Cardiovascular Workout


Brother Michael Simpson-El, Jr

Cardiovascular workouts are very important for the cardiovascular system. The cardiovascular system is comprised of the circulatory and respiratory systems. The circulatory system has two segments the first of which pumps oxygen-depleted blood away from the heart and to the lungs via the Pulmonary Artery, returning oxygen-rich blood from the lungs to the heart via the Pulmonary Vein. In this process, the lungs, our respiratory system, expel carbon dioxide and waste gases of oxygen-depleted blood while simultaneously replenishing the blood with oxygen, sending oxygen-rich blood to the heart for circulation through the body (the second segment). These systems are very important to the body because they exemplify how oxygen and blood flow from one system to the next. There should be no restrictions, i.e. blockages, during this process and if that is the case there will be problems. A few signs of some sort of blockage would be shortening of breath, fatigue, and dehydration. The presence of an ongoing cardiovascular workout could alleviate these restrictions and increase your wind.

As everybody’s lungs take in the same amount of oxygen and release the same amount of carbon dioxide, the knowledge of various techniques of controlling our breathe is key to maximizing workout results. Remember, we breathe with our abdomen not our chest. Cardiovascular workouts are good to get your heart rate going. The workout process is very fundamental and can be implemented within a small time frame. Consider the Cardiovascular workouts of Walking, Jogging and Running and Rope-jumping.

Walking is a good starting point to work the cardiovascular system. The distance should be determined in both directions so that you obtain maximum results. If you walk five blocks in one direction and walk five blocks in the opposite directions that’s ten blocks total. In many urban areas that translates to more than one mile. Walking is on a moderate level, but the method in which it is used can be very powerful, therefore by accomplishing this small activity it can bring great satisfaction within a short window of time.

Jogging and running are linked together but done at different speeds. Jogging is relative to distance, like a marathon while Running is more in the mindset of a sprint. Jogging works the cardiovascular system for a longer length of time for endurance. Sprinting is more for a burst of energy in small intervals with regard to stamina. Both of these instances really speed up the heart rate and establish great conditioning within the cardiovascular system. You see this conditioning with soccer players, tennis players, and track/field. When you look at these examples you can visualize the connection between the two as well as the distinction. These two mesh very well together and are interchangeable.

Jumping rope is on a high level because you have to use your whole body. Not only does it provide stamina and endurance, but it works on your foot, hand and eye coordination as well, all being components of rope-jumping. Hand and eye coordination starts with the mind and sharpens your reflexes, giving you untapped sources of energy. There are so many applications which go into rope-jumping, a reason we find it is a staple of boxing and other “combat” sports workouts. The great Bruce Lee said “jumping rope for three to five minutes is like running two miles.”

As always, Hydration is very important when engaging in this type of activity because the oxygen in your blood is also depleted through your sweat glands so it is important to replenish with water and real electrolytes.

With patience and dedication we can accomplish anything. Thank you family for taking the time to read. Islam and Peace!!