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Healing Foods

By Sister Nadira Jenkins-El

Arizona Republic

Let Food be Thy Medicine, and Medicine be thy food”

(attributed to Hippocrates)

In today’s society it seems as if a pill has been created in a lab for any sickness, illness and disease from which any of us may suffer. A few years ago my doctor told me (after several visits) that my blood pressure was high and that same Dr. was now recommending that I start taking medication daily to stabilize it. After going home (prescription in hand), I decided to do some research on the side effects of the prescribed drug. It seems easy enough to just take a pill but listening to the long list of side effects alone scared the holy crap out of me! Not only that, I considered the fact that taking a pill is not a cure. I did not want to have to take a pill every day for the rest of my life, never getting better.

So, I began to wonder, how can I heal myself from this illness naturally? When I posed this question, and began to do research along with my studies toward wholistic wellness, the answer to this question was quite simple and has been right in front of us the whole time!! The human body is created as a very complex organism composed of yet simpler organisms with the ability to heal itself lying within each of us. The best way to achieve that healing is through the foods we put into our bodies. If we supply our bodies with the necessary nutrients, we can, and will, heal and cure most illnesses. Wow!!!! Who would have thought all we have to do is change the foods we are ingesting to heal? Here I am, more than 2 years later with regularly normal blood pressure readings and an overall healthier life!, which is why I want to share with you how you might be able to start healing yourself through your foods.

So, let’s take a little look at some reasons we have had such a major increase in illnesses, allergens and diseases and how we can eat to heal and live a longer healthier life.

Quoting the Stateofobesity.org website: Over the past 35 years, obesity rates have more than doubled. From 2005 to 2006 to 2011 to 2012, rates remained the same. The average American is more than 24 pounds heavier today than in 1960.

More than a third of adults (34.9 percent) were obese as of 2011 to 2012.1 More than two-thirds of adults were overweight or obese (68.6 percent).

Nearly 40 percent of middle-aged adults, ages 40 to 59, were obese (39.5 percent), which was more than younger adults, ages 20 to 39 (30.3 percent) or older adults, ages 60 and over (35.4 percent)”

Enough said! Our food supply has changed significantly in the past 50 years. Instead of many farmers’ markets and people getting their food from local sources as was the case some 50 years past, we now have supermarkets offering people most of their grocery items. This has created the nation’s demand for the mass production of foods eventually introducing and marketing GMO (genetically modified organism) and processed foods to the nation’s consumers. Processed foods have a longer shelf life and the cost is very inexpensive due to chemicals and other preservatives added.

Over a relatively short period of time, we went from eating mostly local, fresh unprocessed foods to eating foods made in laboratories and industrial plants. The remedy to this is to go back to eating locally and organically grown foods keeping in mind that different foods hold different healing properties. For example, some foods such as Turmeric, Celery and Blueberries have anti-inflammatory properties, while super foods like Kale, Spinach, Avocado, Broccoli and Quinoa are foods that are nutrient-rich helping to repair damaged cells. This process is just as simple as eating more live foods (fruits, and vegetables). Believe me this process is a lot easier when you have some creative ideas on getting healthier and live foods incorporated in your eating habits!!

Check out these 3 easy tools you can use to get on the track of eating foods to heal!!!

Fresh juicing

Juicing is a process which extracts water and nutrients from fresh fruits and vegetables providing vitamins and oils necessary for more complete nutrition at the cellular level.

Raw meals

Eating our vegetables and fruit in their raw form provides us very high forms of nutrients, fiber, potassium and magnesium. A report from the ‘Journal of Nutrition’ states that “…increased use of raw foods in our diet lowers both cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the body, some of the main indicators for heart disease, obesity & high blood pressure”. The Global Health Center.com website tells us that “…increased energy, improved skin and weight loss are other benefits” of consuming raw foods.

Starting with these three points-of-entry and decreasing, with a view to eliminating, processed and GMO foods you will be well on your way to healing yourself through foods!




Moorticulture 101

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Moorticulture 101

Sister Hall-Bey
Maryland Republic

Islam Fellow Moors

As we approach the Islamic Month of Rabi’ul-Akhir – Jumadal-Awwal 1439 (January 2018, Gregorian), with it comes plans to make positive changes in all areas of our lives.  Be it health, career or family related, we can all identify with the idea of “new year, new changes, new resolutions”.  I write this article with love in hopes that we all can begin to embrace and cultivate our lives around being “food sovereign”.

