“The negro, the black, the Moor” by Rommani M. Amenu-El

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“The negro, the black, the Moor” by Rommani M. Amenu-El


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Pages: 205

Chapter 1 – How the term negro and black was placed upon the Moors, The legal definition of the negro
Chapter 2 – Effects of Dred Scott decision, Justice Daniel’s opinion
Chapter 3 – The judicial nullification of the Fourteenth Amendment, Compensated Emancipation 1862, thirteenth Amendment (with 20 sections)
Chapter 4 – The first articles of incorporation of the Moorish Science Temple, Moorish Americans register with the Selective Service System, office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense, Article of Incorporation of the Moorish School of Law and History, Inc
Chapter 5 – Maryland’s Department of Motor Vehicle Administration, Certificate of Registration, for the Moorish National Bureau of Vital Statistics, Maryland’s Bureau of Vital Statistics
Chapter 6 – General Alexander Haig, Chief of Staff (Nixon Administration), Meetings with Internal revenue Service (IRS) Directors Washington D.C., Transcript from IRS investigation and results, IRS court case and appellant brief

Also included are Moorish pictures, copies of documents showing Moors in communication with Government agencies about the National side of the movement, history of the Moors, significance and importance of President Abraham Lincoln’s Proclamations and 13 Amendment with 20 sections and much, much more.

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