of our thoughts, though some remain with us forever. Time is moving towards the second decade of years since that memorable Sunday afternoon, when the Prophet Noble Drew Ali, accompanied by several brothers from the major Temple in Chicago spoke. A fervent spirit of elation and ecstasy reigned in the breast of the hundreds of members who filled beyond capacity, the large Temple building, and we felt highly honored as each one of these visiting brothers in the Prophet’s party were introduced, and especially when the tall, slender and very handsome brother was introduced to us as the Prophet’s interpreter, speaking many languages, a man fully able and capable to assist the Prophet, traveling with him to and from foreign lands. All eyes were on the speaker as arose to his six feet or more in height and very modestly, with simple words, acknowledged his introduction to the Moors and this speaker was none other than our beloved Brother C. Kirkman Bey. It was he, Brother C. Kirkman Bey whom Allah, the Great God of the Universe had ripened with Love, Wisdom and Understanding, and who stood ready at the proper time to step valiantly forward to answer the Prophet’s call for someone to assist him in his great work of Uplifting Fallen Humanity, towards the organization known as the Moorish Science Temple of America, Inc. It was this man who had the courage and daring of youth, and understanding of age, who answered the Prophet’s call, believing in his own heart that he could assist him, knowing that he has the will to try, and the determination to do the very best that he could. It was he, who after serving the Prophet obediently and loyally for a length of time prove his worth to the Prophet, proved to the Prophet that he represented Love, that he was true and free from those prejudices which cause men to love one and hate another. So it was on this memorable occasion which I, as well as many other, shall never forget, that the Prophet had introduced to us the answer to his nationwide call for assistance in his great work, in the person of this beloved brother, Brother C. Kirkman Bey.”

Moorish Voice, June 1943 Edition; Editorial: The Moorish Farmerette

* This article was seen under a drawing of a Moorish sister on a farm wearing loose work jumpers with a crescent and star on it, loose long sleeve shirt, turban on and a farming tool in her hand.

“The Sister’s National Auxiliary, at the Moorish National Home, Virginia, under the leadership of Sister L. Miller Bey, our local Chairman, have selected a fertile garden spot in which to raise all kinds of vegetables as lettuce, carrots, beets, corn, cabbage, collards, radishes, pas, beans, sweet potatoes, etc. for table use and for canning purposes. We congratulate Sister L. Miller Bey for having the courage to endeavor to promote this plan, not only in words alone, but by leading the way that her sisters may follow in her footsteps. In the farming program, the women of today are playing an outstanding part, and we too, must play a part for this Moorish Nation. We are asking that you throw you shoulders to the wheel and send out good thoughts for our success.”


* Web Master Notes: The Moorish sisters, the Moabitesses under Supreme Grand Advisor and Moderator C. Kirkman-Bey were known to be very industrious. The Moorish women had many businesses, they were going to school to get educated to start their business or trade to provide for themselves, their families but also to employ other sisters and members in their local area. The sisters at the home office in Chicago under Supreme Grand Advisor and Moderator C. Kirkman-Bey promoted the Moorish National Sister Auxiliary which was formed during Prophet Noble Drew Ali’s time. There were subordinate auxiliaries in every Temple under the umbrella of Supreme Grand Advisor and Moderator C. Kirkman-Bey. In every Temple the adult sisters were part of the Moorish National Sister Auxiliary, and young sisters between the ages of 4 to 16 were part of the Junior Moorish National Sister Auxiliary. The Moorish National Sister Auxiliary also had a uniform they wore. They wore all white clothing, with a spotless white turban and a green armband around one of their arms. The Moorish sisters handled the food, coordination and planning of events for birthdays, children events, adult events, elderly events, festivals, special occasions, funerals, community events, baby showers, Moorish holidays, ect. The brothers were on call at anytime the sisters needed their assistance as always. The Moorish sisters were known nationally by the Temple and the public for their organizational skills, seamless coordination, unity, flawless Moorish integrity they had in everything they did, how immaculate their turbans were always wrapped, how they held themselves to the highest standards in society and were law abiding. The Moorish men were proud of their wives, daughters, sisters, aunts, female cousins and grandmothers in the movement. Moorish women as shown by the Moorish Voice held the station of Grand Sheikess, Chairman, Governor and other positions. Supreme Grand Advisor and Moderator C. Kirkman-Bey always gave honor to the sisters; he said they were needed badly in the Moorish Nation. Of course the brothers also had their own groups, such as the Young Men’s Business League and also the junior division. The Junior Moorish boys and girls (teens and youth) divisions also put together their own Temple events with Moorish parties, plays from the Moorish Holy Koran, dances, singing, fashion shows, trips and much more. The Moorish Voice showed that the Moorish children were VERY skilled in their Moorish Literature and Questionnaire. There was also a brother, Brother C. Barker Bey known as the National Field Representative who was accompanied by two helpers; they drove what was known as the Moorish National Truck across the country from Temple to Temple. The truck delivered to each Temple the ordered goods and materials the Temples needed in each area from the home office of Supreme Grand Advisor and Moderator C. Kirkman-Bey in Chicago. The Moors had many different products such as the Prophets powder, tea and oil for healing ailments to the body; Moorish clothing, house supplies, reading material, ect that was useful to the members and customers. Even during the Great Depression and when the United States was suffering economically, the Moorish Americans was prosperous amongst themselves because they circulated their ideas, money, services, industrious products, food and resources amongst one another.

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