Food Sovereignty, by online definition is “the right of peoples healthy and culturally appropriate food produced through ecologically sound and sustainable methods, and their right to define their own food and agriculture systems”.[1]  Changes in how we identify with food and how our food is supplied has been an ever changing and growing topic of discussion over the past decade.  With the passing of the Nutrition Labeling and Education Act [2] in 1990, this required that all major manufacturers of prepackaged, frozen, canned and liquids food and drinks, label their food products with “Nutrition Facts”; information on the nutritional values per serving size in each product.  The labels detail the amount of saturated and trans fats, cholesterol, sodium, carbohydrates, fibers, sugars and proteins.  It also lists the amount of vitamins, minerals and additives to the products and provides the “Daily Value” of how much the specific food product contributes to the daily value based on a 2000 calorie a day diet.  This additional information brought forth and generated discussions in households around the country and heightened awareness of that of which our purchased food actually consists.

This led to an increase in home gardening (horticulture), with many households looking for foods that are organic (food that is grown without the use of man-made fertilizers, pesticides, growth regulators and are intended to be free of feed additives), Organic food is also regulated by federal legislature to be free of Genetically Modified Organisms or GMOs thusly increasing the need and desire of many US households to grow their own foods.   

A new study reveals that out of nearly 164 million homeowners in the United States, nearly half (49%) have gardened in the past 12 months.[3]  Gardening homeowners are also 26% more likely to buy locally grown food.

Growing our own sustainable foods also contributes and leads to other health benefits that are indirectly related to gardening.  Some of these facts are:

  • An investment of $70 per year can yield up to $530 worth of produce and savings to your grocery budget
  • Vegetables gardeners can increase your homes value by up to 11% of their current market value for the area they live in.  
  • Urban gardeners benefit by “communal gardens, rooftop gardens and indoor gardening which can be shared amongst neighbors and community members
  • Properly planted trees around your home can actually save your home energy bill.  Shade trees can assist in reducing the amount of air conditioning costs and can shield against the wind, reducing your energy costs by 10%
  • There are several health benefits from gardening as well.  The physical activity from gardening can burn 200 to 300 calories per hour.  If you spend 1 hour per day, 5 days of the week, you can burn up to 1250 calories per week.
  • The act of gardening can give you a sense of fulfillment to our own respective human needs across the four existential states of being, doing, having and interacting.  

It is increasingly becoming essential to increase our awareness and educate ourselves around food sovereignty in Moorish-American households across our respective republics.  In the name of Allah, the Holy Quran, Surah Al-Anaam 6, ayat141, via Prophet Muhammad (sa’ alahaialayhiwa-salam) teaches us the following [4]:

And he it is who causes gardens to grow, both trellised and untrellised, palm trees and crops, different kinds of food and olives and pomegranates, alike and unlike.  Eat of each of its fruits when it yields and give its due [zakah] on the day of its harvest.  And be not excessive.  Indeed, he does not like those who commit excess.”

It is written in the Holy Bible, New International Version in the Book of Genesis, Verse 1:29 the following [5]:

Then God said, I have given you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it.  Thy will be yours for food.”

It is written in Chapter 38, v. 1 in the Holy Koran of the Moorish Science Temple of America the following [6]:

“The blessing, O man, of thy external part is health, vigor and proportion.  The greatest of these is health.  What health is to the body even that is honesty to the soul”.

Upon what is taught in our various texts through our Holy Prophets, it is imperative that we begin to learn to grow and sustain our own foods.  We must take heed to the warnings that Mother Earth is giving us through the warming of our planet, the significant climate changes that we are presently experiencing, harnessing our own understandings about food sovereignty, understanding the importance of growing and making or own natural herbs, teas, home remedies, and increasing our knowledge of holistic approaches to man-made diseases that are affecting our communities on a daily basis.  We must begin the process of teaching our children so that future generations of Moorish-Americans can instruct their children on the importance of food sovereignty, thereby separating ourselves and, soon come,making our familiesindependent in determining our food sources and supply, current and future.

