On this page, you will find a videos of short computer classes that will give you some basic knowledge of computers, and computer skills that will be needed to be able to function in todays society. As new classes are added depending on the needs and request of members and staff, those classes will be added accordingly. Peace & Love.

Computer Basics: What Is a Computer?

Computer Basics: Inside a Computer

Computer Basics: Basic Parts of a Computer

Computer Basics Getting to Know Laptop Computers
Computer Basics Understanding Operating Systems
Computer Basics Understanding Applications
Computer Basics Setting Up a Desktop Computer
Windows Basics: Getting Started with the Desktop

Computer Basics Connecting to the Internet
Computer Basics Cleaning Your Computer
Computer Basics Protecting Your Computer
Browser Basics
Internet Tips Understanding URLs
Basic Search Strategies
Tips for Reading Webpages
Understanding Spam and Phishing
Internet Safety Your Browser’s Security Features
Word: Getting Started
Word: Creating and Opening Documents
Word: Saving and Sharing Documents
Word: Pictures and Text Wrapping
Word: Text Basics