2012 Naturalization DVD

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2012 Naturalization DVD


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Get the amazing 2 disk DVD for the October 6, 2012 Naturalization Ceremony that was in Baltimore, Maryland; Headquarters for the Moorish Science Temple, The Divine and National Movement of North America, Inc; #13, The Moorish American National Republic. The two pictures above is showing some of what will be on the 2 disk DVD. Many people in the United States or across the world have never seen a Moorish event, which makes this DVD special. The Moors came from all over the east coast, down south, mid west and the west coast. The two day ceremony was very educational, enlightening, ancient, emotional, spiritual, fun, entertaining, overwhelming and so much more. The family vibration was in the air. The many generations was seen through the presents of babies, young children, teenagers, adults, elder Moabs and Moabitesses and the ancestors that were present. The most important part was of course the naturalization part and the students, new members and Citizens taking the Oath Of Amnesty to come back within the Constitutional fold, the Union, becoming True American Citizens of the U.S.A. and no longer being in rebellion to the Constitutional. Guests at the event witnessed a great number of Moorish-Americans in one place taking part in an ancient Hebrew, Constitutional, lawful process of freedom; manifesting and demonstrating Act 6 of the Moorish Divine Constitution and By-Laws. The next step is filing the lawful documents that represents this Divine process within the State, States and Nation for the record to correct the status, birth certificate, religion, race, free national name with Bey or El, etc. It was an angelic affair that was put together by the hard work of the Event Coordinators, staff and officials.

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