National Grand Sheik J. Bratton-Bey

Born on May 26, 1946 in Rockhill, South Carolina. He later moved permanently to Baltimore, Maryland where he currently domiciles. National Grand Sheik J. Bratton-Bey was drafted into the United States Army in 1965 serving for two years. He has two years of college studies and worked in the city of Baltimore, Maryland’s government for a total of 38 years (1968 to 2006) as a senior coding enforcement officer for the housing department and also as Chief Relation Specialists for the CMEA (Classified Municipal Employee Association), which was a union in Baltimore, Maryland. .

On April 18, 1975 National Grand Sheik joined the Moorish organization. Like all members of the Moorish American National Republic, he was naturalized under the policy of freedom according to the Hebrew Levitical Code and Proclamation of Amnesty and Reconstruction.

Six months later National Grand Sheik J. Bratton-Bey was raised in the adept chamber of the organization to be a Sheik, which is a Moorish government officer on the executive level of the organization on September 16, 1975.

At that time, National Grand Sheik J. Bratton-Bey was the Chief Investigator and chauffer for the head Sheik at the time who was Grand Sheik Richardson Dingle-El.

Grand Sheik Richardson Dingle-El passed on the keys and responsibility of the Moorish Science Temple The Divine and National Movement of North America, Inc, #13 The Moorish American National Republic and appointed National Grand Sheik J. Bratton-Bey to head Sheik under the Authority Of Prophet Noble Drew Ali and Charter of Warrant And Dispensation No. 1099.

Being in the Moorish Divine and National movement for 39 years to date, National Grand Sheik J. Bratton-Bey is holding the flame of the National side of the Moorish Divine and National movement, the teachings of the Four Proclamations of President Abraham Lincoln that pertains to securing birth rights and nationality, and the 13th Amendment with 20 sections that was resurrected by Grand Sheik Richardson Dingle-El to facilitate a uniform naturalization process so that those known as Blacks, Negro, Colored, ect; properly known historically as Moorish-Americans can be True American Citizens of the U.S.A. according to Constitutional Law and the Hebrew Code to stop the abuses they are suffering from throughout the nation.

Along with the “genius citizens” that Prophet Noble Drew Ali spoke about that would come, as demonstrated by International Grand Sheik F. Turner-El and Grand Sheik Richardson Dingle-El; National Grand Shiek J. Bratton-Bey is continuing the mission of the Moorish Divine and National movement as the founder Prophet Noble Drew Ali had intended if his Moorish-Americans study, study, study and enforce the law (constitutional fold) to save the nation.