The article “WHAT SHALL WE CALL HIM?” was written by Noble Timothy Drew Ali and published in “THE MOORISH LITERATURE” in 1928. Today, in 2018, the government and people of the United States are yet confronted with this question. This is evident to the point that the U.S. Census 2020 requires that anyone registering as ‘black’ or ‘african-american’ pinpoint their ancestry, a feat impossible as ‘black’ and ‘african-american’. Many persons presently alive can testify to the usages of te various labels of “colored”, “negro” and “black”, each at a different point and moment, since 1928 with each label experiencing its era of popular usage. Still,“Truth does not change or pass away.”

For centuries, so-called blacks have been without a National Name, i.e. NATIONALITY. Looking at the international scene, one’s Nationality is the standard by which legal status within a governmental entity (State) is determined. So, WHY IS IT, an ENTIRE NATION OF PEOPLE IS ALLOWED TO FUNCTION WITHOUT A NATIONALITY?

Prior to 1968, the majority of ASIATIC-AMERICA did not and would not use the word “black” to identify themselves. Now comes one Godfather of Soul, Brother James Brown singing “Say it Loud! I’m black and I’m proud!” bringing with him a generating of false pride in the misnomer black. Before this song came one had better bring lunch and dinner if you called another brother or sister “black” as you would have a serious fight on your hands. At that time, the vast majority of Asiatics referred to themselves as ‘negro’. Some, mostly the elders, used the tem “colored”. These terms come from a psychology which has been imposed upon our people since 1779. This psychology was and is designed to strip the then newly-enslaved people, and their ascendents today, of their National name, Heritage, Culture, Self-Esteem, Way-of-Life, Divine Creed and every other characteristic which makes a Nation a Nation. The ongoing effects of this psychology are seen to this day, most being undesirable, unhealthy and unproductive effectively helping to disintegrate and destroy THE UNITY OF THE MOORISH-ASIATIC FAMIY. The major way this psychological programming took place is via the institution of organized religion, in particular, the doctrine of Christianity as taught and promulgated by the Roman Catholic Church which, has been and, is yet currently used to separate the people from their ANCESTRAL PATTERNS of LIFE.

Separating the young from the elders, the children are taught principles, within the specified doctrine, successfully instilling within the children patterns of submissive, self-denying, self-denigrating behavior. The blatant paradox of this is that the very system by which Human Rights were denied an entire nation of people was, and is, the same system which GUARANTEES the oppressors’ “place in heaven”. Using the Scripture to both support their position of abusive, murderous dominance while claiming that dominance as their earthly birthright the dastardly thereby put forth this duplicitous value system as their divine right!

In the book, “THE NEGRO, THE BEAST; OR IN THE IMAGE OF GOD” is found the basic theory and ideology of the created “negro” thought ad presence. This book was written and published by Charles Carroll, U.S. Senator Maryland, in 1900.

The denying of Nationality to these people set the stage for the development and creation of a NEW SPECIES OF BEING on the earth—a MAN-MADE ‘species’, a TOTALLY NEW and INHUE-MAN ‘species’, upon whom a Self-injurious thought pattern has been impressed. Generation after generation of fertile minds has been instilled with this ‘negro’ mentality with the resultant “beastial” conduct exhibited through acts full of “HATRED, SLANDER, LEWDNESS, MURDERS, THEFT AND EVERYTHING THAT HARMS.” These acts are predominantly perpetrated by the negro mentality upon itself in all-too-obvious displays of self-hatred and self-degradation. By denying these people their Nationality, the Europeans effectively cut them off from their illustrious story. They were thrust into a void—an abyss—from which retrieval was to be impossible and to which the denied Nation has become so accustomed that they now believe their condition and state-of-mind to be ‘normal’. The negro mentality is complete.

