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Prophet Mohammed


His full name was Mustafa Ahmad Al Amin, son of Abdullah his father and Amiyna his mother, born in 570 A.D. in Arabia, the FIRST Reincarnation of Jesus, mentioned in the 101 Koran Questions. 1150 years after Confucius, 1100 years after Buddha, 600 years after Jesus, and 1400 years ago, the prophesied Comforter is sent!

Ahmad was born into the Quraysh Tribe of Ishmael whose symbol was the FISH. His Ancestor, Bin Malik, was one of the most powerful and respected Moors in ALL Northern Arabia. In the 5th Century, a descendant of Bin Malik, Bin Kalb, became ruler of Old Mecca uniting ALL of the tribes of the Quraysh. His relative, Bin ‘Abd Manaaf, succeeded Bin Kalb. These tribes remained United as one until the Authority was passed from Bin ‘Abd Manaaf to his younger brother, Haashim. After the death of Bin ‘Abd Manaaf, his son, Umayyah, jealous of his Uncle’s position initiated open combat with Haashim resulting with Umayyah being banished from Old Mecca for TEN years. This caused the famous rivalry between the Haashimites and the Umayyahs.

Haashim returned to the Ancestors and his brother, Muttalib, became the leader of the Quraysh. When Muttalib found out that Haashim had a son named Shayba living in Madina, he called him Abdul Muttalib to conceal his identity so as to allow others to SEE Shayba as his slave. This was so because when Shayba became EIGHT years old, Muttalib went to Madina and brought him back to Old Mecca. Upon entering Old Mecca, the people thought that Muttalib brought a slave boy with him because during that time, the slaves were DARK-SKINNED. The LIGHT-SKINNED Moors were viewed as “Superior” to the dark-skinned woolly-haired Moors who were called Black Arabs.

At Muttalib’s return to the Ancestors, Abdul Muttalib (Shayba), became the Chief of the Haashimite tribes being in charge of the upkeep of the Ka’aba in Old Mecca. This is where the rivalry of the Umayyads and the Haashimites re-surfaced. When Harb the son of Umayyah saw that Abdul Muttalib had been chosen Chief, he challenged him just as his father Umayyah had challenged Haashim in the past.

The decision, again, went on behalf of Abdul Muttalib. This increased the jealousy of the tribes once again.
Abdul Muttalib was the father of Abdullah who united with Amiyna. Their Union produced Ahmad.
Muhammad was given this name by his grandfather, Abdul Muttalib. A woman named Thuwaybah, a bondswoman of Mohammed’s uncle, Abu Lahab, suckled him for a few days while his grandfather continued to look for a Wet-nurse for his favorite grandson. Mohammed’s father returned to the Ancestors at the age of TWENTY-FIVE while traveling in a caravan.
It was customary in Old Mecca to place the suckling babes in the care of a Desert Tribe, where a child grew up in cleaner Air away from the cramped city to learn the ways of the Bedouins. Mohammed, as a Bedouin, was raised as a sheep’s herder.
Later as an Orphan, Mohammed was given to a woman named Haliymah who was from a tribe that was known for the gracefulness of their speech. Haliymah breast-fed the baby when he was TWO.

It was a custom after that period of time, to return the foster-children to their families. Mohammed was returned to his mother at four years, four months, and four days old. However one year later, his mother returned to the Ancestors. Mohammed was then given to his uncle Abu Taalib who raised him as a son.

As an adult, Mohammed followed the Religion of Abraham by way of the Angel Gabriel. This is when the Vatican, the desert Arabs, and the Jews conspired to distort what Mohammed was teaching in Arabia. So the Vatican, with the help of the Desert Arabs, brought in their own Mohammed. In other words, there were TWO ‘Mohammeds’ during this time in order to counteract the works of the ORIGINAL Mohammed.

This distortion of Islam, called Arab Catholicism, was founded by a Jesuit Priest named St. Augustine, a Moor, who had allegiance to the Pope and the Catholic Church. He was one of the Architects behind this Roman Catholicism and one of the first fathers of the Christian Church. St. Augustine, well before Ahmad and Musaylimat were born, set out to convert the Bedouins and Asiatic Arabs of Ishmael. So, St. Augustine with a host of Jesuits and Catholic Ministers came up with a technique to convert them to Christianity by combining Ancient doctrines and calling that combining ‘Islam’. Later on, this corrupt set of teachings was called “Shari’a” NOT to be mistaken for the Pure doctrine of the Hebrew Law.

