The Welfare of The Women


originally from rise of the Matriarch -The real Eve – January 23, 2016

The Welfare of The Women Are One of The Major Key Components for A Prosperous Nation

Some of the written material is from: Moors Order Of the Roundtable Civic Lesson, information was recommended by Sheikess G. Cherry-El

The Fall of Tears

The Christian Peregrinus (Pilgrims) devised one of the most effective and demoralizing war tactics ever used. They launched a dedicated assault on the Moorish women and children whenever and wherever they came in contact with any of the indigenous Peoples. This wholesale slaughter system was also applied to animals, birds and anything which could support the reciprocal life-blood of organized civilizations in Canaan (Canada) the Northwest territory.

The infamous Christian ‘motto’ IN HOC SIGNO VINCES, Latin, meaning BY THIS SIGN THOU SHALT CONQUER . This cherished ‘motto’ is derived from CONSTANTINE THE GREAT – FATHER OF CHRISTIANITY. Thousands of unarmed Moabite/Moorish women were slaughtered at and around the Great Lakes of North Al Moroc (North America/Ancient Morocco/Amexem). Literally thousands of Moorish women were beheaded at Niagara Falls.

The Moabite/Moorish Matriarchs have gathered and meditated at the Great Lakes for thousands of years. Now the conquering European Christians use Niagara Falls as a tourist attraction – blood profit. Calling the Great Falls, ‘Nigger Falls’, in jest and mockery of the slain unarmed Moabite/Moorish Matriarchs was common. This slaughter by the Great Lakes is also called, Niagara’s Fall of Tears. ”

* Notes – To see some historical information pertaining to Niagara Falls and the region known as Canada today, you can visit the links below:

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Sheikess G. Cherry-El requested this information be posted so that the melanated women, properly the Asiatic, Moslem, Moorish/Moabite women in North America will comprehend the importance of Ourstory, nationality, divine existence and the role of our women in our nation.  Part of separating and dividing us during the inquisition, invasion, colonization and denaturalization of the Americas was destroying the role the women in civilization.