National Holy Night


Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice

National Holy Night Conference

Islam, the great meeting is on!

Praise Allah! Most beneficent, most merciful for our Prophet Noble Drew Ali. PBUH, and all our divine prophets including: Jesus(Yashua), Muhammed, Buddha, & Confucius. “Friday is our Holy Day of rest, because on a Friday the first man was formed in flesh and on a Friday the first man departed out of flesh and ascended unto his father God Allah; for that cause Friday is the Holy day of all Moslems all over the world.” – Divine Constitution & By Laws “The teacher treads the way; on every span of ground he leaves his foot-prints, clearly cut, which all can see, & be assured that he, their master went that way.”- Holy Koran of The MSTofA. Moorish Science Temple, The Divine and National Movement of North America, Inc., #13, The Moorish American National Republic expects the presence of all members, and invites the public to join us every: Friday 8 pm EST (9 pm Edt Daylight Savings Time) on our National Holy Night Conference Call by dialing 443-961-4434. or online by clicking the button below As we bring one creation to a close and open another; Read through our Holy (Circle 7) Koran, increase our connection to the Allah with ourselves and our understanding of our Prophets work. Islam!

We Are Recording

be mindful to use the mute on your personal device so as not to disturb or distract from our call please press ** to unmute your phone if you wish to speak.

Sunday School

the Guiders of the Nation forming the minds of the future with divine and national principles teaching Balance in Life! Visit with Us Every Sunday as we confer to our questionary.

Sundays 11am EST / 12pm EDT Daylight Savings

Sunday Town Hall

Answering questions about the Divine and National side of our movement, including but not limited to Our policy of freedom, Emancipation Proclamations of President Lincoln and the 13th amend. with 20 sections, etc.

Sunday Night 7:30 pm ET