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About the Prophet  Jesus

originally: Who is the Prophet Jesus-July 18, 2016 

His real name is Yashua’ in Aramaic (Hebrew) and ‘Isa in Asshuric (Arabic). Born approximately 2,000 years ago in 4B.C., 550 years after Confucius, 500 years after Buddha and 600 years before Mohammed.

Three members of the Silent Brotherhood from the Order of Melchisedek called the Essenes followed a star until they reached the cave in which Joseph and Mary were staying.

Because the baby was a newborn, they moved him to a house to protect him from the elements.

These Wisemen thought they would SEE a royal person, the ruler of Israel, upon their arrival,.

They expected a royal palace, coats of gold and elaborate costumes, Slaves in attendance, gifts and the rarest of entertainment. Yet, what they found was Joseph and Mary sealed in a cave with an astonished look on their faces.

The child was SPEAKING! This was confirmation of his personage although all they saw was a humble estate of poverty,

They were left with no doubt that this indeed was a Messiah. The Magi sat with Joseph and Mary and told them stories of the signs of Jesus and what to expect.

Along with the Frankincense, myrrh, and gold, the Wisemen brought THIRTY pieces of silver and told them how it would be very significant in his life in the future.

They also brought the STAFF (Scepter of Allah’s Covenant with Abraham). These things were given to Joseph to hold until Jesus would come of age, at which time , Jesus would be instructed to seek out the Magi and learn his Messianic duties.

According to the Hebrew Law manhood, i.e. coming of age, began at the age of THIRTEEN years immediately following what is known as the Bar Mitzvah.

Jesus would have to go to the land of Midian because the Magi were going to leave their students behind to set up schools.

From Midian, the Wisemen would meet Jesus and show him all of his ancestry, their tombs, the scriptures and all which had been written and spoken so that he would have the knowledge, the key, to be ruler over the Israelites.

The Magi had the original Book of Wisdom given to the Midianites from the Divine Prophet Luqmaan but they could NOT leave it with Joseph. Jesus would have to receive it later on in his life.

Because Jesus was born of a woman, Mary, and fathered by the Angel Gabriel, the Elohim were coming down from heaven to him.

Upon hi arrival, the Magi rose and paid homage to Jesus.

After the Magi paid their visit to the newborn child, they were warned in a dream, by Allah, that they should NOT return to Herod the Great but should take another route back to their country. Having prepared food for their journey, they each returned to their own country by way of the desert.

When Herod realized that he had been fooled by the Magi, he became furious. He sent out soldiers with orders to kill every male child TWO years and under.

Herod gathered all the priests and scribes to locate the child, Jesus. But Allah sent an Angel to Joseph informing him of what Herod was doing and told him to flee with the child and mother into Egypt.

They set forth for Egypt in the year SEVEN A.D. Joseph, Mary, and Jesus were safely away in Egypt while Herod was playing the role of Satan.

When they entered Egypt, all the idols were swept from their places. They were broken to fulfill what was written (Isaiah 19). During that period of time the family traveled to Egypt, Herod could NOT go searching for the baby himself because he was busy collecting the tax that Caesar had demanded of him. It took him approximately FIVE HUNDRED and FIFTY-ONE days to collect this tax. He then sent his men out in the land to find the priest who had consecrated the child.

As a babe, Jesus was taken by his parents into Egypt, breast-fed until the age of TWO under the close watch of his mother. At the age of THREE, he started to study the Ancient Egyptian alphabets and their meanings under an Egyptian teacher.

At the age of FOUR years, FOUR months, and FOUR days (which is the Ancient tradition for a male child to start spending Moor time with his father and less time with his mother) Mary gave Jesus over to Joseph who taught him the rudiments of carpentry up to age FIVE.

