Islam. The Moorish American National Republic is delighted to announce our ongoing Sister Auxiliary Conference Call dedicated to the uplift of Moabitess members of this Divine and National Movement. The Conference Call purpose is to create a network system amongst our feminine energy showcasing the array of talents our sisters have to offer. We are calling on every sister in our organization to actively partake in this uplifting act.  All sisters interested in getting involved and supporting this demonstration must send an email to Please include your name, contact information including the phone number you will be using and email address you would like to use for correspondence. Let’s build and grow together. Sister Auxiliary meetings are scheduled the 4th Thursday of each month 8pm EST with the next meeting being September 24, 2020.

In addition, the Sister Auxiliary is requesting the help and support of all Brothers and Sisters to participate in our Tag Day Celebration and Life Pens Fundraising Demonstration.

”as the right hand to the Prophet” the Sister Auxiliary has created 3 designs, 2 Tags and 1 magnet, which will inspire thought through symbolism, with the intention to: Display our Unity as well as Inspire, Motivate and encourage dialogue about this great movement, Our Illustrious Prophet Noble Drew Ali and Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice.

Life pens are blue ink writing pens embracing this Divine Movement’s name on the side; because before we came into this movement we were dead in the water; and “Because the Pen is Mightier than the Sword”

Show Pride in your Movement and Support the Sister Auxiliary by donating $1 for a Life Pen, $3 for a Tag, and $5 for a Magnet.  All proceeds will go toward a Temple Necessity Fund. 

If interested send an email to indicating Tags, Magnets, and/or Life Pens in the subject line Thank you for your support.

Islam, Islam, Islamism!

The science in our tags 


 Red – Is the color of the 7th Chakra – The Root. It represents: Love, passion, courage, strength to your relationships and gives confidence.  Red is the color of leadership, it invokes strong emotion, creates intensity and ambition.

Yellow – Is the color of the 5th Chakra – The Solar Plexus.  It represents:  Transformation, Happiness, personal power, self Confidence, creativity and self-esteem.  The color yellow has a Warning energy and assists with memory and focus.

Green – Is the color of the 4th Chakra – The Heart.  It represents: harmony, fertility, renewal of nature, re-birth, money; finance and health. The color Green alleviates Anxiety and nervousness.  It is the color of Hope and “Life Everlasting”.


Elephant – Our Moorish Elephant is Upright, Independent and Fearless

The Elephant in the social order lives under Matriarchal Societies and Principles. This Majestic spiritual animal has an awareness of the earth and how she affects the land.  Her call ushers in positive energy and breaks negative energy.  They were used in Ancient times as a mode of Transportation. Elephants have the ability to hear Vibrations through pressure sensitive nerves in the pads on their feet.  “Stomping” transmits a Seismic (persistent vibration of the ground) Vibration used to communicate “Warnings” with the rest of their herd over large distances. Elephants exemplify Will, Wisdom, power, dignity, kindness, loyalty, leadership, confidence, patience, companionship, tranquility, honor, royalty and Unity.  A symbol of the Moorish Republic. The Elephant gives you the energy to finish off any task without delay.  Oral statement from the Prophet #173. “The Moors watchdog is not a dog, but an Elephant.”


Heart – Love, dear to the next person, or just plain goodness to all mankind.

Islam – The Great Law of Peace.  Peace with everything.  Peace with Allah and Peace with man.  Our covenant with Allah to live and serve Allah

Islamism – Our Religion.  Our Covenant between our Brothers and Sisters, North, South, East and West Unity

Unice – “Peace and Unity among Moorish-Americans”

All Seeing Eye of Allah/Pyramid – Represent the house of the Gods, a Vortex, Matthew 21: 42-44 (KJV)

Crescent Moon and Star of Salvation – Representation of Islam, Crescent: is feminine, Isis (The Mother) Star: symbol of salvation, is the masculine principle – a pentagram, the star head is up to show man standing upright. The Divine Family.

Five Highest Principles known to man – Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice!

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