Clearing Up The Reincarnated Prophet Confusion: 

Reincarnated Prophet is a “title” and “degree” based on demonstration. When we study charters, we see that when the founder of the charter passes away, that corporation, organization can become a stand still or void unless there is a continuation. My Grand Sheik explains it in this way; the Vatican copied what Prophet Noble Drew Ali did in 1928, when they made their move in 1929. The Vatican also has a Divine side and National side. The reason why the Popes take on a Holy Name is for the Divine side, a Title and/or degree. The next reason is according to the Vatican belief, their belief is that Jesus resurrected, and in that Vatican belief, they represent the living Christ here on earth, because if the Christ is dead, their Christian movement is dead. They are a chartered organization, the Moorish Science Temple is a charter organization, the same applies to us. Who is there to represent the founder of the charter when they pass away? No matter what Moors may say, think or feel, or may not like how Sheik John Givens-El demonstrated that degree of understanding, he was demonstrating that understanding of keeping the movement alive and in its true intention. Sheik John Givens-El is said to have been made an adept in the time of the Prophet. You must look again at the “signs” Moor, out of everyone, why did the Prophet choose Sheik John Givens-El to be his chauffeur and mechanic? If he is indeed a Prophet he knew what was going to happen to him, his movement and position the movement and people in place. Besides the Prophet’s wives (two separate obligations at two separate times, not at the same time), his executive adept officers, the person who spent the most time with the Prophet was Sheik John Givens-El. Sheik John Givens-El spent days, nights, hours with the Prophet, who else would know where the movement was going and what the next “national” chess moves would be? So Moors back then and also now may not understand those “keys” or may not like how Sheik John Givens-El took on his role and title of “Reincarnated Prophet”, but it was not his name, it was a demonstration, degree and “understanding” of securing the “national side” and keeping the charter “activate”. Sheik John Givens-El was the one that gave Richardson Dingle-El and his brother Timothy Dingle-El the green light to go the “Pentagon” and set up the Moorish National Bureau of Vital Statistics for ALL Moors to properly and uniformly proclaim their nationality under our own jurisdiction and also capture the foundation of Act 6 that the founder Prophet Noble Drew Ali was demonstrating which is the Proclamations of President Abraham Lincoln and the 13th Amendment with 20 sections. In 1928 and the time of the Prophet there was common law, in 1933 with the New Deal we went into commercial law. The process of just getting a Bey or El on your name and having a Temple card “only” is void. Hence the verbal statement: Sister A. Brown El of Temple 4 and 25 said the Holy Prophet said, “Your Nationality Card is going to change on you in your pocket.” By not knowing this demonstration and degrees, this is why Moors have ran to the UCC/UCC-1 and United Nation Declarations, which is not in line with the “constitutional fold” that Prophet Noble Drew Ali pointed out. These are the degrees of the “National” side that Sheik John Givens-El and the Dingle-El brothers was on that most Moors are not aware of or understand. So Sheik John Givens-El having the title of Reincarnated Prophet is a degree and title, not a name. We study law, demonstration, not man. Out of all the movements at that time, Sheik John Givens-El faction was always seen by other Moors as keeping true to the foundation and intention of the founder and demonstrating the National side. So the Reincarnated Prophet in this “context”, “condition” and “subject matter” is not dealing with physical rebirth, but the rebirth of the “movement” and its “direction”. This demonstration can be seen by understanding and studying the degrees of our charter, charter law, charter in international law, constitutional law, understanding the degrees of Our Authority, 101 questions, Divine Constitution and Holy Koran. This information is also documented and shown in the book “The Negro, the Black, the Moor” which shows since the 1940’s securing the national side was being demonstrated, the big chunk of Moorish history most Moors dont know like the uniform lawful and constitutional process that is already set up for Moors in this day and time to naturalize under Act 6, the laws of freedom (Proclamations of President Abraham Lincoln), ancient Hebrew code, the 13th Amendment with “20 sections” which Prophet Noble Drew Ali was demonstrating.

This information is also being taught in our Moorish School of Law and History which was set up in the 1970’s. The National side of our Divine and National movement is not being taught, even by some of these famous, popular or well known Moors and Moabitess most may know of. All those who are new, navigating by themselves without a Temple or Moorish Government, all Moors, Sheiks, Sheikess, Grand Sheiks needs to be re-educated about the National side. Our Moorish School of Law and History is open to all Moors, no matter your affiliation, association or faction. The forms can be found on our website. Moorish American National Republic website: – 

Send Your Questions To: and they will be answered in the order it was received on our Sunday conference call. Information about the call is also on our website.

