Sufi DVD

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Sufi DVD


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On April 21, 2013 a very good spiritual meeting was held by the students, members and Citizens of the Moorish Science Temple The Divine and National Movement of North America, Inc #13 The Moorish American National Republic, Subordinate Temple #1 in New York Republic (Brooklyn, New York). On that day the Moorish-Americans broke down the National side of the Moorish movement that is not being taught, the Proclamations of President Abraham Lincoln, Moorish history, Hebrew history and our Hebrew connection, and the Divine side of the Moorish movement. After the official meeting, a Sufi master that was invited came and made a wonderful, enlightening and powerful demonstration showing the connection between the Moorish Science Temple teachings and Sufism. The Sufi master explained symbolism and numerology, why Prophet Noble Drew Ali the founder was indeed an enlightened master, the connection between the Moorish Holy Koran and the Qur’an of Prophet Mohammad, many spiritual sciences and teachings to raise our mental, physical and spiritual vibration to be better Citizens and much more.

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