In the coming months, we welcome you to this Web Log (Blog).  We will share on a monthly basis, tips, tricks, techniques, photos, pictures, planting schedules, food planting zone maps, natural remedies for insects, pests and wildlife, seed sharing forums and websites, terminology and definitions and answer any questions that one may have about home horticulture.  We welcome and encourage your input, suggestions and ideas of what you would like to read about in this web log in hopes of developing and furthering our understandings regarding food, hand and heart.

Humbly Yours In Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice,

Sister Hall-Bey
Maryland Republic


[1] According to the U.S. Food Sovereignty Alliance

[2] Inspection Guides, Nutritional Labeling and Education Act

[3] Elements Lawn Care, 15 Gardening Facts and Statistics that will blow your mind

[4] Online Holy Quran, Surah Al-An’am 6


[5] Online Holy Bible, New International Version

[6] Written in the HKMSTA, personal copy
Chapter 38, verse 1

Hidden Colors: The Abraham Lincoln and Prophet Noble Drew Ali Connection

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President Abraham Lincoln Has Done More For Melaninated People Than Any Civil Rights Leader Will Ever Do:

“President Abraham Lincoln, the Melungeon or Tawny Moor was the President of the United States. As President, he has to balance the Moorish side and the European side. This is one government with two jurisdictions; which is hard for some people to see or understand, however the one dollar bill, known today as the One Dollar Federal Note shows this clearly on the back, however you will have to know symbolism, history and the founding of this one government with two jurisdiction to understand that. The Union is older than the “recent” United States Constitution. However the recent United States Constitution is a continuation from the Union. Hence the Preamble of the U.S. Constitution stating “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union..”. This Union was made up of Moors and European sons through the Articles of Association in 1774. The Moors was the majority of that Union. Not only were Moors the majority of the Union, Moors were the ones who help to form the current United States Constitution and all the previous Constitutions.
So Moors are actually also founding fathers. “Those who made significant intellectual contributions to the Constitution are called the ‘Founding Fathers’ of our country” – The U.S. Constitution And Fascinating Facts About It by Terry L. Jordan. So this Union, who the Moors were the majority of was what President Abraham Lincoln wanted to save. Most so called pro black people or those who are emotionally attached to the words of “black”, “negro” or “white” think that it was about skin color only, but history, good research and understanding law shows that this is not the case. We can not use our modern brain or the 2018 mindset and try to fit it into the times of the Civil War or President Abraham Lincoln’s time. A slave was anyone who was dark, pale, mulatto or Native Indian that was held as a slave, was doing indentured servitude or was a prisoner of war. The same applies for the word Negro and Nigger. A Negro/Nigger was any pale, dark, mulatto or dark slave that had everything of their origin stripped from them. This was known in President Abraham Lincoln’s time. All one has to do is type in “White Slavery” or “White Slaves” into Google, Google search or Youtube and information will easily pop up. “Term ‘Nigger’ Used to Describe White Man Who Favored the Union” – Nature Knows No Color Line by J.A. Rogers. So in the Americas when we hear about Negro/Nigger or Slave the first thing that pops into most people’s brain is an image of dark people only. That is because of ignorance.

When President Abraham Lincoln said that he wanted to save the Union and gave not one, but “three” scenarios about the Union and slaves, now understand what the Union really was and who the slaves really were when you deal with true history and understand the complete picture. Many are confused or distracted based on certain events that happen during President Abraham Lincoln’s two terms, but they need to study law and what he did for those who were held as slaves. Many get distracted with his Union and slave comments, some get distracted by the event where the most mass hanging happen under his presidency forgetting that this was a war, and he was balancing the Moorish and European side of government. In a war there will be casualties. In the North you had pale, dark, mulatto and Native Indians on that side, and in the South you had pale, dark, mulatto and Native Indians on that side. The Civil War was one of the bloodiest wars in the Americas. You had mulattoes killing mulattoes, pale people killing pale people, dark people killing dark people, Native Indians killing other Native Indians. So dont just signal out President Abraham Lincoln. Your ancestors was killing other ancestors based on what side of the war they were on. As for the mass hanging that took place during the Dakota War of 1862, look what President Abraham Lincoln had to deal with:

