The Warning For Moors Who Are Confused On How To Navigate And The Need To Learn About the National Side Is Getting Louder And More Serious

January 19th, 2018  

The law enforcement agencies, local, State and Federal agencies are forming task forces, investigating intelligence units to come down on and counter so called sovereign citizens. Those who are so called white sovereign citizens, melanated so called sovereign citizens and Moors who are under that banner and recognized as such who are out of line with the authority and teachings of Prophet Noble Drew Ali. You can read the full article at the bottom of this post by clicking on the link. As it has been explained on our Sunday Conference Calls a few times, so called sovereign citizen paperwork, so called sovereign language, UCC (Uniform Commercial Codes), United Nation Declarations, Expatriation procedures, etc has infected the Moorish movement. Prophet Noble Drew Ali has been noted to have said “If you want European Grand Sheiks, I can give them to you.” Meaning, Prophet Noble Drew Ali got tired of the Moors always running to the Europeans and accepting their verification over his lessons of freedom and salvation. Some Moors with good intentions who have not been properly educated, some with criminal or negro mentalities, those looking to get a quick fix or to get over have mixed what European so called sovereign groups have been demonstrating, and mixing those demonstrations with the documents and information that Prophet Noble Drew Ali was bringing to our people for our salvation.

One of the main reasons why many Moors are confused is because they have not been educated about the “National” side of our Divine and National movement. The National side is where the laws of freedom, the laws that protect our members, Citizens and students; the full process of proclaiming your nationality and the laws that gives us the right to do everything we need to do in order to build a Nation and Government in Love, Truth, Peace Freedom and Justice with privileges, immunities and protection. The laws of freedom involves the four Proclamations of Abraham Lincoln, the 13th Amendment with 20 sections; not to be confused with the 13th Amendment with 2 sections most know of today, the Hebrew codes that pertains to freedom as shown by Leviticus 25:10 written on the Liberty Bell; understanding how the Moorish National Bureau of Vital Statistics was set up by Grand Sheik Richardson Dingle-El by going to the Pentagon to speak to the military on the naturalization and recording process for all Moorish-Americans to come back lawfully into the Constitutional fold and Union and correct their status, religion, race, name, birth certificate and jurisdiction; and really understand what our Holy Koran, Moorish literature, 101 Questionnaire, Our Authority, our Charter Warrant & Dispensation and our Divine Constitution and By-Laws is really saying especially the “degrees” in Act 6.

There are a few Moorish Science Temples that are not properly registered so they have no saving power or able to do anything political; there are some that only deal with the Divine side and not teaching the National side; along with inner fighting, egos, etc. So it is understandable why many people have turned away their ear, choose to navigate by themselves or mix different procedures in order to stop from getting misused and abused in society by the de facto jurisdiction because of this confusion and stagnation of the greatest movement on the planet. However the

Moorish Science Temple

The Divine and National Movement of North America, Inc; #13

The Moorish National Republic

have been blowing the horn of the National side and have reached out to the many Moorish leaders, factions, groups and well known individuals about really taking a look at the laws of freedom, naturalization, Constitutional law and understand exactly what our founder intended and taught so that our movement no longer stay in turmoil and the people have a solid foundation on how to save themselves with the protection of a Temple and Moorish Government. By not taking a proper look at what the National side is really about, the local, State and Federal agencies are making a list, forming many task forces and different investigative bodies to come down with force against some leaders, Temples, groups and those who claim to be so called sovereign citizens and following behind so called Europeans sovereign citizens on how they wish to do things.

