The Ancient History Of Moors In The Caribbean Islands

February 23rd, 2013  

When most people think of the Caribbean the names of islands like the Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, Cuba, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Cayman Islands, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, British Virgin Islands, Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Saint Martin, Saba, Sint Eustatius, Saint Barthelemy, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Montserrat, Guadeloupe, Dominica, Martinique, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Grenada, Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago, Aruba, Curacao, and Bonaire immediately pop into their brain. However the region is said to include over 7,000 islands, islets, reefs and cays. – (Caribbean Islands)

What most people have not heard of is who are the people that many know as West Indians, Amerindians (American Indian) of the Caribbean, Arawaks, Maroons, etc. The Arawak tribes are recorded as being the inhabitants of the Caribbean Islands. – (Arawak People )

The Arawak tribes consist of Tainos, Nepoyas, Suppoyas, Lokonos, Igneri, Lucayans/Rum Cays, Caribs, Ciboney and many others. All of the tribes are members of the Arawak tribes, which were part of the Moorish Amexem Empire. The Moorish Amexem Empire stretched from the Western part of the Earth to the Eastern part of the Earth marked by the 36’30 parallel. – (36’30 Parallel)

The Arawak people originate from South America near the Orinco/Orinoquia River near Brazil, Columbia and Venezuela. And from that region they have always been ‘Caribbean’. – (Orinoco River)

The word ‘Caribbean’ is said to derive from the name ‘Caribs’, a people who, based on oral traditions, were said to be the first ones to migrate there from the Americas.

So the incomplete story about slavery is that the Americas and the Caribbean Islands were populated with dark hue, dark pigmented people who came from Africa, however that is far from the truth. The ancient people who have been labeled, classified, identified or “described” as Black, Negro, Colored, Ethiopian, West Indian, Native American, Native Indian, American Indian, Amerindian, Black Indian, Latino, Mexican, Afro American, African American, First People, First Nation, Original People, Asiatics, Aboriginal, Indigenous, Paleo, Pre-Adamite, Autochthon, etc were known to be in the Americas [Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, United States, Central America, South America, Caribbean Islands, Greenland] BEFORE there was an Atlantic Ocean. – (Americas)

The Atlantic Ocean, also known as the Ethiopic or Ethiopian Ocean (Ethiopic Ocean) was formed between 180 and 150 million years ago. – (Atlantic Ocean).

In the Moorish Science Holy Koran, Prophet Noble Drew Ali, the founder of the Moorish movement states in chapter 47

The Inhabitants of Africa are the descendants of the ancient Canaanite from the land of Canaan. Old man Cush and his family are the first inhabitants of Africa who came from the land Canaan.

His father Ham and his family were second. Then came the word Ethiopia, which means the demarcation line of the dominion of Amexem, the first true and divine name of Africa. The dividing of the land between the father and the son.

The dominion of Cush, North-East and South-East Africa and North-West and South-West was his father’s dominion of Africa.

In later years many of their brethren from Asia and the Holy lands joined them. The Moabites from the land of Moab who received permission from the pharaohs of Egypt to settle and inhabit Africa North-West Africa; they were the founders and are the true possessors of the present Moroccan Empire. With their Canaanite, Hittite and Amorite brethren who sojourned from the land of Canaan seeking new homes.

Their dominion and inhabitation extended from North-East and South-West Africa, across the great Atlantis even unto the present North, South and Central America and also Mexico and the Atlantis Islands; before the great earthquake, which caused the great Atlantic Ocean.”

So we hope you can see, the history that Prophet Noble Dew Ali is breaking down, showing that there were people here in the Western Hemisphere and Eastern Hemisphere before there was an Atlantic or Ethiopic Ocean that separated the Western Hemisphere from the Eastern Hemisphere. Also for clarity the Western Hemisphere of the Earth is the North-West and South-West; the Eastern Hemisphere of the Earth is the North-East and South-East. When the land masses were together it was known as Africa, and the divine name is Amexem. Some may know it by the supercontinent names (Super Continents), others Asia. Still what many do not know is that the Western Hemisphere of the planet is also Africa, an “ancient” part of Africa. The Western Hemisphere is known as the place where Egypt started, we mean “ancient” Egypt as shown in the book “When Rocks Cry Out” by Horace Butler (Horace Butler’s book), and known as “Egypt of the West” as stated by President Abraham Lincoln. So the Americas are indeed Ancient Africa and Ancient Egypt, yet many do not know.