“Henry Whipple, the Episcopal bishop of Minnesota and a reformer of U.S. policies toward Native Americans, first wrote an open letter and then went to Washington DC in the Fall of 1862 to urge Lincoln to proceed with leniency. On the other hand, General Pope and Minnesota Senator Morton S. Wilkinson told him that leniency would not be received well by the white population. Governor Ramsey warned Lincoln that, unless all 303 Sioux were executed, ‘Private revenge would on all this border take the place of official judgment on these Indians.’ In the end, Lincoln commuted the death sentences of 264 prisoners, but he allowed the execution of 39 men. This clemency resulted in protests from Minnesota, which persisted until the Secretary of the Interior offered white Minnesotans ‘reasonable compensation for the depredations committed.’ Republicans did not fare as well in Minnesota in the 1864 election as they had before. Ramsey (by then a senator) informed Lincoln that more hangings would have resulted in a larger electoral majority. The President reportedly replied, ‘I could not afford to hang men for votes.’

So would a savage man have a conscience? This was a time of war, a domestic war, these wars are bloody and tough decision have to be made.

The reason why President Abraham Lincoln has done more for melanated people than any civil rights leader will ever do is because everything that civil rights leaders are marching for, asking for, praying for or fighting for has already been taken care of. The problem is so called civil rights leaders do not know Constitutional law, civics or know what President Abraham Lincoln did for them. President Abraham Lincoln formed four Proclamations along with the 13th Amendment with “20 sections” (NOT to be confused with the 13th Amendment with 2 sections). The Emancipation Proclamation freed the pale, dark, mulatto and Native Indian slaves in the south, the 13th Amendment with 20 sections freed the pale, dark, mulatto and Native Indian slaves nation wide. In those Proclamations, dealing with melanated people, in the Proclamations and 13th Amendment with 20 sections, it shows that we are to be forever free, to be naturalized to be true American Citizens, Compensated for being held as slaves, given land that totals to over 22 States; have health care, housing, clothing, free education, etc be provided for by the government, based on what happen to us. President Abraham Lincoln gave congress a few years to get this done. He was assassinated in 1865, the 13th Amendment with 20 sections was switched with the one with 2 sections, parts of the 20 sections became the 14th and 15th Amendment and the Proclamations and 13th Amendment with 20 section was hidden. This conspiracy continues till this day. You can get the book The Great Conspiracy: Its Origin And History by John Alexander Logan for more clarity on the conspiracy.

President Abraham Lincoln also pushed the Freedman’s Bureau, which the official name was “The Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen, and Abandoned Lands”. If so called black people was all from Africa, how can there be abandon lands here? Again that takes knowing history. The Freedman’s Bureau is the reason why most of the Historical Black Colleges And Universities was constructed; except for three that was formed before 1865. So ALL the people that already graduated or is currently in a Historical Black College or University have to thank President Abraham Lincoln for their schools. However the Freedman’S Bureau which was set up to fulfill parts of the Proclamations and 13th Amendment with 20 sections was shut down in 1871, officially 1872 by the military. So Naturalization, Compensation and Colonization of the over 22 States that Abraham Lincoln called Egypt Of the West was not fulfilled, and that contract still needs to be fulfilled. Which is another reason for the purpose of Prophet Noble Drew Ali coming in 1913. To fulfill what congress and the government was not able to do and open up the door way lawfully and constitutionally for de-naturalized Moors or those who have been de-naturalized, labeled, classified, identified or “described” as Black, Negro, Colored, Ethiopian, West Indian, Native American, Native Indian, American Indian, Amerindian, Black Indian, Latino, Mexican, Afro American, African American, First People, First Nation, Original People, Asiatics, Aboriginal, Indigenous, Paleo, Pre-Adamite, Autochthon, etc. to get Naturalized, Colonized and Compensated. Proclaiming your nationality in constitutional law is known as naturalization. Working towards your actual freedom, or having a Bey/El with the hyphen or in law the annex/annexation (-) before it after your last name shows that you are working towards Colonization and Compensation. Many do not know what Prophet Noble Drew Ali movement is really about, especially the National side that is not being taught, neither do they know the signs he was demonstrating.

