Sit-Up Workout Part 1


Bro. Michael Simpson-EL, JR

Sit-ups is kind of a lost practice in the world of physical activity. Through the internet and evolution of athletic training common place exercises have been put on the back burner, the effect of a narrative of quick results. With the pursuit of “quick results” being the common factor when getting in shape the very basic exercises, such as jumping jacks, push-ups, and sit-ups exist in the shadows of this “quick results” foreground. In most physical activity settings you rarely see these exercises being utilized as fundamental practices for body conditioning and future progression. Your abdomen is the very core of the body and if the core is not strong your body is not strong. There are about twenty to thirty different sit-ups, each of them working certain muscles of the abdomen. The variety of the sit-ups, and the level in which each is executed, contribute to building a strong core.

The abdomen wall has three levels upper, mid-level, and lower. Each sit-up works a different part of the abdominal muscles. There are a few basic sit-ups that are foundation builders. Knee Sit-Ups work all three levels of the abdominal wall. To accomplish this Sit-up, lay on your back bringing the palms of your hands up to touch your flexed and lifted knees. Next up is the Ankle Sit-Up, the position being the same as the Knee Sit-up, but the fingertips of the hands touch the sides of the ankles.

The lower muscles and the obliques are the challenging parts of the abdomen typically because that is where fat is stored. Scissors Sit-Ups work this part of the abs best. The Scissors Sit-Up begins in the same position as the others but we place our hands on our hips instead. Next we lift our legs six inches and move them in the motion like a pair of scissors under or over and vice versa. Due to the positioning of the body Cross Body Sit-Ups work the oblique muscles or “love handles”. Lifting the torso and legs simultaneously, flex and bring one knee towards the chest with the opposite elbow touching the flexed knee and the hand touching the ear,  knee and elbow meeting at/crossing the body midline, keeping you from straining your neck. Repeat with opposite leg and arm. These are some very good building blocks to start with.

With patient and dedication we can accomplish anything. Islam and Peace Family!