Welcome to the Moorish Science Temple, the Divine and National Movement of North America, Inc. #13, the Moorish American National Republic! We are excited and honored that you are visiting us. Take your time, enjoy and research the wealth of information you will read and hear, dare we say, “nowhere else”. Your experience with us is important so we ask that, before you leave our site, you share your comments on your time with us. Again, WELCOME, enjoy your visit!

(The Moorish flag which is over 10,000 years old is flipped upside down and the 48 star United States banner is flipped sideways to show that both are in distress and seek help. You can study vexillology, the scientific study of the history, symbolism and usage of flags to understand more about the positioning of flags and signals shown in this picture.)

“If you have race pride and love your race, join the Moorish Science Temple of America and become a part of this Divine Movement, then you will have power to redeem your race because you know who you are, and who your forefathers were. Because where there is unity there is strength. ”Together we stand, divided we fall”.

Come, good people, because I, the Prophet, sent to redeem this nation from mental slavery which you have now, need every one of you who think that your condition can be better. This is a field open to strong men and women to uplift the nation and take your place in the affairs of men.

If the Europeans and other nations are helping me, why not you. It is your problem. The Negro problem is being solved only as it can, and that is by the Moorish National Divine Movement. If you have a nation you must have a free national name in order to be recognize by this nation as an American citizen.

This is what was meant when it said. ”Seek ye first the kingdom of Heaven and all these things would be added unto you” ” – Prophet Noble Drew Ali