Many are missing the signs today. In the past few years there has been a few President Abraham Lincoln movies, President Barack Obama has used President Abraham Lincolns bible twice to take his oath, he is even gave the State Of The Union Speech on President Abraham Lincoln’s birthday on 2/12/13. Many are just missing the signs. The sign is study what President Abraham Lincoln did, so there will be no reason to be talking about civil rights, which is unconstitutional as shown by previous court cases and work towards becoming true American Citizens, for us known as Moorish Americans and correcting your status, race, free national name, religion, birth certificate, etc. because Black, Afro?African American, West Indian, Latino, etc are nothing but modern slave labels. The process to correct this was made possible because of President Abraham Lincoln and the door way was opened up and secured by Prophet Noble Drew Ali and other Moorish masters that expanded the National side of the Moorish movement. To learn more go to the link – http://moorishamericannationalrepublic.com/

Send questions to: townhall@moorishamericannationalrepublic.com

Sheik Yeshayah Bey

The Foundation of the process of our freedom pertaining to the 13th Amendment with 20 Sections

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Join us at the Naturalization Ceremony 2017

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Congratulations Graduates!

Join us at the Naturalization Ceremony 2017

Graduating students it is time to take the Oath Of Amnesty and Reconstruction on your journey to becoming True Moorish American Citizens, uphold the United States Constitution, Proclamations of President Abraham Lincoln and the ancient Hebrew Law.

Holy NightHoly Night

October 27th, 2017
8pm to 10pm

The National Blacks in Wax Museum
1601-03 E. North Avenue & Bond Street
Baltimore, MD 21213

Fellowship @Terra Cafe

terra cafe

October 27th, 2017
10pm until…

Terre Cafe
101 E 25th Street
Baltimore MD 21218
Phone: (410) 777-5277

Naturalization Ceremony

* The Ceremony *

October 28th, 2017
12pm to 6pm

Living Class Room Foundation
The Frederick Douglas & Isaac Myers Museum
1417 Thames Street
Baltimore, MD 21231
(410) 685-0295

Hotel Accomodations

We pre-reserved 50 rooms at the
Embassy Suites Hotel

Contact the hotel to reserve your room

Baltimore – At BWI Airport
1300 Concourse Drive
Linthicum. MD 21090
(410) 850-0747

Reservations can also be made by clicking here

Group name: Intel Travel
Price: $129 per night

Each guest will receive a NEWLY RENOVATED two room suite which consist of a living room with a full size pull-out sleeper sofa bed and a separate bedroom with a king size bed. Each suite has (2) 42 inch Flat Screen TV’s, a mini refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker with complimentary coffee and a safe to store valuables.

Complimentary services included in the quoted rate – We offer a complete cooked-to-order breakfast every morning as well as complimentary beverages (beer, wine, cocktails and non-alcoholic beverages) each evening with light snacks. This value translates to approximately $30.00 per person per day when compared to hotels that charge for these services.

Complimentary 24 hour shuttle service to and from the BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport. Complimentary Parking
Complimentaiy 24 hour state of the art fitness center
Complimentary indoor pool and whirlpool
Complimentary 24 hour business center

Other Hotel Recommendations

Aloft BWI Baltimore Washington International Airport
1741 West Nursery Road,
Linthicum, MD, 21090
Phone: 410-691-6969
Hotel Reservations: 866-716-8143

America’s Best Value Inn
6510 Frankford Ave
Baltimore, MD 21206
Phone: (410) 485-7900

Microtel Inn & Suites by Wyndham
1170 Winterson Road
Linthicum Heights, MD 21090
Phone: (410) 865-7500

Hampton Inn BWI
829 Elkridge Landing Road
Linthicum Heights, MD 21090
Phone: (410) 850-0600

Wingate by Wyndham
1510 Aero Drive
Linthicum Heights, MD 21090
Phone: (410) 850-9214

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New Conference Call Line

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Due to the problems we’ve been having with the conference service we’ve been using, we’ve decided to  switch to another service.  Moving forward all of our calls can be accessed by dialing the following number: 443-961-4434 no access code required.

These calls include:

Sunday School
12pm to 2pm
dial into: 443-961-4434
Listen to previous recordings by clicking here

Sunday Town Hall Call
7:30pm to 9:30pm
dial into: 443-961-4434
Listen to previous recordings by clicking here

Holy Night Call
9:00pm to 11:00pm
dial into: 443-961-4434
Listen to previous recordings by clicking here

We apologize for the inconvenience.