In the Dred Scott decision of 1857, Chief Justice Taney, of Maryland, stated that “…a negro has no rights which a white man is bound to respect…” In LEGAL THOUGHT AND TERMINOLOGY, a negro is NOT a HUMAN BEING! When one considers that the negro, i.e. a state-of-mind and its related behaviors, was not created by the Universal Creator, but rather is a contrived man-engineered psychology, one can better see Judge Taney’s point. So, how can one, who adheres to something other than DIVINE ORDER, expect to be treated in a manner consistent with and equivalent to that treatment received by all others who are adhering to DIVINE ORDER?

Contrary to popular belief the words negro and black DO NOT PERTAIN TO SHADE OF SKIN OR COMPLEXION. Rather, these words indicate a “State-of-Mind” robbed of the Divine knowledge of SELF. Said “State-of-Mind” therefore manifests a designated pattern of behavior, or program, determined by the politically-dominant society. It thereby also becomes an indication of LEGAL STATUS (hence the verbiage of Judge Taney’s decision). Said “State-of-Mind” has little, if any, ORIGINALITY OF THOUGHT. By this we mean thinking and subsequent behaviors are limited to the framework established by the dominant society. Creative, i.e. INDEPENDENT thinking in applications towards SELF-IMPROVEMENT/SELF-ENHANCEMENT NOT AUTHORIZED, ENDORSED or REQUESTED by their European masters, i.e. the dominant society, are TABOO and will usually be avoided by the negro mentality. Such a psychological system, at best, causes the self-perspective of the subjected individuals to be one of extremely low self-esteem and very often manifests through acts of self-denial. These acts are not limited to the personal self, but more often are extended to the general populace of Asiatics through verbal (extending into mental/emotional) and physical assaults (to the point of murder). This man-made mentality is geared to maintain the MOORISH-ASIATIC people of the United States in a state of Spiritual and Mental bondage, i.e. no physical shackles needed. Although quite deleterious since its inception some 200 plus years, this imposed mentality has become even more effective since the year 1950 when the television became a commonplace household item. This invention, coupled with the subsequent 1954 (Brown vs. Topeka, Kansas Board of Education) overturn of the (” SEPARATE BUT EQUAL” ruling Plessey vs. Ferguson) 1896 by the U.S. Supreme Court heralded in an era of “INTEGRATION” and has served to further confuse and delude the MOORISH-AMERICAN people. The fact that Integration and its related policies have not been effective in raising the Self-love and Self-esteem of the negro mentality is most evident now some sixty-five years hence. To the contrary greater and more frequent acts of Self-degradation are being performed by persons “operating under the influence of” this imposed “negro mentality”. It matters not that some of them call themselves “black”. For truly, negro is black and black is negro. On top of all this is the fact that, since the 1954 decision, Asiatics have, for the second time in the history of the United States, been admitted to the Bicameral Halls of Legislation. So now, we have a select, or supposedly elite, group of Asiatics, who have become, perhaps, too comfortable in the positions of political office in which they have been PERMITTED to enter. Yet, these “second reconstruction era” politicos are unable to come up with the means of engendering the levels of SELF-LOVE and SELF-ESTEEM exigent to STOP the so-called “black-on-black” killing, the drug abuse, etc. Neither have they shown themselves capable of fostering the Spirit of TRUE GROWTH and DEVELOPMENT through Community-Development Programs such as FOOD CO-OPS, LAND CO-OPS, or other BUSINESS-STIMULATING ENTERPRISES, geared to uplifting the oppressed MOORISH people of NORTH AMERICA.

With all the so-called progress the MOORISH-AMERICAN people under the spell of the negro mentality have made, they yet find themselves in the same, if not worse, predicament as they found at the turn of the Twentieth Century, some one hundred and nineteen years ago. At that time, very much unlike today, the people knew there were serious imbalances and discrepancies within the political and societal systems with which they had to work. Today, it seems that negro has become even MORE COMPLAISANT and LESS ACTIVE in concerns of his own uplift and betterment. The negro mentality seems content with the little; the brother killing brother condition; the drugs, the impoverished condition of our people; the “abject wretchedness” of their status as “Wards-of-the-State”. In essence the negro mentality seems content to be at the bottom of the chain-of-humanity on planet Earth. Such is the mentality of the people called negro, black and african-american.