For those who grew up being taught the Bible, chapter 10 of Genesis is known as the Table Of Nations. It shows the blood lineage of the human family after the flood. Genesis chapter 10:25 gives a hint at the “great earthquake” Prophet Noble Drew Ali was talking about when it says “And unto Eber were born two sons: the name of one was Peleg; for in his days was the EARTH DIVIDED; and his brother’s name was Joktan.” The Europeans that came to the “New World”, which is really the Old World called the dark indigenous people “Indians”. The word Indian has many layers. It means a darkish, bluish and purplish shade. So in one degree, when you see the words American Indian, Native Indian or West Indian, it means American dark person, Native dark person or Western dark person. However in the view or the Vatican and aspects of International Law, the word Indian comes from the words Los Sin Dios, which means “Those Without God”. Los sin Dios became Sin Dios, then In-Dios, which became Indian. In 1452 a decree issued by Pope Nicholas V and also in 1493 an Inter Cetera Papal Bull issued by Pope Alexander VI claimed that all those who were not Christians, Jewish (really Hebrew) or Moslem were considered heathens, barbarians, pagans and must be subdued or cleansed. This was the spiritual blessing the Christian inquisitors and Christian invaders got from the Church which gave approval for them to rape, kill, behead, slaughter, murder and spread diseases among the men, women, children and babies of the Moors of the Caribbean and Americas as well as enslave them for labor and indentured

Many of the people who are in the Caribbean have no idea that there is a difference between Christianity of today and the teachings of the Canaanite Moabite Moslem known by the anglicized name, Jesus and the title, The Christ was born in South America, not the middle east. Many of the Caribbean people are Christians because their slave masters were Christians. The slaves not only got the name of the slave master attached to them, but the slave master’s religion as well; both of which branded them as slaves. In the Moorish Holy Koran Prophet Noble Drew Ali states in chapter 48: “We, as a clean and pure nation descended from the inhabitants of Africa, do not desire to amalgamate or marry into the families of the pale skin nations of Europe. Neither serve the gods of their religion, because our forefathers are the true and divine founders of the first religious creed, for the redemption and salvation of mankind on earth. Therefore we are returning the Church and Christianity back to the European Nations, as it was prepared by their forefathers for their earthly salvation. While we, the Moorish Americans are returning to Islam, which was founded by our forefathers for our earthly and divine salvation. The covenant of the great God-Allah: ‘Honor thy father and they mother that thy days may be longer upon the earth land, which the Lord thy God, Allah hath given thee!’ ”

When Christopher Columbus and other European invaders came to the Americas, they needed translators. Those translators had to speak Arabic/Aramaic, Chaldean, Hebrew, Latin/Spanish in order to interact with the people of the Caribbean Islands and Americas. Arabic was the language of the learned ones, elites and Nobles in the Caribbean. Among the indigenous people of the Caribbean and Americas they would call the higher force, what many call today God by saying Great Spirit (Great Spirit). Prophet Noble Drew Ali shows us in the Moorish 101 this same connection with question #94: “To whom do we refer to at times as being the GREAT GOD? ALLAH”

A sum of 565 names, 484 in America and 81 in Canada, of villages, towns, cities, mountains, lakes, rivers and etcetera, are etymologically Arabic, designated by locals long before the arrival of Columbus. Many of these names are in fact the same as names of Islamic places; Mecca in Indiana, Medina in Idaho, Medina in New York, Medina and Hazen in North Dakota, Medina in Ohio, Medina in Tennessee, Medina in Texas, Medina and Arva in Ontario, Mahomet in Illinois and Mona in Utah, are just a few names noticeable at the outset. A closer analysis of the names of native tribes will immediately reveal their Arabic etymological ancestry; Anasazi, Apache, Arawak, Arikana, Chavin, Cherokee, Cree, Hohokam, Hupa, Hopi, Makkah, Mohician, Mohawk, Nazca, Zulu, and Zuni are only a few. Islam in America is everywhere. One just has to be mindful and look for it. From Caliph Haronia (California), to Allah-Bumya (Alabama), to Tallah-Hasse (Tallahassee), to Medina Ohio, to Moorestown New Jersey, to Islamorada Florida, to Al-hambra California Muslims have left an impact on the country.” –

