Each committee supports, and reports to, at least one Department of the MANR. Committees are tasked with facilitating MANR Departments in their function and growth.

Under direction, and at discretion, of the Webmaster, Produce, Maintain, Sustain and Grow meaningful content (written, audio, visual, audio-visual) for MANR website. The committee reports to MANR Department of Interior

  • Develop Committee Code of Operations
  • Produce – Using existing sources, ever mindful of undesirable subliminal messages contained therein, “create” content which speaks to and fulfills the mission of the Moorish American National Republic with a view to having less ‘already-written content’ ever moving towards “creating” content in-house as expeditiously as possible.
  • Maintain – Preview and edit all content for typos, readability, audio and pixel clarity, content clarity and focus and, in general, assuring our content fulfills the mission of the Moorish American National Republic.
  • Sustain – Put such operational systems in place that immediately empower future members in committee tasks guaranteeing consistency and integrity of site content, upkeep and growth well into the immediate, and insha’ Allah the distant, future.
  • Grow – Put in place such operational systems which, while fulfilling the mission of the Moorish American National Republic, enhance site’s “web appeal” and further solidify and expand our presence in both the cyber and physical worlds.
  • Coordinate with committees to maintain up-to-date information and delete expired notices, etc.
  • Tasks as may be assigned by Webmaster


This committee communicates with the Moorish Department of the Interior and MANR Registrar for the purposes of receiving guidance in the execution of its objectives as well as sharing all pertinent findings and updates to both Offices. This committee brainstorms and strategizes on two fronts, developing Plans of Action for each.

  • Develop Committee Code of Operations
  • Strategies for the “Executive Will”
  • Strategies for the development of our Community while we await full Implementation. We must build in the NOW to GROW into our future-NOW.
  • How do we acquire, establish and operate Servers?, etc.
  • Address Community-building goals and objectives
  • Develop a roster of classes (All applicable areas of Study) designed to empower and prepare members in nation-building concepting and activities

Interested in Chairing or joining this committee?

The word/committee name speaks for itself. This committee primarily supports our Moorish Department of the Interior, the Moorish School of Law and History and the Childrens’ Sunday School, with the other committees thereafter considered. The Research Committee:

  • Develop Committee Code of Operations
  • Maintains an ongoing review of information presented on website and through Moorish School of Law and History assuring accuracy of our sharings.
  • Aids Moorish Department of the Interior, the Moorish School of Law and History and the Childrens’ Sunday School in their research needs
  • Consults with committees coordinating aid in each committee’s research needs, especially with new projects.


This committee’s purpose mandates ongoing correspondence with the MANR Office of the Registrar. Working to fulfill the mission of the Moorish American National Republic, Committee duties include:

  • Developing effective strategies to increase membership through MANR-sponsored events, physical and virtual.
  • Develop and implement a sustainable calendar of events with emphasis on webinars and regional one-day symposia which include topics as,
    • o General Health and Wellness
      o The Moorish Family
      o Nutrition and Plant-based Eating
      o Alternative Medicinal Disciplines and Therapies
      o Others
  • Aid in coordinating and broadcasting events of all committees and member groups.
  • Develop Pre-Naturalization Ceremony classes and forums to take place Thursday & Friday
    • Childrens’ Sunday School Presentation
    • Moorish Health and Wellness, Past and Present
    • The Moorish Family
    • Nutrition and Plant-based Eating
    • Alternative Medicinal Disciplines and Therapies
    • Others

Interested in Chairing or joining this committee?

This committee’s mandate is one of candid, intensive introspection and critical analysis resulting in Strategies which effectively move our Moorish community forward. Critical Thinking skills, Creativity, Innovative Thinking, Flexibility, Future-NOW ‘vision’ are a few of the “tools” needed for success. What must we do NOW to better position ourselves and how do we go about it? Where might we be in 20 years and how do we design our path there? Committee members must be “forward-thinkers” as we focus on our growth and development from Organization to recognized Nation-State to Autonomy. This committee corresponds with all MANR Departments.

  • Identify what & where changes can be made to improve the Movement, membership interactions, etc.


