About/Who is Prophet Noble Drew Ali

Come all ye Asiatics of America and hear the truth about your nationality and birthrights, because you are not negroes. Learn of your forefathers ancient and divine Creed. That you will learn to love instead of hate. __ CHP. 48 Circle 7 Holy Koran of The MST of A

He was born Timothy Drew in the Lunar Logging of the 8th point, in January, when this planet Earth positioned itself in the location of the revolution of year 1886 of the Gregorian calendar.

The Prophet traveled throughout the southern States examining the conditions under which we Moors lived as negroes, blacks, and coloreds. We were oppressed by strictly enforced Jim Crow Laws. Jim Crow was a fictional negro character in a song and dance act of the early 1860’s presented by Thomas D. Rice. Jim Crow is used to denote segregation and racial discrimination and refers mostly to the laws of that era.

The Jim Crow Laws segregated us from the pale European Americans in every way of life. The forced separation of the races rendered us unequal, inferior, and deprived of Birthrights. We were unable to advance as a people because legal prohibitions and racism would NOT allow them. After being kidnapped, tortured, and made to labor here in North America, we were stripped of everything. Our history was distorted and destroyed. We were deprived of our language, names, religious customs, families, and Birthrights. Bound in chains and sold amongst the European American slaveholders, we were forced to work on cotton, sugar, tobacco, and rubber plantations. By the early 1900’s, very little had changed.

The Prophet sought to change all of that. Ready to teach Islam in America, the Prophet went amongst the down trodden Moors and began his missionary work. The Prophet teaches us that we are direct descendants from the first human family who rapidly populated the earth. Our superior intellect, skillfulness, and imagination helps us survive and excel under unfavorable conditions. The Prophet also teaches us that most of the members of the pale-skinned Nations of Europe has dealt unjustly with us and has tried to crush us, true Moslems, and divert us from the path of Allah. This is why we must join the ranks of our fellow Moslem brothers and sisters and abandon the religion of your enemies: CHRISTIANITY, the religion of Rome who worship the gods of Europe!

The Prophet sought the Citizenship of ALL Moors so we would receive our Divine Rights as Citizens according to the Free National Constitutions that was prepared for ALL Free National Beings!

The Prophet was born on Sampson County, North Carolina Republic. On the day of his birth, there was a great earthquake. This was a Presentment of the Prophet’s spirit hitting the earth. Born amongst the Cherokee, young Timothy was put in the care of his Aunt after the death of his Mother. Little is known about his father and the Prophet’s early childhood was very tragic. Before his mother passed, she had the feeling that her Son would one day inherit a great mission. Therefore she entrusted him in the care of her Sister who was very jealous of her nephew and abused him physically as well as mentally. His Aunt put the young baby in a burning furnace leaving him to die but Allah saved the child from the burning furnace and from that point on! Allah prepared him for the great work that he was to perform for his people!

The Prophet had permanent scars on his hands and face due to the abuse he endured as a child. His younger life was spent with gypsies. Later on, he accepted his mission that Allah gave him and he left the gypsy camp never to return.

During the 1900’s, the Prophet was a victim of racial discrimination, poverty, and suffering. He was very intelligent and was always eager to listen to the wise. He was a boy of great bravery and courage. As he grew older, he was very interested in the East. So with nothing to lose, he left the home of his Aunt and began his journey towards manhood. Since he loved to travel, he first went to Egypt. While there, he learned of his heritage which laid the foundation for his becoming a pioneer of Islam in the West. He went to Egypt as ‘Timothy Drew’ and he returned to America with the name ‘Ali’.

In Egypt, he had the opportunity to visit the great Universities, sit with the Egyptian sages, travel through the inner chambers of the pyramids and also to learn the origin of the slave trade. He was able to SEE and know his true way of life, Islam, and that Allah is the creator of the Original Man and Woman. By being in Egypt, he could SEE for himself that the Moors had laws, science, math, art, dignity, Citizenship, and power over the land.

At that time, there was little formal education of the modern Egyptians. So most of their education came by way of word of mouth. This is how the Prophet was able to learn so much about the life, both past and present, of the Egyptians.

The Prophet was inspired with his origin and returned to America to claim his people — to raise them up as clean, self-respectable, upright Citizens who descended from a glorious race of people. After he returned to the U.S.A., he began his mission leading his congregation to the history of the Moors.

In 1913 at the age of 27, he started teaching. He began his teaching on Essex County, New Jersey, in the city of Newark. He wanted his people to live for, of, and by each other. His teachings were spread by way of street corners, vacant lots, and open discussions in the homes of his people. He taught his people of the lower-self and the higher-self and that they should lead moral and clean lives.

The Prophet’s efforts were interfered by the appearance of Abdul Wali Farrad Muhammad who was a Desert Arab of the East and a member of the P.L.O. Farrad began teaching Arabic and the distorted Islam of the Arabs. The people were fascinated by him and many Moorish Americans began deserting the Canaanite Temple to follow Farrad. As a result, the Prophet dismantled the Canaanite Temple and traveled to Chicago, Illinois to rebuild and made this location his Official headquarters.

In 1925, the Prophet planned a historic trip to the archives of the District in order to reclaim the Moorish Flag and to seek the Divine Right to call his people to their True faith, Islam. To finance this trip, he developed a line of health products including teas, oils, tonics, and body rub compounds.

He designed these products for and sold them to his people. While in the District, he asked for the right to rename his people and restore their Nationality. President Calvin Coolidge, feeling that the people would NOT listen to the Prophet, gave him FULL PROTECTION to teach Islam in America. The Prophet claimed our True flag from the archives which, at the time, had been in European possession for 113 years.

The wearing of the Fez was one of the many customs that the Prophet saw in Egypt which he adopted for his mission. By the late 1920’s, the Temple’s membership had grown tremendously. The Prophet was NO longer able to personally supervise the inner workings of the movement so he designated subordinate Temples with Sheiks and Sheikesses. A Moorish American becomes a Sheik or Sheikess because he/she has earned the Title and NOT because he/she is anyone’s friend or because of his/her age alone. These Moors were considered figures of Authority and responsibility.

Some of these Sheiks/Sheikesses that the Prophet shared power and authority with abused their responsibilities and began exploiting the Temple members. A power struggle began with the Prophet in the middle. The Sheiks and Sheikesses were becoming rich from their positions in the Temple. During a violent conflict within the movement, one of the Sheiks was killed and the Prophet was charged with the crime although he was NOT even in the city at the time. He was NEVER sent to trial NOR convicted because a few weeks after he was released from jail on bond, he made his transition to the plane of Soul in 1929. Afterwards, the movement split into small splinter groups.

So now with the Founder gone, who was left to direct the mission? Sheik John Givens-El, the Reincarnated Prophet. Make note that, at the same time, there was another claiming to be the Reincarnated Prophet: Wallace Douglas Ford who claimed to be Farrad of the Canaanite Temple in New Jersey. W.D. Ford is the FAKE Farrad who was a member of the Nazi party and formed the Nation of Islam.