Columbus further admitted that on October 21st, 1492, as he was sailing past Gibara on the coast of Cuba, he saw a mosque, and remnants of other masjids have been found in Cuba, Mexico, Texas and Nevada. Another historian, P.V. Ramos, also showed in his essay in “African Presence in Early America” that the dietary regulations of the Carib were similar to Islamic teachings.” – (Before Columbus)

The men of Cortes and Pizarro, some of whom had taken direct part in the struggle against Muslims in Africa or Spain called the Indian temples mezquitas (Spanish for masjid, mosque).” – (The Story Of Rodrigo de Triana)

In Haitian Vodou/Vodun/Vodoun/Vodoun, one of the most important Ioa/Iwa or spirits is one called Damballa/Damballah the sky God. In DambALLAH we see the word Allah. – (Damballa)

Author Eric Eustace Williams in his book “History Of The People Of Trinidad And Tobago” stated that Christopher Columbus described the Caribbean people saying: “Their heads were bound with cotton scarves elaborately worked in colours and resembling the Moorish headdress. Some of these scarves were worn round the body and used as a covering instead of trousers.” – (Eric Eustace Williams books)

Historian and researcher Dr. Sultana Afroz wrote “From Moors to Marronage: The Islamic Heritage of Maroons In Jamaica”. – (Journal Research written by Dr. Sultana Afroz)

In her journal paper, she showed the connection between Moors and Maroons. We share the following excerpts from Dr. Afroz’ findings:

Jamaica was one of the final destinations for many of these Moorish captives who were referred to as Negro slaves from Spain.”

Given the background of the Moors who were not only once conquerors establishing empires over three continents, but were also culturally enlightened people, resistance to subordination or subjugation in various forms by them became a common feature in the New World.”

The name of Don Christoval Arnold d Ysassi, a Jamaican born Spaniard who was appointed the governor of Jamaica by the Spanish King in 1655, is indicative of his Moorish origin.” –

Some local historians see her work as controversial because she claims that some of the Maroons and enslaved Africans who came to Jamaica were Muslims. Afroz started developing the theory while on an archaeological dig in Moore Town. While there, she spoke with some Maroon elders, and being a Muslim herself, quickly recognized some Islamic terms in their speech. When she met the colonels and Maroon council members, she was greeted with the official Muslim greeting.” – (Jamaican Gleaner article)

Sultana Afroz seeks to clarify the Islamic heritage of the Maroons and the position of Islam in the freeing of the enslaved Africans in Jamaica. The text covers events preceding and reasons for, the Emancipation Act of 1833. It is postulated that those enslaved people of the Islamic faith never accepted Christian beliefs, although outwardly agreeing with these as was required of them by the authorities then in charge. It is therefore stated that they remained constant in their belief in the Islamic religion. The prevalence of Islamic traditions retained in Jamaica denotes the continuing devotion to Islam which was a strong factor in their eventual emancipation. A well researched and reflective work by an acknowledged authority on Islam.” – A description of Dr. Sultana Afroz book called “Invisible Yet Invincible: Islamic Heritage Of The Maroons And The Enslaved Africans In Jamaica” – ( Dr. Sultana Afroz book)

Maroons were any indigenous person who rebelled against Christian colonization and slavery. The maroons, or the Caribbean Moors who rebelled against slavery were noted to be in the Caribbean Islands; North, Central and South America; and West Africa. Obviously no ships transported ALL these people and put them in all those locations simultaneously, it can clearly be seen that there were dark melanated indigenous people all already in those regions BEFORE slavery. – (Maroon People)

Another name for Maroon is Marokan. In Old English the letters “K” and “C” in grammar are interchangeable. So Marokan becomes Marocan, which becomes Moroccan. The “ancient” Moroccans of North, Central and South America, the Caribbean Islands and West Africa were Moors. So Maroon = Marokan = Moroccan = Moors or Moorish people. – (Maroon People Culture)

Questions #13 and 14 in the Moorish 101 questions asks:

What is your nationality? Moorish-American

Why are we Moorish-Americans? Because we are descendants of Moroccans and born in America.