So lets clear up some of the confusion. Lets deal with those who wish to call themselves sovereign citizens. Through study of law and what Prophet Noble Drew Ali has set up, Prophet Noble Drew Ali is the only true Sovereign, the only true Creditor in the western hemisphere. Those who become members and Citizens in his movement are his heir. Prophet Noble Drew Ali demonstrated this by how he registered our movement, what has been recorded for public record the and the language of our Charter, Holy Koran, 101 Questionnaire and Divine Constitution and By-Laws. No “one” individual can be a sovereign. You will see if you study, your God or higher power is your sovereign, which is then represented by the head of the Nation and Government. So anyone wishing to be an individual sovereign is in error of law and Divine law. Hence our “Divine” and “National” movement. The Dred Scott case showed that there is a sovereign “community”, “body” politic, We The People, not an individual. The language that some of our people wish to use will do nothing but get them jammed up in the end, it will seem as confused legal jargon, being a paper terrorist, delusions of grandeur or being a sovereign in black. Studying the language of Prophet Noble Drew Ali is key. As a Prophet, Adept, Angel and Ali, it would only make sense that Prophet Noble Drew Ali had foreseen what was to come and understood the language of law. So misguided Moors or individuals who wish to use the words Native American, Native Indian, American Indian, Amerindian, Aboriginal, First People, First Nation, Original People, Indigenous, Paleo, Pre-Adamite, Autochthon, etc in their documents to prove that is who they are not dealing with specifics and history on who they really are. Nether do they understand the language and information of what Prophet Noble Drew Ali was stating in chapters 45 and 47 in our Moorish Holy Koran and questions 12, 13, 14, 30-32 in the 101 Questions. Those listed above only “describes” the Moor and Moorish Americans, and does not have any holistic saving power; so the de facto jurisdiction will be able to find a way to get jurisdiction or break treaties.

As it has been and will continue to be stated at the beginning of each Sunday Conference Call, the UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) is a trap. By studying the timeline, one will see that that the UCC was formed to counteract what Prophet Noble Drew Ali have done, which is take hold of the land, resources and we have the mandate to prove it. The UCC was birthed in 1942 and crystallized in 1952. It is “fashioned” after or ancient laws and customs of trade and commerce that Moors was the originator of, however Moors do not have to use it in this day and time for our salvation. Also using the UCC and UCC-1 filing to secure your STRAWMAN is committing a fraud. It was explained earlier who the true Creditor is, Prophet Noble Drew Ali and when Moors and those unnaturalized (see Black’s Law Dictionary 9th edition for definition of unnaturalized) come under the Temple and Moorish Government they will be protected and under the umbrella of the true Creditor.

Dealing with the United Nations Declarations, what Moors have to ask themselves; do the United Nation have a Charter? The answer is yes. Then ask yourself, if the Moorish Science Temple have a Charter, when you compare them, which language supersedes the other? It will be clear that the Moorish Science Temple Charter is higher than the United Nation’s Charter, so why are Moors using the Declarations under the United Nation Charter? It will be clear Moors do not know or understand the “National” side of the movement or what Prophet Noble Drew Ali brought. In international law, Charters are seen as treaties, in that situation, the Moorish Science Temple charter in its language supersedes every treaty. So as we can see Prophet Noble Drew Ali has closed up every loop hole; and when he said (paraphrasing) “I have the government, I just need the people”, it will be clear Moors just have to get in line and under his protection.

Those misguided Moors and individuals who wish to Expatriate themselves only think that means that they are leaving from under the jurisdiction of the de facto jurisdiction. However Expatriation means:

(Black’s Law Dictionary 4th Edition Revised page 685)

EXPATRIATION – “The voluntary act of abandoning one’s country, and becoming the citizen or subject of another. The Voluntary renunciation or abandonment of nationality and allegiance.” So not only is one leaving the foreign jurisdiction, they are leaving all jurisdiction, laws of the land, basically naked politically and nationality wise. If you listen to our Sunday Conference Calls and recording, and register to be a student in our Moorish School of Law and History you will see that we do not teach or promote such act or actions. We teach what our founder has highlighted and can be confirm in research that we are part and parcel of the “said” government, we strive to be better Citizens and True American Citizens, and take part in a process of law known as naturalization under the Hebrew codes that enable us to comeback into the Constitutional fold as our founder, Prophet Noble Drew Ali has stated, and with study, it also includes coming back into the Union and no longer be in rebellion as highlighted by one of the four Proclamations of Abraham Lincoln called “Proclamation Of Amnesty and Reconstruction”. So we, of the:

