The Moorish Empire and the 36 degrees 30 north parallel line that marks the Moorish Empire explained from an African perspective

February 1st, 2013  

Moor, Moorish, Moroccan is the modern variation for Moab [Mu’ab in the Egyptian archive], Moabites and Moabitish. The word Moor will have a few meanings depending on the “context”, “condition” and “subject matter” in how it is used. Moor can mean fertile land, it can mean navigation of ships and anchoring, it can deal with society and government when it comes to status; it deals with enlightenment since a variation of Moor is Muur = Mu’ur, which means one (Mu) of light (Ur); Moor is also a language in Africa spoken by over 5 million people called Mossi today (Mossi language); however navigator is the part we need to look at for this post.

Since another description for a Moor is navigator of the seven seas guided by the north star, the 36°30′ north parallel line (the 36 degree 30 north) actually marks the Moorish Empire. If you take a look at the link posted in the last sentence, you will see that the 36°30′ hits the Americas, Africa and Asia. In our Moorish teachings, in our Moorish Holy Koran, it states in chapter 47:1-7:

1. The inhabitants of Africa are the descendants of the ancient Canaanites from the land of Canaan.

2. Old man Cush and his family are the first inhabitants of Africa who came from the land of Canaan.

3. His father Ham and his family were second. Then came the word Ethiopia, which means the demarcation line of the dominion of Amexem, the first true and divine name of Africa. The dividing of the land between the father and the son.

4. The dominion of Cush, North-East and South-East Africa and North-West and South-West was his father’s dominion of Africa.

5. In later years many of their bretheren from Asia and the Holy Lands joined them.

6. The Moabites from the land of Moab who received permission from the Pharaohs of Egypt to settle and inhabit North-West Africa; they were the founders and are the true possessors of the present Moroccan Empire. With their Canaanite, Hittite, and Amorite bretheren who sojourned from the land of Canaan seeking new homes.

7. Their dominion and inhabitation extended from North-East and South-West Africa, across great Atlantis even unto the present North, South, and Central America and also Mexico and the Atlantis Islands; before the great earthquake, which caused the great Atlantic Ocean.

This history above is speaking about a time when the continents were closer together, before there was an Atlantic Ocean, also known as the Ethiopian/Ethiopic Ocean. If you research when the Atlantic Ocean was formed, that was over 150 to 180 million years ago. Our Moorish information shows that we were here in the Americas, in the western hemisphere back then. What Moors call Northwest and Southwest Africa is the Americas (North, South, Central, Caribbean Islands), which was connected to or closer to Africa of today, and Africa today is connected to Asia. According to our Moorish history which is stated above, Northwest and Southwest Africa (North, South, Central, Caribbean Islands) was inhabited by Ham and Northeast and Southeast Africa would be Africa, Asia, Australia, Antarctica of today was inhabited by Old Man Cush.

Below is a video with the sister Empress Shebah Sai ‘Ra III of Africa speaking about her royal African lineage, the responsibility of royalty and coming together to aid the tribes, kingdoms and nations that the royalty looks after, what we Moors refer to as Nobles. Listen “very carefully” between the 1:43 (1 minute 43 second) and the 1:50 (1 minute and 50 second) mark where she shows that her Nubian-Cushite/Kushite lineage comes from an Empire that span from Africa, ALL of the Americas and coming back into India which is in Asia. From her African perspective, that is the same as the 36°30′ that marks the Moorish Empire.

In the Moorish Holy Koran, chapter 47:16-17 says:

16. Through sin and disobedience every nation has suffered slavery, due to the fact that they honored not the creed and principles of their forefathers.

17. That is why the nationality of the Moors was taken away from them in 1774 and the word negro, black and colored, was given to the Asiatics of America who were of Moorish descent, because they honored not the principles of their mother and father, and strayed after the gods of Europe of whom they knew nothing.

Act 6 of our Moorish Divine Constitution And By-Laws says:

“With us all members must proclaim their nationality and we are teaching our people their nationality and their Divine Creed that they may know that they are a part and parcel of this said government, and know that they are not Negroes, Colored Folks, Black People or Ethiopians, because these names were given to slaves by slave holders in 1779 and lasted until 1865 during the time of slavery, but this is a new era of time now, and all men now must proclaim their free national name to be recognized by the government in which they live and the nations of the earth, this is the reason why Allah the Great God of the universe ordained Noble Drew Ali, the Prophet to redeem his people from their sinful ways. The Moorish Americans are the descendants of the Ancient Moabites whom inhabited the North Western and South Western shores of Africa.”

The reason why those who are labeled, classified, identified or “described” as Black, Negro, Colored, Ethiopian, West Indian, Native American, Native Indian, American Indian, Amerindian, Aboriginal, Black Indian, Latino, Mexican, Afro American, African American, First People, First Nation, Original People, Asiatics, Indigenous, Paleo, Pre-Adamite, Autochthon, etc. do not know this history is because of slavery, better yet when we were “enslaved” and made prisoners of war because of the Christian wars, inquisition and de-naturalization process. Our ancient or old time religion, free national names and titles of nobility was taken away in 1774, between 1779 to 1865 we lost our birthrights. It took a Prophet, Adept, Angel, Ali and Noble by the name of Timothy Drew, properly known to the Moors as Prophet Noble Drew Ali to return that information, history, religion, free national names or title to our vast estate, birthrights and the lawful process to come back into the human family when he started his movement in 1913.

Prophet Noble Drew Ali was well aware of this ancient history, the 36°30′ and was demonstrating it because through study, study and more study we see he was also well aware of the Proclamations of President Abraham Lincoln and the 13th Amendment with “20 sections”. President Abraham Lincoln is documented speaking about the 36°30′ and calling parts of the Americas “Egypt Of The West”. So what it will take to know and understand this ancient and secret history and information is re-education of the melanated people in the Americas. The Moorish Science Temple The Divine and National Movement of North America, Inc; #13 The Moorish American National Republic have what is known as the Moorish School of Law and History. The school has three sets of classes for those who are labeled, classified, identified or “described” as Black, Negro, Colored, Ethiopian, West Indian, Native American, Native Indian, American Indian, Amerindian, Aboriginal, Black Indian, Latino, Mexican, Afro American, African American, First People, First Nation, Original People, Asiatics, Indigenous, Paleo, Pre-Adamite, Autochthon, etc. to enroll in to reclaim their heritage and just due by going through the lawful and constitutional process of proclaiming their nationality, known in constitutional law terms as naturalization under the jurisdiction of Prophet Noble Drew Ali, the Moorish National Bureau of Vital Statistics, Proclamations of President Abraham Lincoln and the 13th Amendment with 20 sections in connection with OUR AUTHORITY and charter.

Here is an interesting fact; Prophet Noble Drew Ali was born in North Carolina on January 8, 1886. North Carolina just happens to be on the 36°30′. Its interesting how the Prophet of the lost Moors and descendants of the “ancient” Moroccans was born on the parallel that marks the Moorish Empire. You can find educational material in the “Educational Books And Other Materials Available For Purchase” section, read our “Naturalization Orientation Handbook”, you can get the forms for our classes and Citizenship which can all be found under “Resources” on the left hand side of this screen. Re-educate yourself, come back to your ancestors and bring your skills, expertise, collegiate education, training, know how and energy to rebuild our Nation and Moorish Government Lawfully and Constitutionally.

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