Prophet Noble Drew Ali was indeed correct when he said that we are Moorish Americans. We are descendants of those ancient Moroccans that inhabited the Caribbean Islands and Americas.

Tainos, who are a subgroup of the Arawak people who inhabited the Caribbean islands thousands of years before slavery and colonization had chiefs called Cacique (pronounced ka-see-key). – (Cacique )

A few of the documented Taino chiefs had the word “bey” in their name such as Abey, Haubey and Mabey. – (Taino Chiefs)

The Tainos had a name for all the elements, birds and everything found in nature, even a name for the Earth, sometimes known as Mother Earth. The Tainos called Mother Earth and the goddess of fresh waters and fertility Atabey (Ata Bey). – (Taino Religion)

If we look at Cuba, the indigenous people of Cuba are called Guanajatabey/Guanahatabey (Guanajata Bey/Guanahata Bey). – (Guanahatabey)

Besides Al, Ali, El and Dey, the title Bey is a Moorish title of nobility, rulership and governance. Before the Caribbean Moorish people were enslaved and colonized and before melanated indigenous people became Blacks, Negro, Colored, Afro/African American and West Indian, the Beys or Moors were well known in the Caribbean Islands.

The indigenous Moors of the Caribbean who came from North, Central and South America to inhabit the islands were there for thousands of years before they mixed with their West African family that came over from Africa on boats on their own (Sunni Ali Bakari, et al); before they mixed with other distant families from the Christian slavery and indentured servants from Asia, Europe and India. Many people do not know that the transatlantic slave trade started in the reverse with the capturing of dark indigenous Moors in the Americas being shipped to Europe as shown in the book “Africans and Native Americans: The Language of Race and the Evolution of Red-Black Peoples” by Jack D. Forbes. – (Jack D. Forbes books)

Some of the first prisoners of war or melanated slaves to be brought from the east to the Americas were known as Black Ladinos or Moors from the Iberian Peninsula; Castile, Spain and Portugal. – (Ladino)

There were countless European, pale or “white” slaves also that were imported to the Caribbean and Americas. Some were known as Red Legs. – (Red Legs)

The New Oxford American Dictionary, 2nd Edition and most editions afterwards have a section called “Countries of the World”. In it, Cuba is assigned to North America, Dominica is assigned to North America, Dominican Republic is assigned to North America, Haiti is assigned to North America, Jamaica is assigned to North America, Trinidad is assigned to South America. Overall the Caribbean Islands and those from there are indeed true Indigenous Moorish Americans. However many of the Caribbean Islands are under false independence and sovereignty because many of them are externally free, but behind the scenes they are still under the British Empire governance and rulership. The British Empire today is known as the Commonwealth of Nations where Queen Elizabeth II has islands and continents as real estate, and those under the Commonwealth of Nations jurisdictions are her subjects as of February 6, 1952. – (Commonwealth of Nations)

This is why Prophet Noble Drew Ali came to redeem those in all the Americas, especially North America which includes the Caribbean Islands. – (North America )

Those in North America MUST proclaim their true nationality as Moors and Moorish Americans, correct their status, race, religion, birth certificate, etc for the record; if not the modern slave labels and descriptions such as Black, Negro, Colored, Ethiopian, West Indian, Native American, Native Indian, American Indian, Amerindian, Black Indian, Latino, Mexican, Afro American, African American, First People, First Nation, Original People, Asiatics, Aboriginal, Indigenous, Paleo, Pre-Adamite, Autochthon, etc. is only showing that we are not free and do not know who we are. That ignorance will have us under the strong hold of foreign political jurisdiction or a modern slave master, their representatives and agents. We will then be abused and misused. (Second Class Citizen)

The time has come when every nation must worship under its own vine and fig tree, and every tongue must confess his own.

