Why Does The Moorish American National Republic Government Deal With Naturalization And Not Nationalization?

January 29th, 2016   •   2 comments   

The first thing to understand for those who know they are Moors or know about Moorish history is that our last Empire fell, our people GLOBALLY became prisoners of war and was held as slaves. The 14th Amendment which is not Constitutional Law forced citizenship on to the former slaves, and in 1933 when we went from Common law to Commercial Law where contracts became law along with a Social Security card, Drivers I.D., State I.D., birth certificate, etc that have not been properly corrected for the record, Moors are not free and are aliens and foreigners to the free national constitution. One can not be free by just a Temple card alone since 1933, and one cant just be free by just saying it, thinking it or feeling it.

This is where the dash, hyphen, which properly in law is known as annex or annexation comes in. The “-Bey”, “-El” after your last name shows a lawful process that is taking place. That process is the process of proclaiming ones nationality and coming into the folds of the Constitution and Union under naturalization. Article 1, section 8, clause 4 of the Constitution speaks about a “Uniform Rule of Naturalization”. It has been there since the Constitution was formed. It has been there before any Naturalization Act or the 14th Amendment. The words “Naturalize”, “Naturalized”, “Unnaturalized” was used in the Dred Scott case for many reasons that many people have missed. One of the reason why Dred Scott was in error, and could not get any redress or grievances was because he was not naturalized, which means he was not part of we the people, the sovereign community, the body politic or a True American Citizen with a capital “C”.

Parts of Act 6 of the Moorish Science Temple of America Divine Constitution and By-Laws states “With us all members must proclaim their nationality and we are teaching our people their nationality and their Divine Creed that they may know that they are part and parcel of this said government…”. Many Moors do not know that Act 6 is actually in degrees and that Act 6 is actually dealing with naturalization. If Prophet Noble Drew Ali said that we need to get back into the Constitutional fold of things and Article 1, section 8, clause 4 has always been there, then what are Moors missing that do not know about the National side of the movement? What are Moors missing if they dont really know Constitutional Law or why naturalization is important?

Since Moors are also Hebrew Moslems of Moorish Descent, the Hebrew Code/Law, Mosiac Code/Law, Leviticus Code/Law as seen in Leviticus 25:10 must be adhere to which is why its on the Liberty Bell. Leviticus 25:10 states “And ye shall hallow the fiftieth year, and proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all inhabitants thereof: it shall be a jubile unto you; and ye shall return every man unto his possession, and ye shall return every an unto his family”. Why Leviticus 25:10 is on the Liberty Bell is because its dealing with naturalization which is an ancient custom, not a modern one. The laws of freedom such as the Proclamation of President Abraham Lincoln and the 13th Amendment with 20 sections enforces this ancient naturalization in layman terms which through study was what Prophet Noble Drew Ali was securing us back into.

Since we already know that the 14th and 15th Amendment are not law and does not applying to us, then NATURALization is the only lawful process for an artificial person to become a NATURAL person. Just because you was born here does not make you a True American Citizen. One can still be an Alien of Foreigner in their own land if they are not in line with the Constitution and laws of the land. An Alien of Foreigner is not only speaking about geographical migration. By not correcting the birth certificate alone one is still in rebellion and an alien and foreigner to the Constitution. Lets go to the Black’s Law Dictionary to see what it says about Alien, Foreigner, Naturalization and Naturalize.

Black’s Law Dictionary 4th Edition Revised:

“ALIEN – A foreigner; one born abroad. A person who owes allegiance to a foreign government. In this country is a person born out of the United States and Unnaturalized under our Constitution and laws.”

“FOREIGNER – In old English law, this term, when used with reference to a particular city, designated any person who was not an inhabitant of that city. According to later usage, it denotes a person who is not a citizen or subject of the state or country of which mention is made, or any one owing allegiance to a foreign state of sovereign”

“NATURALIZATION – The act of adopting a foreigner and clothing him with the privileges of native citizen.”

“NATURALIZATION – To confer citizenship upon an alien; to make a foreigner the same, in respect to rights and privileges, as if he were a native citizen or subject.”

Black’s Law Dictionary 5th Edition Revised:

“NATURALIZATION – The process by which a person acquires nationality after birth and becomes entitled to the privileges of citizenship.”

If you look up Nationalization that only deals with a state or government taking over the resources, goods and land. It does not “mainly” deal with the Citizenship issue.

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