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Codes of conduct and educational lessons that a Moabitess sister needs to know when it comes to living the Moorish way.

Dr. Ivan Van Sertima On Moorish Women In Spain:

Since Africa is a matriarchal society, women were also encouraged to devote themselves to serious study, and it was only in Spain that one could find female doctors, lawyers, and scientists.”

Lifestyle Of Moorish Women Under Moorish Rule: “Women in Moorish Spain enjoyed a full level of freedoms and educational pursuits: this was unique among Islamic nations (the wearing of the veil in public places was almost completely ignored). Women shared in all of the intellectual, scientific and literary movements of the day. There were women poets, surgeons and doctors, historians, philosophers, business leaders, and other disciplines and professions. Women operated educational institutions in some of the principal cities.” – THE MOORS IN SPAIN AND PORTUGAL – 7TH TO 15TH CENTURY A.D.

The Lessons in Chp. xxi(21) give a guide to what our behavior should and shouldn’t be.

1. Give ear, fair daughter of love, to the instructions of prudence and let the precepts of truth sink deep in thy heart; so shall the charms of thy mind add luster to the elegance of thy form; and thy beauty, like the rose it resembleth, shall retain its sweetness when its bloom is withered.

2. In the spring of thy youth, in the morning of thy days, when the eyes of men gaze on thee with delight, and nature whispereth in thine ear the meaning of their looks; ah, hear with caution their seducing words; guard well thy heart, nor listen to their soft persuasions.

3. Remember thou art made man’s reasonable companion, not the slave of his passion; the end of thy being is not merely to gratify his loose desire; but to assist him in the toils of life, to soothe his heart with thy tenderness and recompense his care with soft endearments.

4. Who is she that winneth the heart of man, that subdueth him to love, and reigneth in his breast?

5. Lo! Yonder she walketh in maiden sweetness, with innocence in her mind, and modesty on her cheek.

6. Her hand seeketh employment, her foot delighteth not in gadding abroad.

7. She is clothed with neatness, she is fed with temperance; humility and meekness are as a crown of glory circling her head.

8. On her tongue dwelleth music, the sweetness of honey floweth from her lips. Decency is in all her words, in her answers are mildness and truth.

9. Submission and obedience are the lessons of her life, and peace and happiness are her reward.

10. Before her steps walketh prudence, and virtue attendeth at her right hand.

11. Her eye speaketh softness and love, but discretion with a sceptre sitteth on her brow.

12. The tongue of the licentious is dumb in her presence; the awe of her virtue keepeth him silent.

13. When scandal is busy, and the fame of her neighbors is tossed from tongue to tongue; if charity and good nature open not her mouth, the finger of silence resteth on her lip.

14. Her breast is the mansion of goodness, and therefore she suspecteth no evil of others.

15. Happy were the man that should make her his wife; happy the child that should call her mother.

16. She presideth in the house, and there is peace; she commandeth with judgment, and is obeyed.

17. She ariseth in the morning, she considers her affairs, and appointeth to every one their proper business.

18. The care of her family is her whole delight; to that alone she applieth her study; and elegance with frugality is seen in her mansion.

19. The prudence of her management is an honor to her husband, he heareth her praise with a secret delight.

20. She informeth the minds of her children with wisdom; she fashioneth their manners from the examples of her own goodness.

21. The words of her mouth is the law of their youth; the motion of her eye commandeth their obedience.

22. She speaketh, and the servants fly; she pointeth, and the thing is done; for the law of love is in their hearts, and her kindness addeth wings to their feet.

23. In prosperity she is not puffed up; in adversity she healeth the wounds of fortune with patience.

24. The troubles of her husband are alleviated by her councils and sweetened by her endearments; he putteth his heart in her bosom, and receiveth comfort.

25. Happy is the man that has made her his wife; happy the child that call her mother.

Sheikess G. Cherry-El requested this information be posted so that the melanated women, properly the Asiatic, Moslem, Moorish/Moabite women in North America will comprehend the importance of Ourstory, nationality, divine existence and the role of our women in our nation.  Part of separating and dividing us during the inquisition, invasion, colonization and denaturalization of the Americas was destroying the role the women in civilization.

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