Resistance Training and Body Conditioning


Bro. Michael Simpson–El, Jr.

Resistance Training has evolved in the last ten years, becoming an alternative method of exercise by which people are able to gain maximum results without excessive strain on the muscles, an important aspect of any exercise program. Still relative today, Resistance Training requires the use of your own body weight in the execution of certain exercise moves. Resistance Training can be done with weights but the training of which we speak is done with an exercise device called Resistance Bands. Resistance Bands look like long bungie cords, with handles at either end, and give you the same results as lifting weights. With the creation of the Resistance Band, present-day Resistance Training regimens experience enhanced levels in intensity and results.

As we consider the obesity epidemic and the lack of physical activity prevalent among the population, the improvement in this particular area of fitness training is very helpful. Resistance Training is a very effective way for everyone to engage in a consistent work-out regimen especially people who struggle with being overweight. In using the Resistance Bands we utilize resistance which creates the same action of the workout without the weights. In weight lifting the weights create the action of the workout. Resistance Training allows such people to get the same impact, i.e. results, as a person who weight trains yet alleviates putting a lot of pressure on their joints, in contrast to weight training.

Resistance Bands look like long rubber bands with handles on either end, come in different sizes, and have a lot of elasticity similar to muscles in the human body. Each size of Resistance Band offers a different level of resistance to be experienced. Resistance Bands are sized small, medium, large and heavy and are used in both upper and lower body strengthening programs. You can even find them in different colors or brands. If you are considering adding these helpful devices to your ‘gym’, remember the size of the Band you choose should correlate with your Body Mass Index. Body Mass Index (BMI) is the connection between the height and weight of an individual. The body mass index is a good indicator on which resistance band would be suitable for an individual. (Check your Medical websites to find charts delineating BMI) Resistance Bands are highly efficient and contribute to excellent body conditioning.

When you engage in a high level of activity or training your muscles have to be in great condition. Resistance Bands give the muscles a great boost of endurance and stamina. A great number of athletes use Resistance Bands today, and for some, Resistance Bands have prolonged their careers. People that do Resistance Training just to stay in shape realize how its inclusion in their work-out schedule raises their energy level and they have more endurance than others. Resistance Training via Resistance Bands is a high level energy workout that gets results.

With patience and dedication, we can accomplish anything. Peace and Love. Islam!!