Sunday School


“..out from your Sunday School comes the guiders of the Nation.”

– The Questionnaire and Additional Laws for the Moorish Americans

Islam Moors!

The Divine and National Movement of North America, Inc., #13, The Moorish American National Republic expects the presence of all members, and invites the public to join us every Sunday: 11am to 1:30pm Eastern Standard Time 12pm to 2:30pm Daylight Savings Time on our Moorish Sunday School Class Conference you can connect

by phone 443-961-4434
or online by clicking button >

All Moors currently naturalized through the Moorish American National Republic, and who have not already done so, are requested to forward an email to [email protected] to confirm registration and receive your Info Packet. Please include the names of all children, their ages, birthdays and school grade.

Sunday School Children

The future guiders of the Nation!


  1. Black’s Law Dictionary, vol 5

Required Materials:

  • Koran Questions for Moorish Americans (101) click to view
  • Access to Divine Constitution and By-Laws
  • Access to The Holy Koran-Circle 7
  • Notebook, with pockets, with options to add and remove lined
  • paper or separated folder with pockets
  • 4 x 6 index card packet with lines for learning notes
  • pen or pencil
  • Access to “A Warning From The Prophet In 1928” (The Young Men Moorish National Business League (Pamphlet if possible)

Parents, please do the following to aid your child(ren) :

  • Important! Parents, please sign your child(ren) up to create their account for Quizlet Optionally, you can create accounts for yourselves. Use your child(ren) real name(s) This is only for Sunday School purpose. We will be using the Quizlet from time to time  for some of our Lessons and Reviews.
  • Along with your child(ren), go to our Quizlet Page.  Enjoy the information, lessons, reviews, and all the fun learning activities. There is an audio choice for them to listen and learn, a great choice for those who are too young to read. This is for the Whole Family to enjoy studying together.
  • Listen along with the children to the Sunday School Replay Recording Archives, great for Reviews and especially to become comfortable with the Sunday School Process and flow.

Sunday School Adults

  1. Melchizedek, who was he
  3. Ancient Record
  4. 101’s Key 46 through 51


Sheikess Gloria Cherry-El – National Director Of The Children’s Sunday School.
Minister Sheik Raamiah-El – Adult Sunday School Instructor & Facilitator.
Minister Sheik L.Young-Bey – Adult Sunday School Instructor & Facilitator.
Sheik I.Orton-Bey – Adult Sunday School Moderator.

We look forward to exercising our five senses together manifesting Guidance for our Nation. Thank you and Peace!