Moorish Science Temple
The Divine and National Movement of North America, Inc; #13
The Moorish American National Republic

is in no way against this said government, we are part and parcel of the said government, we are for enforcing the laws to save the nation, upholding Constitutional Law, Proclamations of Abraham Lincoln, 13th Amendment with 20 sections, teaching law and adhering to what our founder, Prophet Noble Drew Ali has stated in his warning and Act 5 of our Divine Constitution and By-Laws:

“I, hereby inform all members that they must end all radical agitating speeches while at work, in their homes or on the streets. We are for peace and not destruction. Stop flashing your cards at Europeans; it causes confusion. Remember your card is for your salvation. Failure to obey these orders will be of severe consequences. We are Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice, and when these principles are violated, justice must take its course. Any member or group of members who hold malicious feelings toward the temple or the Prophet, or violate the divine covenant of the Moorish Movement will receive their reward from Allah for their unjust deeds. All true Moors will, and must obey the law as laid down to them by their Prophet.” – Divine Warning by Prophet Noble Drew Ali

“This organization of the Moorish Science Temple of America is not to cause any confusion or to overthrow the laws and constitution of the said government but to obey hereby” – Act 5 of the Moorish Divine Constitution and By-Laws

Our Grand Sheik, J. Bratton-Bey has stated on the public Sunday Conference Calls many times that the

Moorish Science Temple

The Divine and National Movement of North America, Inc; #13

The Moorish American National Republic

is not mixed up with the other Temples, groups or so called sovereign citizen movements, and that Federal Government agencies have contacted us, and we have contacted them, where we have been set aside and clearly distinct from such lawless activity, which also includes communicating with Homeland Security. We therefore encourage and suggest that all Moors, those of our people who are not naturalized under the authority of Prophet Noble Drew Ali and the laws of freedom to please listen to our Sunday Conference Calls and recordings, the information can be found on the left hand side of the page; also register for Citizenship and for the Moorish School of Law classes to be properly educated on our movement, law and history and send in your question to be answered at

If not, the worst is yet to come as our Prophet Noble Drew Ali has stated. Below, you can read an article posted on a website called Southern Poverty Law Center where you can see how serious the local, State and Federal agencies are taking the situation of Moors being confused and wrapped up in so called sovereign citizens actions – Two North Carolina Detectives Build Program for Dealing with ‘Sovereign Citizens’


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    Peace be unto to you all at the MANR, i’ve read and research some offerings on your website. And, i was enlightened by alot the of the messages that were offered. I appreciate your presence in the community! Feel free to send me any email notifications in regards to anything.

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  2. Makhayel
    posted on Mar 11, 2017 at 10:35 AM

    Nationalize or Naturalize – How much should it cost??- The Great Seal National Agency, that sponsored the association (U.S. Corporation) and even sat on the governing board, did not render unto that association a National agency, so that it, (U.S. Corporation) can claim a Sovereign Status. (Part and Parcel is just a slice of the pie, are we not ascendable to the whole pie….INELIGIBILITY: DISQUALIFICATION OR LEGAL/LAWFUL CAPACITY TO BE ELECTED TO AN OFFICE. THUS, AN ALIEN OR NATURALIZED CITIZEN/DENIZEN IS INELIGIBLE TO BE ELECTED PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES…(” In order to Execute the Law, the Law must first of all be Established”)……Some nomens noted above are not National??? …”Power changes as the Ethers change, but Force changes not”……No finite Mind can comprehend things infinite …..Not the first Woman, just the Woman, remember, time never was when man was not, and if their was a time, then their would be no such thing as a beginning…….. Makhayel

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