Pathways to Physical Well-Being:

Flexibility via Swimming, Yoga and Meditation

Bro. Michael Simpson-El, Jr

Michigan Republic

Flexibility is one component of exercise regimens the world of physical training seldom really puts into proper focus. The emphasis on Flexibility is so often found “laying” in the back ground of most training sessions being mentioned primarily in terms of Dance, Gymnastics, and Martial Arts. The truth of the matter is that Flexibility is essential to the overall connectivity of muscle groups which contract and expand at will. Flexibility is strongly-connected to the strength of a person’s bodily frame. The more your body can stretch comfortably, the stronger you will become. Strength comes from the core of the body, the abdominal and spinal muscle groups, and if your core is strong your body is strong.

Understanding how our different muscle groups connect with each other, thereby constituting the building blocks upon which our flexibility stretches, is requisite to maintaining good health. Stretching is at the top of methods by which we obtain greater flexibility ultimately achieved via the exercise of great diligence and consistency. We have different kinds of stretches encompassing positions standing or sitting. Both are important because of the various muscles involved and the ‘friendly’ pressure exerted upon our muscle groups during the physical acts of stretching. Once flexibility is established you can now engage in activities suited to build and strengthen those muscle groups.

Swimming is a good example of stretching because when we swim we use muscles that normally are not used daily. While spending time in a swimming pool the water creates a level of resistance which is very efficient for burning calories and toning muscles. Very often you will see pregnant women doing water aerobics because the water alleviates the strain of lifting. Water stretches can be very relaxing for the mother and the child. Swimming strengthens the joints, tendons, ligaments, and muscles that lay dormant throughout the human body. Swimming is a very good activity in which anyone can engage and gives us high level results.

Yoga is another high level activity and has various components between the mind and the body. We, as Moors, know that Yoga comes under the Buddha degree and that is why I thought creating this dialogue would bring everyone’s minds to the table. Meditation is a major component of yoga helping the body to relax while stretching. Relaxation is key because when the body is tense movements become ridged and stiff defeating your purpose. These are just some ways to get involved in stretching and incorporating ways to get active.

In so many ways we are taking the necessary steps to rebuilding the classroom. While embarking on this journey I know the time and energy that we all are putting in will help us come together as a nation. I will in the near future be posting pictures and videos to demonstrate the content of the articles so that after you have read the articles you can see the information come to life.

Thank you family for reading. I love you much. With patient and dedication, we can accomplish anything. Islam and Peace!!