What Is Needed And What Do I Have To Do To Be A Memeber Of The Moorish Science Temple And A CItizen Of The Moorish American National Republic?

January 29th, 2016   •   2 comments   

To be a Member of Moorish Science Temple, The Divine and National Movement of North America, Inc; #13 you must be properly registered in our Moorish National Bureau of Vital Statistics. To be a Citizen of The Moorish American National Republic you must go through our naturalization process which is the only way for flesh and blood that was held as slaves or those under the foreign de facto jurisdiction. Naturalization its the only way that an artificial persons can merge into nationality and become a Citizen with a big “C” (see Article 1, section 2, clause 2 of the Constitution compared to citizen in the 14 Amendment) and become a natural person. Those that are corporate property and chattle through the 14 Amendment and birth certificate who have not corrected their status, classification, identification lawfully to come under the protection and authority of Prophet Noble Drew Ali and adhering to what is stated in the Four Proclamations of President Abraham Lincoln, the 13 Amendment with 20 sections and the Hebrew laws that pertains to freedom are not True American Citizens.

This is going back to Act 6 of our Moorish Divine Constitution and By-Laws where it shows that every member must proclaim their nationality, divine creed and free national name, which is all a lawful process, not just verbally saying it. We ask that you go to the section on our page called “Resources” and go to the part that says “Citizenship And Moorish School Of Law And History Forms” and download each form, follow the directions, fill them out and submit them with copies of documents required and fees so that you will be well on your way to taking our classes when they are available and go through the Constitutional Uniform Rule of Naturalization under the authority of Prophet Noble Drew Ali and The Moorish American National Republic.

There are currently 3 sets of classes. Each class last 8-10 weeks. All together if you take all 3 sets of classes it will be about 8 months of re-education on the Moorish movement especially the National side, the laws that freed us, the degrees of understanding of our literature, you will be learning about the Sheiks and adepts that initiated and secured the uniform process of freeing our people under our own jurisdiction, learning about the your nationality and identification card, the documents that you will receive that will be placed on the public record later, learn about our governmental departments, learn why Leviticus 25:10 is on the liberty bell and much, much more. All the classes are done via teleconference over the phone so that we can have students from different States participate; homework, class assignment are done via email. The last thing that will be needed to be done is after all the classes have been taken and all exams passed, it is required to take a mandatory trip to Baltimore, Maryland to participate in our naturalization ceremony where you will receive all your sealed and signed documents and when you take the Oath of Amnesty and Reconstruction to uphold the Constitution and Union for the record.

One will then be a member and Citizen, and each individual will have to go back to their individual State and file in their County our documents and then contact the agencies such as DMV, Social Security, IRS, your human resource department at your job; the agencies that you are receiving local, State, Federal benefits from, etc about getting your status, classification, identification, name, religion, race, etc corrected for the record. If a member and Citizen needs assistance the officials can be contacted for assistance and guidance. When all of that is done that will be the first step in our three fold agenda for reclaiming the inheritance of our ancestors. The Proclaiming and Naturalization part will be done. Next is Colonization of over 22 States that was set aside for us (this is beyond the 40 acres and a mule) and Compensation for our ancestors that were held as slaves and all the provisions and assistance that we are still owed that was not fulfilled. Along with continuing your study, doing missionary work to bring this information that you will learn to those close to you that will listen and are ready to learn who they really are, help in Nation and Government building lawfully to help uplift fallen humanity and unite Asia.

Again “Application for Citizenship” and class forms must be filled out, send in with information and copies asked for along with fees. Three classes must be taken, each sets of classes is 8-10 weeks long done by teleconference (through phone and email communication), passing of exams then naturalization ceremony. Last thing needed will be recording your sealed documents in your county and paying monthly dues of $20 a month ($35 for officers). All information will be given during the process, all forms can be found under “Resources” on the home page. Any questions, send them to townhall@moorishamericannationalrepublic.com


  1. Ronald Williams
    posted on Sep 25, 2016 at 3:10 AM

    Islam,and wholeness may I have more information on Sunday class to start process for filing and join please .

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