This is NOT THE OPINION OF THIS RIGHTER! It is a statement of TRUTH easily verifiable by anyone reading this article and is therefore submitted as INCONTROVERTIBLE TRUTH!

So what SHALL we call him? Where do we go from here? Certainly, it is not enough to just take on the National Name of MOORISH-AMERICAN without taking on the positive value system and learning which will bring about personal and community UPLIFT. It IS NECESSARY TO PROCLAIM YOUR NATIONALITY. Many will ask, “How do I know I’m Moorish-American?” To this we answer, “Probably two hours in an up-to-date library would serve to relieve the strain on our (people)…The matter of the various names given to these twenty-two million people with all colors of every race of the globe was an act of European Psychology” giving “the negro” “…a name, then (defining) it as something inferior to…” the name they gave themselves.”

You will know by virtue of your research. We now ask, “Can you prove yourself to be of ANY Nationality?” If your answer is “YES!”, we then urge you to use that Nationality. Should you answer “NO”, THEN WE URGE YOU TO PROCLAIM AND USE THE Nationality made available to you by way of Noble Drew Ali and THE MOORISH SCIENCE TEMPLE of AMERICA, INC. Surely, what may be to you a dubious Nationality is better than a definite LACK thereof! We would also answer in this manner – “HOW MANY MORE YEARS OF ABUSE AND DEGRADATION MUST YOU EXPERIENCE BEFORE YOU REALIZE THE ACTUAL LEGAL DISQUALIFICATION TO WHICH THE MISNOMERS of black and African-american ASSIGN THEIR CLAIMANTS? Can you really say that that which you have not tried will not work?, and that it is not better than that which you have consistently tried, but which has NEVER WORKED to your overall benefit?

For the most part, in order to receive a different answer to any equation, a variable of the equation must be changed. No change in the equation will unfalteringly give the Same Ol’ Sum! The mathematics of this situation speak Truth.

“WHAT SHALL WE CALL HIM?” Certainly, we of the MOORISH SCIENCE TEMPLE say it LOUD and in a spirit most PROUD, “MOORISH-AMERICAN!” What they shall be called will depend upon their Willingness and Ability to disregard much of their former programming, designed to stifle true expansion and their willingness to re-program their thinking for their own benefit and betterment, regardless of personal likes and dislikes. Up to this point they have been called by designations which separate them from the family of Nations. According to our choices to our present situation we shall be deemed either wise or foolish. Certainly foolish will be appropriate should we not find the needed strength to diligently research this information, TEST IT, and subsequently employ it to full benefit. Certainly to be considered as men and women BY OUR OWN STANDARD, we will all agree, more of less, that we must think for ourselves and determine for ourselves, never fearing adaptation and flexibility as required to thrive in what is actually a hostile environment. WE WILL NEVER DOCILELY ACCEPT POLITICAL MANIPULATION AS BEING BEYOND OUR CONTROL. WE WILL NEVER SUBMIT TO THE ARGUMENT THAT “YOU CAN’T FIGHT CITY HALL.”

Vigilance in all our concerns, Spiritually, Medically, Educationally, governmentally, etc. is our utmost focus. We must make a 180 degree turn in our thinking and our self-accountability as we develop food co-operatives and other enterprises which not only generate economic viability and employment for ourselves, but also create support systems for our community al all levels. We must educate our young and care for our elders. We must do everything for ourselves that we have been taught to look to the politically-dominant society to do for us. We must do all this and more, with a willingness to actuate ideas and concepts which, up to this point, may have seemed strange or even foreign to us. We must change our thinking and thereby our behavior patterns… and when all this has been set in motion, we will find that, by the rest of the world as well as by our own account, we will be deemed men and women, Great, Honorable and Worthy of RESPECT and LEADERSHIP. But until we do—they shall be called “negro”.

Yours in Divine Love,

Sheykh Raamiah AbdelRahim-El