Islam all Members!

Our Members’ Forum Conference Call occurs every Wednesday and is for our collective actuation and activation. This is your official notification to join us for this auspicious moment in our growth and development as a Nation-State.

Our Forum is an activation point for Members to discuss, share, relate, confirm, elucidate their concerns, experiences, challenges, triumphs, etc. We are Um’mat/Community. Our Forum is Safe Space for all. Our Forum is a unifying and galvanizing mechanism to manifest meaning-full transformation in our Livity.

Usual Conference Call Decorum applies. Strive to limit commentary to 3 minutes.

Join us every Wednesday night:

8pm to 11pm Eastern Standard Time
9pm to 12am Daylight Savings Time

Please inform all members who may be unaware of this call. we ask that all members who may wish to participate in this call, to make themselves known by sending an email to or

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