“In connection with our religious aims and beliefs, we must promote economic security. The preaching of economic security among us is by no means as widespread and intensive as the circumstance demand. No other one thing is more needed among us at this time than greater economic power. Better positions for our men and women, more business employment for our boys and girls and bigger income will follow our economic security. “We shall be secure in nothing until we have economic power. A beggar people cannot develop the highest in them, nor can they attain to a genuine enjoyment of the spiritualities of life.” – Prophet Noble Drew Ali excerpted from an article in the Moorish Literature known as “Moorish Leader’s Historical Message To America”

Economic Security means Community Security on all levels. Every Moorpreneur creates at least one ‘job’, i.e. work for themselves, and sometimes creates meaningful opportunities for others. Correspondence with both MANR Treasury Department and Moorish National Bureau of Vital Statistics is requisite for committee focus and success. “The circumstance demand”, we:

  • promote economic security
  • preach economic security, widespread and intensive.
    • Develop and maintain a sustainable “Moorpreneurship” presence for/at MANR website
  • Teach Our men, women and children:
    • to believe in the capacity of our group to succeed in business…”
    • We have many men and women among our people who are qualified, both by training and experience, who are shining lights in the business world of all the people.”
    • To open Sustainable business models emphasizing familial operations
    • “…to dare and do wondrous things”
  • How do we establish and generate revenue via the acquisition and operation of Internet Servers?, etc.

Primarily an Advisory Committee, this Committee provides at least one youth (preferably two) liaison to Keep all other Committees aware of, updated on and connected to Youth concerns, views, perceptions and perspectives as we grow our community.

  • Develop effective activities for events geared to Youth and Children, with our potential first event/presentation being for Naturalization Ceremony 2018.
  • Develop and maintain a Column for our ‘FREEING FAMILY MATTERS’ web section.
  • Consider best means of sharing what we know through our KUUMBA/CREATIVITY.
  • How do we capitalize off current socio-economic-political environment?
  • How do we use JUNETEENTH, KWANZA and other CELEBRATIONS as teaching opportunities?


The Arts and Culture Committee is tasked with designing Arts Education models which provide exposure and access to, as well as training and experience in, the Arts Disciplines of Music, Dance and Movement, Visual Arts and Theatre.

The learning of these Self-expression Disciplines is requisite to the proper Spiritual growth, Mental development and Physical expression of our Moorish-American Youth and Children and teaching of these Arts Disciplines is the Committee’s Number One Priority.

In total, the Arts and Culture Committee is tasked with the:

  • Design of Arts Education models that connect to “The National Standards for the Arts” as well as varying State Education Department Instructional Strands and Threads
  • Consideration of the incorporation of existing Cultural Curricula, e.g. “Baseline Curriculum”, “SETCLAE” and any other curriculum put forth by Asiatics striving to Spiritually RE-orient our people through Culture.
  • Provision of presentations of Cultural Artistic expression at MANR-sponsored gatherings and events.
  • Generation and maintenance of an updated ‘National Roster’, composed of local Rosters, of Moorish-American Artists in each Discipline.
  • Developing and managing a logistics system for Artists’ Booking (Booking Agency).

This Committee is available and open for the facilitation required by all departments.


In accordance with Acts 1, 4, 5 and 6 of our DIVINE CONSTITUTION AND BY-LAWS, The LAW COMMITTEE is tasked with helping our Movement negotiate the subject of Constitutional laws, etc. as they truly relate to our people, i.e. so-called ‘negro black, colored & african-american’ whose ancestors were held as slaves and who are “descendants” of the Ancient Moabite inhabitants of the Americas. As stated by Prophet Noble Drew Ali in the MOORISH LITERATURE article “Divine Warning to the Nations…” (and we paraphrase) “we must repent from our sinful ways and go back to that state of mind of our forefathers’ Divine and National Principles that we will be law abiding and receive our divine rights as citizens according to the Free National Constitution that was prepared for all free National beings”- (end paraphrase). Law is specific and so we must inner-stand the laws and/or statutes currently in use in order to properly defend ourselves in lawful and legal venues. Peace on earth and good will to man can only be achieved when every womb-man knows the laws governing him. Every Nation has laws which govern it; we, the Moorish-Americans, must know the laws which govern us. Therefore, among other areas, this COMMITTEE functions to:

  • Develop Committee Code of Operations
  • Manifest Jurisdiction under “Our Authority” as “part and parcel of this said government”.
  • Become better acquainted with the processes of freedome, thusly assisting in the uplift of fallen hue-manity.
  • Identify & prioritize different lawful & legal procedures effecting Moorish Americans. 
  • identify and teach the laws pertaining to the freeing and resurrection of our people from a low state of mind thereby returning them to that higher state of consciousness needed to rebuild our Nation’s foundation
  • prepare our minds to deal with law which empowers our Self-Governance on the Pyramid side of this Nation’s Government.  
  • procure a fuller and more accurate comprehension of the definition of words as used in law, as opposed to the colloquial usage, i.e. the connotative and denotative meanings, of those same words.
  • Reconnect ourselves to the Moorish Foundation through Nationality &  Birthrights as brought to us by our Beloved Hebrew Prophet Noble Drew Ali.
  • Uncover the slave laws & black codes set in place for those held as slaves etc
  • Creating strategies of actions to be implemented.
  • Moor to come.