The apparent difference between the numerals 6 and 9 is inversion. That is, they are one symbol rotated to its inverse position. Otherwise, there is no apparent difference between them. Such being the case, one can see how the 1990’s took on ad even repeated, events and ideologies seen during the 1960’s. yes, the sixties and te nineties have a very similar, if not the same, vibrational pattern. The primary difference may only be seen in the method of manifestation. Seemingly not having accepted, learned and implemented the lessons of social justice and economic parity espoused and exhibited by many person and organizations of the sixties, the U.S. is now faced with some very real and similar events which indicate the peoples’ dissatisfaction with the system, as is. The 1993/4 acquittal of four Los Angeles (California) policemen, in what appeared to the public as an unnecessary degree of force in the beating of Rodney King, sparked the physical fires and violence which represent years of despair (economic and social), depression, and (societal) deprivation of too may U.S. residents and citizens. After successful sedation of the revolutionary spirit present in the sixties, we have seen such media-produced images as “HAPPY DAYS”, “GOOD TIMES”, “THE JEFFERSONS” and more proliferating the television medium and carrying subliminal messages that everything is alright and getting better. Yet we are approximately 60 years after the aforementioned TV programming was begun , with the recent repeat of events (Freddy Gray, Michael Brown, Sandra Blunt, Philandro Castile, et al), activities and protest methodologies of the 60’s. The seed of Truth, crushed to the ground and buried under subliminal and overt messages of false progress, has again broken the surface and is RISING to be fulfilled, implemented and realized. U.S. society and government can no longer delude themselves as being ”the land of the free”, “ with liberty and justice far all.” In the overall, the federal government has, as it has had since 1862, the responsibility of fulfilling the requirements of “Compensated Emancipation” which means that the truth of how so-called Afrikan-american people DO NOT POSSESS U.S. CITIZENSHIP MUST BE TOLD, ACKNOWLEDGED AND RECTIFIED by the Federal, Sate and local governments. Hand-in-hand with the government’s responsibility is the mandate to RESTORE, i.e. educate and organize, the people in ways which will, of themselves, prove significant experience Business Operations and other such opportunities while simultaneously defining greater and more effective means of peaceful systems of grievance and redress. To continue the course of the past 40 -45 years, i.e. pursuing CIVIL RIGHTS, is the path of idiocy. Different methods must be taught and incorporated into a system yielding benefits to the numerical majority as well as the numerical minority. Bottle and rock throwing prove to be ineffective for little more than venting immediate frustrations of the oppressed. Marching ad demonstration are seen as the desired and acceptable means of protest. Yet for the truly oppressed peoples of the United Stated, particularly so-called Afrikan-americans, these tactics have proven ineffective in manifesting real solutions to the myriad social ills with which society is confronted.

Yes, as we come into the 2020’s we see semblances to an era 60 years gone. Yet we can only expect a different outcome to the degree that we exercise different input. “Sticks and stones may break their bones” but ECONOMIC SANCTIONS TRULY HURT THEM. In a time when sanctions are placed upon nation after nation to force compliance to a desired behavior pattern, it will greatly behoove all oppressed peoples to determine what sanctions (and how to place them) are to be brought to bear upon the government of the United States of America. Rodney King was beaten so brutally because, “…a negro (Rodney) has no rights which a white man (the police officers) is bound to respect.” Nevertheless, when your support is needed, you are fed the line about being a “citizen”. Let’s stop the double talk! We are told one thing and experience another! Therefore, the time is now FOR Self-Determination, Self-Definition, Self-Initiative. We must make the 2020’s turn out differently than did the 60’s or 90’s. in the 60’s the Black Panther Party organized breakfast programs for the children, health seminars and screenings and more all free to the community. NOW in 2020 the mandate is for Self-Reliance and Self-Sustenance in the form of Food Co-operatives, Health Co-operatives, Community Action Co-operatives and more. We must now garner the natural energy and harvest thereof, which is our Divine Birthright. No longer can we wait for positive response from the government which responds ONLY to that which is deemed negative. It is time to move from a position of reactionary living to one of ACTIONARIES, directing the course of our destiny and positively affecting that of our nation. The concept of co-operatives is not new. It is not pushed because of its unifying nature. Theirs may be the past. Ours IS the Future-NOW. We have the POWER and we have been giving it away. Properly applied, our power will cause every government worldwide to STOP, LOOK. LISTEN and ACT IN ACCORD WITH US.

Brother King’s case is only too symptomatic of this dis-easesd country. The remedy is within US. Dare we use it? Dare we apply it? We dare, as we must, for otherwise, we can expect the Same Ol’ Same again. And who needs or desires to relive the 60’s? Certainly not I!