At age SIX, the family returned to Jerusalem having received word of the death of Herod. At age SEVEN, young Jesus studied with the Silent Brotherhood of which Joseph was a member, memorizing all the Hebraic texts and returning to Nazareth because it was now safe for him and his family. At age ELEVEN, Jesus was taken to Gammaliel, one of the members of the council of the Sanhedrin, who also taught Jesus’ mother Mary when she was a child. Gammaliel was so taken with Jesus that he personally educated Jesus for the next year.

At age TWELVE, the youth returned to Jerusalem from Egypt for the Feast of the Passover. When the Passover was completed and Jesus’ parents were on their way back to Galilee, they realized Jesus was NOT with them. So they returned to Jerusalem on finding him in the Temple with the Elders learning and teaching, discussing many issues surprising the Elders. His parents asked about his behavior. Jesus replied with the statement, “I must be about my FATHER’S work”.

At THIRTEEN, he receives his Bar Mitzvah. This is the age all boys reach manhood. At FOURTEEN, Jesus journeys to India. Between the ages of FIFTEEN & NINETEEN, Jesus studied amongst the Brahma Masters as well as the common people. They referred to him as ‘Hare Krishna’. This title was returned with him to Jerusalem becoming ‘Helios Khristos’ meaning “the anointed sun”. Over time, this simply became “Christ”.

Between the ages of TWENTY & TWENTY-FIVE, Jesus journeyed up the Tigris Euphrates going through Afghanistan and Chaldea. Then he travelled on into Tibet amongst the Buddhists. Among the Buddhist priests was one who saw a Great Wisdom in the words that Jesus spoke. His name was Barato Arabo. Together Jesus and Barato read the Hebrew Psalms as well as the Prophesies of the Old Testament Prophets, the Vedas, the Avesta, and the Wisdom of Buddha (Guatama).

Then he traveled to Persia (Present day Iran) amongst the Zoroastrians, on to Assyria amongst certain members of the Silent Brotherhood and then to Egypt, going to the Temple of the City of the Sun, called Heliopolis, and is received as a pupil. Emmanu-El, the name given to Jesus, by Gabriel, at the annunciation, stayed in Zoan, Egypt many days. Jesus then returned to Heliopolis and sought admission to the Temple of the sacred Order of Melchisedek.

Then he moves on into Persepolis, Iran stopping at the Great Spiritual Center there and heads toward Assyria into Damascus and Iraq on into Galilee to visit his mother, Mary. In each of these places, he spent his time studying, healing, teaching and learning covering the period of about FIVE years.

At age TWENTY-SIX, he involved himself with the radical groups who spoke out against the Pharisees calling them vipers and the like. At age TWENTY-SEVEN, Mary his mother feared for his involvement and at age TWENTY-EIGHT, he married and impregnated his wife Mary Magdalene. At age TWENTY-NINE, he and his wife left to study at the mystical schools in Jordan amongst the Silent Brotherhood, visiting his cousin John the Baptist and spending time teaching, learning and presenting his wife whom he married in the year TWENTY-EIGHT A.D. in Cana where he turned water into wine. The Silent Brotherhood considered him too opinionated and he was temporarily outcast from the Sacred Order. At age TWENTY-NINE while in Jordan, he was baptized by John the Baptist and received his Baptism/Shahaada.

John announced to the people that ‘the man coming after me is much greater than I AM”, that he (John) is NOT good enough even to bend down and untie his sandals. He says, “I baptize you with water, but the one who comes after me will baptize you with the Holy Breath”. Jesus returned from the river Jordan full of the Holy Breath.

After Jesus was supposedly crucified, he disguised himself and continued the rest of his travels with his wife and her sister, Martha. As we know, Jesus was originally sent to gather the Lost Tribe of Judah only. His travels took him throughout India and Persia, tracing out the Wisemen, one of whom he had met while in Persia and would meet again in Egypt at the Giza Pyramids, and then back to the land of Nazareth. He was constantly on the run from people trying to harm them.