Check out our Sunday School Chlidren representing our ancestors and the origins of the “cap & gown” their Ceremonies

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Three of our Sunday School Children. Our youngest at his Naturalization Ceremony, another at his Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony, and the other at his High School Graduation Ceremony. Each wearing their Fezes at their ceremonies and honouring their ancestors.

The fez represents the womb of the woman and also a crown. The tassel represents 360 rays of light, the umbilical cord of the baby and the anchor of a ship. It’s the National headdress of the Moor, the same way that we have a Divine “and” National side.

Esoterically” the Garden of Eden is seen as a womb, place of grooming, hence Kindergarten, which is German for “children’s garden”. In ancient times the youth was taught about the foundation of the universe, how it works, the elements, hence ELEMENTary school. Afterwards one would need to learn higher science or get higher understanding, hence “High” School. Then graduate, “cross over” a stage and while wearing your symbolic fez, afterwards move your tassel from the masculine or right side and then move it to the feminine side or left side showing completion and honor to the feminine principle. The square graduation cap is also known as an operative mason’s mortarboard. A graduation “cap” is similar to how a “pyramid” has a “cap” stone, to show completion and the single “eye” of the higher force is activated within. The graduate also wears a gown, which is a priest/priestess garment of divinity. At this point one has symbolically gone through grades 1-12, which is symbolically going through the zodiac of the 12 signs. After getting “higher” science, the individual then goes on to learn about the mysteries of the universe, hence “University” education. At that level, one becomes a symbolic   Moor, because they get a “title” attached after their name based on their “degree” of bachelors, masters or doctorate, etc; which is symbolic of the Bey or El on the last name of a Moor, however the Bey or El is still higher than any graduate degree on the planet. The etymology of the word graduate means a “step, rise, degree” that someone 

has been “initiated” into by the way. After graduating from the university, one then becomes an “Alumni”. The word alumnus (plural alumni) come form the Latin noun that means “foster son, pupil” and is derived from the verb alere which means “to nourish”. In speculative masonry they have a widow son right? Remember I said that kindergarten is symbolic of the women’s womb, and that when you graduate you move your tassel from the right side to the left side that represents the woman? The woman is the first teacher of the child, so that takes care of the “to nourish” part, since we deal with Mother Earth, Mother Nature and Mother “Universe”. It will make sense later. What do graduates from the “University” call their college? Don’t they say “Alma mater”. Alma mater is Latin for “nourishing mother”. So how can people be allegedly afraid of the Illuminati, when they have been doing or participating in Illuminati rituals their entire life? The problem is Illuminati means enlightenment or an enlighten one; the fake Illuminated ones is using “ancient” science and symbols against the masses who are ignorant. Let There Be Light!




Engagement announcement of Sister Carolyn Mance-El and Sheik Lawrence Young-Bey

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Giving All Praises to Allah!

At 12:01 A.M on the Earth-Day of Sister Carolyn Mance-El, January 16th, Sheik Young-Bey surprised her with a beautiful ring and a request of making her his wife. Their hearts have always been joined together, but it was the journey of their separate lives that would eventually place them together at Allah’s appointed time.

The images below actually came first and were taken on they first cruise together in 2016.

Subordinate Temple #1 has been dissolved

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Due to reasons that will not be made public at this time, Subordinate Temple #1 (located in the New York Republic, Brooklyn) Charter has been revoked. All Members/Citizens of The Moorish Science Temple© The Divine and National Movement of North America, Inc; #13© The Moorish American National Republic who domicile in the New York Republic and whom are affiliated with said Temple are still Members/Citizens with all Rights and Privileges in tact.

If you have any questions regarding this matter, contact National Grand Sheik Joel Bratton-Bey @ 410-369-8874. Or, feel free to email him @

Performing Shahada

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“…I do hereby declare that YOU are a Moslem under the divine laws of the Holy Koran of Mecca…Noble Drew Ali, the Prophet…” – excerpted from our Nationality and Identification Card (emphasis added) .

One of our Divine Ministers, Sheik Raamiah-El, administrated Shahada for our Citizens/students/guests. Citizens from all over the country participated, preparing themselves for Ramadan, a 30-day fast. We will push through hungry pangs, thirst, and fatigue in a spirit of Love and humility. We will become more flexible in body and spirit. A month to reflect, regroup and recharge.
Allah is kind.
Listen to the Recording of us Performing Shahada

Click the play button