Through sin and disobedience every nation has suffered slavery, due to the fact that they honored not the creed and principles of their forefathers.

That is why the nationality of the Moors was taken away from them in 1774 and the word negro, black and colored, was given to the Asiatics of America who were of Moorish descent,

because they honored not the principles of their mother and father,

and strayed after the gods of Europe of whom they knew nothing.” – Moorish Holy Koran chapter 47:15-17 (emphasis added)

Black, Negro, Colored, Ethiopian, West Indian, Native American, Native Indian, American Indian, Amerindian, Black Indian, Latino, Mexican, Afro American, African American, First People, First Nation, Original People, Asiatics, Aboriginal, Indigenous, Paleo, Pre-Adamite, Autochthon, etc. are not nationalities, but modern slave tags and description of the ancient ones. In law and international law if you are not specific, then they are able to enjoy jurisdiction over you again. So even in the United States Constitution in Article 1, section 2, Clause 3 says “Indian not taxed”. An “Indian” is not a proper nationality or tribe. Indian may be slightly higher than a Black, Negro or Afro/African American, but it is not higher or complete like “Moorish American”. Moorish American and Moorish Tribes is the true names of the indigenous people in the Americas. In the Dred Scott case, it shows that Indians were seen as foreign governments because they did not naturalize to be true American Citizens according to Article 1, Section 8, Clause 4. They may have their own courts and government, but they are not part and partial/parcel to the supreme law of the land. This is why the United States were able to easily break treaties with those tribes, because they accepted the brand of “Indian”, which puts them under federal jurisdiction and dictate.

What makes up a true nationality is not skin color, facial features or blood type. What makes up a true nationality according to law is

This is why Prophet Noble Drew Ali started the Moorish Movement in 1913 to bring us our ancient Nationality, Divine Creed and Birthright. This is why Grand Sheik Richardson Dingle-El formed the Moorish National Bureau of Vital Statistics to register Moorish Americans. The Moorish National Bureau of Vital Statistics is a functioning arm of the Moorish American National Republic.

Please forward any questions to our Moorish Town Hall email: Your question will be answered on our weekly Sunday conference call in the order received. The information about the Sunday Conference call is at top under “Resources”.


  1. Aaron Hawkins Bey
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    Very great Empirical evidence of researched data, how do you correct your status in a lawfully chartered mannered to be properly recognized.

  2. posted on May 15, 2016 at 11:32 PM

    How can I bring our true nationality to trinnandad and tobago

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      This question will be answeredon our Sunday Town Hall call.
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  3. posted on May 30, 2016 at 5:51 AM

    wow, those are great information. it really tells me who I really are. I am lost in the world. I was told, I am Haitian, African, African America, Haitian American. In reality, I am A Moor.

    Moorish born in Haiti.

  4. latin david son
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    Why should I hold on to words when the highest is people, property then profit. That is to say people,land then words. This is written words , show me the land, the house, the village where I am. Shouldnt I go wnd the I am. I am Latin David Sword of my father I am not English I just trade with like It.

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      Your question will be answered at our next townhall meeting, please, tune in.

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    I was listening to a brother by the name of taj talik bey on youtube and what he was saying was not common knowledge. So this morning i start going online to see what i can find about the moors, so i type on the browser moors and haiti and i come across this site where it’s stated that theoors was in haiti for thousands of years so even though i was born in haiti i am not an haitian i am a moor which haitian is a brand constructed by the french empire so claim to be haitian or black mean that i dont have a right as a people as if i was a slave to the french colonialism still. I guess my question to you are how can i claim my bith right? And what is the advantage of being a moor? And i was naturalized a couple years ago to the USA is there anything i can do? Thanks for the info that you provide for people like myself who doesn’t really who we are. And lastly are there books, local laws and international laws who deal whith these situations?

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