Physical Activity

Bro. Michael Simpson-El, Jr.

Michigan Republic

Physical activity is very important for the continuation of the overall health of the body. Our body, the traveling vessel which shapes the physiological environment in which our very spirits dwell, is often referred to as the “temple”. If this is so then it follows that we must take care of our “temples”.

Contemporary society has become very dependent on processed foods and Genetically-Modified-Organisms (GMO’s) which, in most cases has resulted in the gradual decline of the population. This decline is produced via chronic conditions and epidemics such as cancer, diabetes types 1 & 2, cardiovascular (heart) disease, obesity, kidney and liver dysfunctions and more. In this vein, Physical Activity is a very important component in the maintenance of the body. Considered in combination with the foods we daily ingest into the body, Physical Activity becomes the direct correlation in the overall energy that our bodies store and use for day to day life. Energy is a very significant factor in our physiological wellbeing. Our bodies need and use energy for everything we do including such simple tasks as walking, thinking, sleeping, running, speaking, etc. Therefore, we must get back to harnessing our energy in a positive manner so as to facilitate the harmonious energy flow between mind and body.

As any other life change becoming physically active is a very gradual process. Time is precious so we must learn to utilize our time well. The ‘microwave’ phenomenon is very much at play when discussing the health and physical condition of most of the population. Most people are in search of quick results and gimmicks that lead to another gimmick or trend while ignoring the fact that the inclusion of Exercise (a matter of consistency and structure) will greatly benefit their health.

A major reason for this “quick-fix” attitude is the proliferation of misinformation (through images and news publications) in matters of no real importance. Imagery is very important because it constitutes a learning tool especially regarding how one views one’s self. The seemingly greatest obstacle most people experience is not having the time to dedicate to exercising on a daily basis.

Tips for Getting started:

I’m very excited to have discussions regarding this topic and how it relates to our gardening endeavors. I’m very humble to be part of this special movement. With patience and dedication we can accomplish anything. Peace and Love!!