I.G.S. Article : April 1957


“One Way To Solve The Race Problem: CHANGE NAME; CHANGE LUCK”

the Baltimore Afro-American on April 27, 1957

The article was done by Ralph Matthews, it reads: “There are many ways of solving the so-called ‘Negro problem’ and the quickest way, according to Grand Sheik F. Turner-El, director of the Moroccan United Organization Federation is to just stop being ‘Negroes’ at all. The Grand Sheik was in Washington last week visiting state department officials, and foreign embassies and members of Congress in connection with his plan to press for Moroccan independence and also have a bill passed which will destroy forever all references to the term ‘Negro’ and restore to the race their rightful name of ‘Moors’. Accompanied by Brother R. G. Bey, mythical governor of the State of Maryland, Grand Sheik Turner-El also extended official invitations to many Asian and African representatives to attend the special educational session to be held in New haven, Conn., on June 1, 1957, and lasting for several weeks. When a colored man puts on a fez, grows a beard and talks in a foreign tongue he has no race problem even in the Deep South, Sheik Turner-El points out, that’s why he is out to convert as many colored citizens as possible to his belief. The educational program will consist of the following: Education and indoctrination relative to the Islamic Religion dealing with Islamic Culture and Civilization in order to Prepare and indoctrinate Grand Sheiks, Imams, Grand Governors, Governor-Generals and President-Generals of the Moroccan United Organizations Federation. It will be imperative and necessary that all leaders and representatives who aspire to leadership under the charter and auspices of the Moroccan United Organizations Federation must be thoroughly prepared and indoctrinated for leadership in order to defend the principles and purposes of our organization at large. 

Courses and education will be disseminated relative and relevant to history and civilizations of Morocco in order to cope with the present Moroccan situation in the world coherent with the independence and sovereignty of Morocco to enable Moorish-Americans and Moroccan Americans to participate and share in the blessings of Moroccan culture and civilization; the History and background of the greatest Sultan that ever ruled Morocco, whose name was Mullay Ishmael, who was known in history as Louis XIV of Morocco; the history of Louis Africanus, as well as the history of Louis, the African of Fez, who were great patriots in Moroccan history will be taught to all Moroccans who attend the 1957 session of the Moroccan Education National Home, Litchfield, Conn., telephone Kimball 2-5597. All Moroccan-Americans who desire to be taught the Moroccan language, the language of our ancient forefathers which is Moghrobbin Arabic, the language of Morocco, which is greatly related to the ancient Hebrew language, which is the language of Ethiopia, and related to the Aramic language, the language which Jesus spoke, because Jesus uttered when he was on the cross, Allah ililahe Sebethany, My Father God why have thou forsaken me. Education relative to the Koranic Islamic Law and Islamic sciences pertaining to ancient Adept philosophy will be taught at the Moroccan Educational School during the summer session of 1957. All interested parties must communicate with Grand Sheik F. Turner-El in care of Young Johnson-Bey, special consultant to the councilor, before the Moroccan National International Home, May 17th, 18th and 19th, 1957, embodying the representations of newly appointed accredited ambassadors from Morocco, Sudan and Tunisia, whose reception and banquet we commemorated Friday night, February 8, 1957, at Theresa Hotel in New York City, 7th Avenue and 125th Street.”