Physical Activity Article 3

The Core of the Body

Bro. Michael Simpson-El, Jr

Michigan Republic

In the last 20 years a narrative has been ‘brewing’ that modern exercising is a thing of the past. In most cases, when you dig a little deeper, these narratives can be broken down and brought to the forefront of our daily reality. The television does a masterful job of prolonging these narratives in imitating the origins of the body’s building blocks in order to sustain the longevity of their product marketing plans. I saw a magazine ad which stated that the traditional Sit-up, i.e. lying down and sitting-up, is no longer needed as part of an ongoing work-out regimen. Then a couple of years later, I started to notice the promotion of ‘Sit-up’ machines including ‘Ab Circle’, ‘Ab Lounge’, ‘Ab Roller’, and the ‘Ab Crunch’. These machines serve a purpose, but they are not efficient enough to replace the traditional Sit-Up altogether.

The abdomen is a very important part of the body. If your abdomen is strong your body is strong. The core connects to the most frequently-used part of the body, the legs. The abdominal cavity is broken down into four quadrants upper and lower. These quadrants contain a variety of different muscles. The midline of the abdomen is called the Linea Alba. The Linea Alba is the connecting point for the muscles generated from either side of the spine and pelvic girdle, thereby forming the midline of the abdomen. The Rectus Abdominis is found directly on either side of the Linea Alba and runs vertically from the ‘top’ of the abdomen to its ‘bottom’. Immediately beneath the abdominal skin we find the External Oblique muscles with their accompanying Internal Oblique muscles lying directly beneath. A fouth and final muscle group, the Tranversus Abdominis if found running horizontally from the pelvic girdle to the Linea Alba. Of course all these muscles are tied by the tendinous inscription found in the bottom part of the abdomen (the Pelvic Girdle).

‘Sit-Ups’ are a very good practice to include in your regimen because you can efficiently work the different parts of the abdomen mentioned in the paragraph above. ‘Sit-Ups’ not only tone and strengthen the abdomen but the Cardiovascular System as well. These two components yield very high result levels in regard to fitness and internal strength. Starting with a reasonable amount of Reps and Sets can build a strong foundation for the future. As Moors we are all about that strong foundation. Fortunately, these ‘Ab’ creations have not eradicated the modern training regimens. Most athletes, such as boxers, gymnasts, and many in track and field, still do the traditional ‘Sit-Up’. You can tell the well conditioned athletes from others. The abdomen is vital and needs the proper conditioning so that we can thrive in our daily lives and also in the world as we continue to build our nation. With patience and dedication we can accomplish anything. Thank you family for reading Peace and Love!!