History Of Moorish Auxiliary Groups 


History Of Moorish Auxiliary Groups 

The Sisters Auxiliary

“The Sisters Auxiliary was founded by Sister J. Levine-El in 1928. The Sisters Auxiliary is a branch of the Moorish Science Temple of America, which empowers our women (through unity), and places them in a position to perform major task in the area of uplifting fallen humanity.

The Sisters Auxiliary is composed of Moorish-American Moslem sisters with a paramount object to uplift fallen humanity and to be the “right hand to the Prophet” by their kind words, works and deeds. Membership of the Sisters Auxiliary grew in 1928, and soon they sustained a “Necessity Fund” to help a sister or brother in distress and care for the sick and needy. Headquarters in 1928 was located at 3140 Indiana Ave, Unity Hall, in Chicago Ill.”

“Sister P. Wilson-Bey became the first Grand National Chairman. She became a member in 1932. She was a loyal faithful member of Temples number 4 and 25. She was a pioneer of Moorish Home number 1 in its establishment. She worked side by side with the brothers in farming, raising livestock and poultry. She was a very diligent worker and a very active chairman .She was an inspiration to many in her dedication to the movement. She is credited with setting up many units of the auxiliary all over the U.S. She always had a smile, a good word, and a song for all.”

“The Sisters’ Auxiliary is responsible for three national episodes. Tag Day Celebration (March 17) and Sacrifice Week (March 17 through 29) Widows Mite (during national convention) Seniors Day (March).” Much history of the Sisters Auxiliary was recorded in the Moorish Guide newspaper. Below are transcriptions of three articles concerning the Sisters Auxiliary that appeared in the Moorish Guide in 1928.”

The Moorish National Auxiliary Well On Way:

‘The Moorish National Sister’s Auxiliary was organized December 17, 1928 with the small attendance of ten members. The membership has grown in two months to the enrollment of twenty-seven faithful, dutiful Moorish Sisters. Their paramount object is to uplift fallen humanity and be the right hand to the Prophet by their kind words, works, and deeds. They have soon sustained a ‘Necessity Fund’ to help a sister or brother in distress, and care for the sick poor and needy. ”Their headquarters are at Unity Hall, 2nd floor. No Joining Fees-Monthly Dues: 25 cents.
Sister Lavine El- President
Sister Lloyd-Bey, Vice President
Sister Rhodes El, Recording Secretary
Sister M. Drew Ali, Financial Secretary-Treasurer
Sister Adams El, Chairman
Necessity Fund
Sister Shaw El, Chaplain

Young People Moorish National League

“Founded by Sister Pearl Drew Ali (1928) the Young People Moorish National League (YPMNL) Organization composed of young women and men of the Moorish Science Temple of America Inc. with the purpose of promoting and encouraging our ambitious youth in art and education, economics and social improvements. The younger people must be trained and educated to earn a better livelihood. In doing so they become better citizens, better husbands and wives and better fathers and mothers.”

“Sister Pearl Drew Ali was the wife of Prophet Noble Drew Ali. As described in an edition of the Moorish Guide she was thoughtful, active, faithful, industrious and competent. She held the positions of national secretary/treasurer of the Moorish Science Temple of America, treasurer of the National Business Men’s Club, the Moorish Guide and Moorish Manufacturing Company.”

“The Moorish Cafeteria was under her personal supervision. She attended all meetings and was a member of the Moorish Choir. She had a beautiful soprano voice. She is given honor where honor is due for her tireless efforts in behalf of the Moorish Science Temple of America Inc. Allah cut the cord that binds the human boat to earth, that it may sail on to smoother seas May 8, 1994. She was a benevolent sister blessed with the virtues of love, humility, submission, obedience and kindness and remained a widow.”

Drum and Bugle Corp.

“Many bands were formed in various Temples. Major Ali led inspiring drills followed by the drum corp. Parades of marching Moorish-Americans in full Moorish-American regalia were a beautiful spectacle to behold, led by Major Moss-Bey. It was a proud display of our national heritage.”

“Bro. G. Moss-Bey pictured above functioned as Grand Sheik of Temple #11 in the 1930’s.”

The National Business Men’s Club

President Brother McElrath-Bey (1928)

“Club organized for the purpose of putting into action any commercial or industrial project in order to assist in the uplifting of fallen humanity and to help finance the Moorish Science Temple of America Inc. Any member who desires may loan the club such money as they have to put in action.”

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