In spite of his disguise, the Silent Brotherhood, to which Jesus belonged, knew of Jesus’ plans because they were the ones who helped him when he was in need. They’re also the ones that the people had described as Angels standing at the tomb. This is the Order of Tehuti/Thoth/Maliki Saddiq/Melchisedek. They are the mystics that link across the whole world. The Silent Brotherhood into which only certain members of the human family are allowed. It was The Silent Brotherhood who persuaded Jesus to leave the country. However at this point, Jesus had already made up his mind to leave anyway. He went to Samaria into which the Hebrews were forbidden to enter. When Jesus was traveling through these lands, he was very sad because he knew in his heart that he might not ever travel through these lands again. The Silent Brotherhood sent word to Jesus that they were waiting for him and he must hurry. Jesus and the Silent Brotherhood were traveling by night and rested by day. Finally, they reached the land of Nazareth and went to the sea of Tiberius.

From Nazareth, he passed the Great caravan in route to Damascus.
Jesus was convinced that it would no longer be safe for him to remain in Nazareth. He went to Nisibis. From Nisibis, he, as well as one of the Wisemen from Persia and his people, traveled to Syria. Jesus continued his journey by sea to Greece meeting the Silent Brotherhood there. He finally traveled back by sea to Egypt where he was received as a student. Jesus was preparing himself for his SEVEN tests to receive the highest degree any man would ever receive.

After Jesus completed his SEVEN schools, he stood before the High Priest to receive his scroll of the Higher degree.

While Jesus was in Egypt, he spoke of the events that took place in his life. Thus, they became a part of Egyptian history. The Egyptians called Jesus ‘Horus’ or ‘Heru’. In Greek, he was called ‘Huios’ or son. The recorded dates of his time in Egypt vary according to the calendar used. Because of this, it is hard for historians to accurately state the EXACT time that Jesus was in Egypt. One historian may find artifacts that were dated according to the Coptic Egyptian calendar, whereas another historian will base his findings on the Judaic or Gregorian calendar. Dates from one calendar vary greatly. Jesus’ wife died at the age of ONE-HUNDRED and TEN. Being younger than him by TEN years, she made her transition TEN years before him. Their surviving children moved southward up the Nile River to live amongst their own and, in time, their own tribe became known as the Bija tribe.

(Refer to Al Injiyl 11:8): This crucifixion at the age of ONE-HUNDRED and TWENTY was the ascension of Jesus, to be met in the skies with an apparatus from which he ascended back down, as Timothy Drew, in the lunar logging of the 8th point in January when this planet Earth positioned itself in the location of the revolution of Earth year 1886 of the Gregorian calendar in North Carolina. Jesus as Prophet Noble Drew Ali returned to the skies in the same apparatus in the Earth year 1929.

Now, Back to the story of 2000 years ago:

The Great Pyramid at Giza, Egypt, is a sepulcher which is a place and mount of the dead. It is written that Jesus died on a cross. The Pyramid is the cross that represents the astronomical symbol of power. It is one of the pyramids in line with THREE stars forming Orion’s belt. Jesus made this statement as Huios (Horus) the son in John 14:2: “In my Father’s house are many MANSIONS. If it were NOT so, I would have told you.” He was referencing all of the astrological constellations. The FOUR triangles of the pyramid form the cross when viewed from a geo-centric position. So, when the Romans, Jews, and Greeks teach that they put Jesus to death upon a cross, in actuality, they mean he died on top of a pyramid.

In John 8:23, Jesus, leaving this earthly plane, stated, “I AM from above, you are of this world, I AM NOT of this world”. Jesus left with the promise of sending another comforter, like himself. Another Holy Breath incarnated who would NOT speak of himself, but only of that which he hears would he speak. This Holy Breath would have a little book, the Holy Koran of Mecca, which would be sweet in the mouth and bitter in the belly. This comforter would glorify Jesus’ name, which he does as Jesus is mentioned EIGHTY-FIVE times in FIFTEEN Suras (Chapters) of the Holy Koran of Mecca. This prophesied Comforter was no other than the Divine Prophet Mohammed born in 570 A.D. in Arabia. 

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