Weight Training


Bro. Michael Simpson – EL, Jr.

Contrary to the opinion of many, Weight Training is not just for the overall physical appearance of the body. There are some components of fitness which are vital to building the body. There are very different muscles groups that need the attention of weight lifting. Your arms, chest, shoulders, back, and legs are all areas where weight lifting can be applied. Weight Training is a huge factor when considering the fat accumulated and stored within the cellular walls of the body. Due to the diet of the population, consisting of various amounts of processed foods, the fat that people accumulate from what they eat is obvious. Weight lifting is very efficient at burning fat as fat cells are something of which to be mindful as they can tip the balance of the body organ systems.

Plastic surgery facilities have persuaded the public that they have a perfect solution, though that ‘perfect solution’ just causes more problems, short and long term. These facilities promote a medical procedure whereby they suck out all the fat cells from one particular area of your body. This is highly appealing to some but, one should be warned, such a procedure can cause more harm than do good.

Everyone is particular about their self image, and many are therefore subject to make decisions based upon their perceived image of herself/himself. Women in particular, it seems, have taken a stance that weight lifting would alter the nature of femininity while men tend to think everyone should have the physique of a body builder. Both are misnomers and the truth of the matter is very different in that the weight lifting regimen of most women is totally different from the weight lifting regimen of most men.

Body composition is a compelling factor for the difference in the weight lifting programs of men and women. Women weight lifting consists of many reps and moderate weight. For example when dealing with free weights like dumbbells, a women may normally have 8 -15 pound dumbbells. The reason? Most women have more fat cells than men due to their status as child bearers thereby possessing a greater proportion of adipose tissue. Consistently having more reps helps burn more fat, while also maintaining the woman desired image. This method seems to works well for many women. Men typically use more weight with fewer reps. For example men tend to use 20 -25 pound dumbbells. The weight to rep ratio is very equal and provides the science for maximum results.

Weight Lifting and Resistance Training, though similar in outcome, are different in process. I mentioned the benefits of Resistance Training in our last article. The two do share some parallels when it comes to the isolation/isometric of certain muscle groups. When using the Resistance Bands the resistance creates the action of the workout without the weights. When Weight Lifting the weights create the action of the workout. Different methods with the same impact and results.

The amazing part about this is that you can incorporate both methods in a group setting and engage in circuit training. Circuit training is a layout of different exercises and all the people involved go through the circuit from one exercise to the next. This creates levels of unity and fun while improving the overall state of one’s wellbeing.

With patience and dedication we can accomplish anything. Thank you, family, for reading. Peace and Love!! Islamism!!