” I use to be one of those Moors who thought John Givens-El was out his mind when he took on that title, but I never asked any Moor who was under that demonstration why he did that. So I ignored those Moors for years. Until it was explained with clarity, then I understood. There is a big chunk of Moorish history that is not known or beings taught. How many Moors know about Moors going to the Pentagon, communicating with congress, Federal agencies? The book mentioned in the post brings clarity and those documented proof. I am proud to be a member and Citizen under the line of Prophet Noble Drew Ali, Prophet Noble Drew Ali Reincarnated John Givens-El, the Grand Sheik Richardson Dingle-El and International Grand Sheik F. Turner-El connection and under my current Grand Sheik J. Bratton-Bey”.

“All confusion within our movement can be cleaned up, just clarity and understanding must be shown. I have studied Clock of Destiny information, Great Seal information, I use to be under the C. Kirkman-Bey faction in Brooklyn a few years ago, but the John Givens-El demonstration and line was never explained. After the Prophet, John Givens-El in his time and F. Turner-El in his time had the most followers, and we hardly hear about these Moors. As far as we know, Grand Sheik Richardson Dingle-El is the first Moor on record with the government to be classified as Moroccan born in America and White on his drivers license. The National side demonstration of Moorish Science Temple The Divine and National Movement of North America, Inc; #13 The Moorish American National Republic should be looked into”.

“For after the Prophet transcended, the internal war with negro minded Moors started. The truth is no Moors should really be holding any faction up because by having “factions”, ALL the Moors are out of line. However Moors can be inline if they are under the foundation of the Hurds Smith Revised Statute, NOT a 501c3 Temple, NOT a non-for profit Temple; which will then enable them to activate the power of the charter, mandate and trust and be inline with the Proclamations of President Abraham Lincoln and the 13th Amendment with “20 sections” which backs up the process of proclaiming ones nationality lawfully and constitutionally which the Prophet was demonstrating if Moors understand the degrees of Act 6; which is linked to Our Authority, what is on the back of the 101 questionnaire, which is also in degrees; and understand Moorish de jure jurisdiction. From what I can put together, brother E. Mealy-El was seen by the Moors as being the next in charge because locally another Sheik was in charge if the Prophet was not around, but when the Prophet traveled nationally, E. Mealy-El was left in charge by him. Also when there was confusion, and the prophet had to handle the whole court situation and fight against Moors then who was trying to take the Prophet’s spot, specifically Sheik Claude D. Greene-Bey and other Moors. The Prophet around that time is said to have told E. Mealy-El: Bro. Edward Mealy El stated that the Holy prophet told him “YOU DO WHAT I TELL YOU, NEVER MIND WHAT THEY SAY, I HAVE GIVEN YOU LAW, KORAN, AND CONSTITUTION, AND I EXPECT YOU TO ENFORCE MY LAW, AND DO WHAT I SAY, NEVER MIND WHAT THEY SAY OR DO. THEY CAN DO NOTHING BUT DIE.” The Prophet was speaking about the negro minded Moors who thought they knew more than the Prophet and was working to take him out of his position based on their delusions of grandeur. After the Prophet passed, C. Kirkman-Bey and the other rebels plan on taking the movement over, so they had a vote to see if he or E. Mealy-El should be in charge of the movement. Being a law man, E Mealy-El agreed. When a vote was finally taken, two-thirds of the delegates voted Mealy-El in as Grand Sheik with C. Kirkman-Bey as his Grand Advisor. Then there was a split. Then C. Kirkman-Bey started his changing of the movement. E Mealy-El started his own faction after that. C. Kirkman-Bey was also kidnapped by some Moors and there was a shoot out with the police. There was also other fights, shootings, stabbings over the documents of the Prophet and more splits. C. Kirkman-Bey and E. Mealy-El went to court and other events took place. John Givens-El now stood up to bring back the true intention of the Prophet and direction of the movement, because out of them all, he certainly knew where the movement was going. That whole thing about him falling down while working on his car and the signs being in his eye is noted, however should not be the main focus, its his demonstration on what he was trying to do and actually did because of the confusion of the Moors. Some of that confusion has rolled over till this day. That is why the greatest movement on this planet since 1913 is in turmoil and also being attacked. That same energy back then is around now and the descendants of the negro minded Moors from back then are still around”.

” Much of the confusion can be easily cleared up, some of it is unnecessary, a good portion of it is based on how many Moors came into the movement and their own personal agenda. However Prophet Noble Drew Ali already set things up and people in position and was even talking about the confusion that will come and who would resurrect it, the children, unborn and next generation. The repair, resurrection and demonstration is on the way though”.

Sheik Yeshayah Bey