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Not to be confused with any other, The Moorish Science Temple, the Divine and National Movement of North America, Inc. #13, the Moorish American National Republic is the ONLY Moorish Science Temple teaching the full National side of the Moorish Movement.  Headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, under the leadership of National Grand Sheik Joel Bratton-Bey, we address and present the LAWFUL and LEGAL methods for ending the social and political subjugation of our people (so-called negros, blacks, coloreds and African-americans).  On this website, you will learn

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(In the picture above, Prophet Noble Drew Ali is the 5th person standing from the bottom left.)

Prophet Noble Drew Ali (1886 – 1929) was born Timothy Drew on January 8, 1886 in the State of North Carolina. He had a Cherokee, Washitaw Moorish tribal connection. According to the research that some Moors have done, it is said that his mother is Eliza Turner-Quitman and his father is John A. Drew-Quitman. Brother A. Wise-Bey, Past Grand National Secretary said that the Holy Prophet said, “I didn’t tell anyone where I was born at or who my parents were, because I didn’t want people to make a shrine out of the place or make over my parents like was done with Joseph and Mary.”

In the year 1913 in the city of Newark, State of New Jersey, the Prophet Noble Drew Ali formed a group of Moorish Americans under the name of “Canaanite Temple”. In 1923 the Prophet moved to Chicago, Illinois where he organized a group under the name The Moorish Temple Of Science #1. On November 29, 1926 incorporated Temple #1 under the religious corporation law of the State of Illinois. It is registered as a legally chartered, non-profit organization under File number 13597 by the Secretary of State, Louis L. Emerson, of Springfield, Illinois on November 29, 1926. In conjunction with the registration, a document was signed by the Directors of Control and Management.

In the same year the Prophet Noble Drew Ali returned to Newark, New Jersey and change the name of Canaanite Temple to the Moorish Temple of Science #10. On May 21, 1928 Prophet Noble Drew Ali changed the corporate name of the Illinois corporation from The Moorish Temple of Science to The Moorish Science Temple of America.

By 1928, some fifteen years later, our organization had changed its nonprofit corporate status to a profitable corporation and refocused itself as a national organization expanding to establish temples in fifteen States. Focused now as a national movement, the missionary work of Prophet Noble Drew Ali rapidly expanded to the teaching of the true nationality to all persons of Moorish descent who were otherwise known as Negroes, Blacks, Colored or Ethiopian and the implementation and execution of procedures for the naturalization of such persons.

In 1940, under the instructions of Reincarnated Prophet John Givens-El, the Moorish National Bureau of Vital Statistics was lawfully established with the Federal Government (Copy Book 521, File#5-39 National Archives) by Grand Sheik Richardson Dingle-El and his brother Grand Sheik Timothy Dingle-El under the authority of the Moorish Science Temple of America founded by Prophet Noble Drew Ali, for the official purpose of registering all naturalized Moors.

Grand Sheik Richardson Dingle-El received a charter from International Grand Sheik F. Turner-El who was appointed by Grand Advisor and Moderator C. Kirkman-Bey. Grand Sheik Richardson Dingle-El also went on to establish the Moorish School of Law and History so that ALL Moors can learn about the National side of the Moorish movement, the Proclamations of President Abraham Lincoln, the 13th Amendment with “20 sections” and the Hebrew Codes in law that backs up our lawful and constitutional proclamation process.

In our infancy, the organization was and continues to be totally committed to the lawful fact that the nationality of our people is their foundation. Perpetuation by the Moorish Science Temple of America for the naturalization of those persons of Moorish descent has been in accordance with the true policies of Presidents Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Johnson and Prophet Noble Drew Ali with the organization’s critical and most noted stand on human rights to Moorish descendants which have continued in practice today, to be denied and to be recognized in these United States as law.

On September 25,1975, the Moorish Science Temple the Divine and National Movement of North America inc. #13 was Incorporated in the State of Maryland to conduct business and more explicitly, bring about the nationalization of all lands and finance compensation and reparations that are due under the ownership of the Moorish-American Nation, making the United States Government responsible for its operation.

We are lawfully registered and recognized as the only National Divine Movement authorized with lawful rights to redeem Moorish descendants in the Americas. Our corporation’s work has been and will continue to be based on the principles of Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice. As a corporate body, we have not nor intend to cause confusion or act radically towards the established government. Thus, to achieve our purpose, in June 1997 we established in Baltimore, Maryland the Moorish American National Republic to conduct business and bring about the nationalization of all lands, finance and compensation.

The Moorish American National Republic, will remain headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, and has established the Bureau of Moorish Affairs to be located in Washington, D.C. with an area office to be located in each state in which business must be conducted by and for Moorish-Americans, etc. The Bureau of Moorish Affairs will have the full authority to work through and with the Governor of the State (as well as any and all State agencies) and the Federal Government to fulfill the mandate of the Moorish American National Republic.