This fake Islam, Arab Catholicism, was also a conspiracy as a means of controling the Trade in Old Mecca. A woman named Khadijah along with her Uncle, Waraqa, were Roman Catholic Arabs. They were sent by Rome to begin the plan of destroying the Original Holy Koran of Mecca and replace it with THEIR version which you SEE today which is written by Musaylimat, the fake Mohammed, with the help of Jewish scholars and Christian scholars. In addition, their plans were to kill the Original Family of the Royal House of the Quraysh starting with Ahmad.

Before this conspiracy, Prophet Mohammed was actually following the Laws of the Torah from Israel. This 40 year old rich female spy, Khadijah, would place herself as a wife of Prophet Mohammed having her Uncle, Waraqa, teach the Prophet the Hebrew Torah and the Greek Evangel. Ahmad was a Prophet of Revelation and NOT a Prophet of Prophecy. He did NOT tell of future events but merely gave Revelation. Khadijah and Waraqa worked on his EGO and built him up on false teachings, but Allah stepped in and gave Revelations to Ahmad.

Everyone who had came in contact with Ahmad’s father during that time were Roman Catholic Arabs. Qutayla, Waraqa’s sister and the holder of the Arabic Bible, was sent to Abdullah before his marriage to Amiyna and the birth of Ahmad and asked him to marry her. Of course, this did NOT work.

This fake Mohammed was Musaylimat Ibn Habib Al Hanif born TWENTY-TWO years before Ahmad. Musaylimat is another way of saying “Muslim”. The fake Mohammed’s followers are referred to as the Desert Arabs in the Koran of Mecca. These Desert Arabs are in control of Old Mecca, Jerusalem, and even the tomb of the Mahdi in Sudan to this very day.

They formed a sacred brotherhood called the Ikhwaani Muslimuwn or the Brotherhood of Musaylimat, the fake Mohammed.
Waraqa was also Musaylimat’s advisor. The Romans’ plan was successful in the killing of the Real Muhammad and his family as well as the SEVEN Elders who had the Original Holy Koran of Mecca in memory. But they did NOT destroy the Original Holy Koran of Mecca, written in the Quraysh dialect of Arabic, on bones and skins which Faatimah sent to a place called Kufa and there it was translated into Kufic. Original copies of this are to be found throughout Egypt of the East down into the Sudan where it is protected.

Eventually they assassinated Ali, Faatimah, Hasan, and Husayn. Abu Bakr was a shrewd businessman and a wealthy merchant who was considered to be very powerful and respected amongst the Desert Arabs and he aligned himself with Musaylimat. Uthmaan of the Umayyahs burned the Original copies of the Kufic Holy Koran of Mecca and distributed the false copies of Musaylimat.

The fake Muhammad, Musaylimat, was killed by the assassin Wahshi a year after the real Muhammad returned to the Ancestors. Prophet Muhammad was poisoned by an Asiatic Jewish woman named Zainab who served him and his men a specially prepared poisoned Lamb. The Prophet realized by its taste that it was poisoned but did NOT die immediately. But he became sick and eventually died of this act in 632 A.D. in Madina.

In addition, the Vatican desperately wanted possession of Jerusalem of the East. However, Jerusalem was blocked by the Jews. So here was the strategy of the Roman powers:

1. Eliminate the Jews, which they called Infidels.
2. Protect the Roman Catholics.
3. Conquer Jerusalem for the Pope.

The Desert Arabs became COCKY and turned their backs on the Pope. The Desert Arabs decided to conquer Europe, themselves and the Pope was furious LOL! So the Pope raised Armies to hold the Desert Arabs back. This became known as the CRUSADES!

The DHIKR Beads came from the Rosary Beads. The Rosary Beads came from the Buddhists LOL!
The Divine Prophet Mohammed received 114 Degrees of the Holy Koran of Old Mecca and Madina between 610 A.D. to 631 A.D. He returned to the Ancestors in 632 A.D.

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