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It is said that John Givens-El (born George Givens) was a native of Sumpter, South Carolina. He was born December 6, 1904.

Upon coming of age John Givens-El traveled west, finally settling in Chicago, IL, May 14, 1925. Shortly thereafter he embraced the teachings of Prophet Noble Drew Ali and joined and became a member of Chicago’s subordinate Temple #1 in 1926. After a brief period in the Temple, he was initiated into its Adept Chambers. He also became the chauffeur-mechanic for Prophet Noble Drew Ali.On July 20, 1929 at 9:50pm, Noble Drew Ali expired. At his bedside were Dr. Clarence Payne-El, Attorney Aaron Payne-El, his father in-law, Bro. Foreman-Bey, and the Prophet’s wife, Sis. Mary Drew Ali.

According to his death certificate filed by Dr. Payne-El, cause of death was “Tuberculosis Bronchi Pneumonia.” The body was placed in the Frank Edwards’ Undertaking Parlor, 4136 Michigan Ave. Funeral services were held on Friday, July 25, 1929 at 1:30pm in the Pythian Temple building, 37th Place and State Street. Representatives from offices all over the United States attended the Prophet’s last rites. The body was finally laid to rest in Burr Oak Cemetary – Acacia Lawn, Lott 44, Grave 7.

During the 2nd Annual National Convention of the Moorish Science Temple of America, Givens-El would once again make his declaration of reincarnation. It was September 19, 1929. The Moorish convention was entering its final hours, lengthy discussions had been held concerning the Prophet’s last instructions. It was around this time that Givens-El entered the convention hall, walking straight to the platform, he seated himself in the “Vacant Chair” and declared, “I am back.” He then said, “I am Prophet Noble Drew Ali, Reincarnated and Prophet Noble Drew Ali, the Founder. We two are one in the same.” A silence fell over the convention hall. Nevertheless, by the end of September, a number of subordinate temples would begin to follow Givens-El, the Noble Drew Ali, Reincarnated.” – (Excerpt from “MUQARRABEEN FILES VOL 1” by Brother R. Edwards-El, A.S.D.M., Author Brother J. Barnes-Bey, Co-Author)

Moors have said: “We give much credit to Bro. John Givens-El as he kept to the pure teachings of Islam and under his leadership there was many Moorish Business established such as Moorish cafeteria, Moorish schools, Moorish grocery stores, Moorish shoe shops and many other Moorish business his Moorish community was a tight knit group.”

Many are confused on the title of Reincarnated Prophet. Reincarnated Prophet is a “title” and “degree” based on demonstration in keeping with the spirit of the founder Prophet Noble Drew Ali. When we study charters, we see that when the founder of the charter passes away, that corporation, organization can become a stand still or void unless there is a continuation. For example, the Vatican copied what Prophet Noble Drew Ali did in 1928, when they made their move in 1929. The Vatican also has a Divine side and National side. The reason why the Popes take on a Holy Name is for the Divine side, a title and/or degree. The next reason is according to the Vatican’s belief, their belief is Jesus resurrected, and in that Vatican belief, the Popes represent the living Christ here on earth (Vicar of Jesus Christ); because if the Christ is dead, their Christian movement is dead. The Moorish Science Temple being a chartered organization, similar effects apply to us. Who is there to represent the founder of the chartered organization when they pass away?

No matter what Moors may say, think or feel, or may not like how Sheik John Givens-El demonstrated that degree of understanding, he was demonstrating that understanding of keeping the movement alive and in its true intention. You must look again at the “signs”, out of everyone, why did the Prophet choose Sheik John Givens-El to be his chauffeur and mechanic? If he is indeed a Prophet he knew what was going to happen to him, his movement and position the movement and people in place. Besides the Prophet’s wives (two separate obligations at two separate times, not at the same time), his executive adept officers, the person who spent the most time with the Prophet was Shiek John Givens-El. Sheik John Givens-El spent days, nights, hours with the Prophet, who else would know where the movement was going and what the next “national” chess moves would be?

So Moors back then and also now may not understand those “keys” or may not like how Shiek John Givens-El took on his role and title of “Reincarnated Prophet”, but it was not his name, it was a demonstration, degree and “understanding” of securing the “national side” and keeping the charter and mandate “activate”. Sheik John Givens-El was the one that gave Grand Sheiks Richardson Dingle-El and his brother Timothy Dingle-El the instructions to set up the Moorish National Bureau of Vital Statistics for ALL Moors to properly and uniformly proclaim their nationality under our own jurisdiction and also capture the foundation of Act 6 that the founder Prophet Noble Drew Ali was demonstrating which is the Proclamations of President Abraham Lincoln and the 13th Amendment with “20 sections”; which also lead Grand Sheik Richardson Dingle-El to go to the Pentagon to speak to the military pertaining to Moorish affairs.

In 1928 during the time of the Prophet there was common law, in 1933 with the New Deal we went into commercial law. The process of just getting a Bey or El on your name and “only” having a Temple card and being protected and in proper status is void. Hence the verbal statement: Sister A. Brown El of Temple 4 and 25 said the Holy Prophet said, “Your Nationality Card is going to change on you in your pocket.” By not knowing this demonstration and degrees, this is why Moors have ran to the UCC/UCC-1 and United Nation Declarations, which is not in line with the “constitutional fold” that Prophet Noble Drew Ali pointed out. These are the degrees of the “National” side of the movement that Sheik John Givens-El and the Dingle-El brothers were up on that most Moors were/are not aware of, or understand. Sheik John Givens-El having the title of Reincarnated Prophet is a degree and title based on the demonstration in the spirit of the founder. We study law, demonstration, not man. The Reincarnated Prophet in this “context”, “condition” and “subject matter” is not dealing with physical rebirth, but the rebirth of the “movement”, its “direction” in the spirit of the founder. In this news article written by the Philadelphia Sunday News about Sheik John Givens-El,

and the thousands that was coming to hear him speak. As we get more information, clearer pictures and articles about Sheik John Givens-El, they will be added to this section accordingly.

* If there is any one who is a descendant of any of the Moors who walked, was taught or was under the teachings of Sheik John Givens-El, any family member or descendants of Sheik John Givens-El that has any stories, pictures, files or documents they would like to share, or would like for us to have, please contact the webmaster or National Grand Sheik J. Bratton-Bey in the contact us section.

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