The “Real Eve”


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“The Real Eve” the matrilineal ancestor of all humans

Sheikess G. Cherry-El hopes the sisters will take a good look into “The Real Eve: Modern Man’s Journey Out of Africa” a popular science book about the evolution of modern humans.  

It was written by British geneticist Stephen Oppenheimer.  “The Eve” in the title refers to Mitochondrial Eve, a name used for the most recent common ancestor of all humans in the matrilineal (mother to daughter) line of descent.  There is also a documentary  based on the book.  The documentary “The Real Eve”, known as “Where We Came From” in the United Kingdom, was released in 2002.  The documentary was produced by the American cable TV network the Discovery Channel and Is narrated by Danny Glover and directed by Andrew Piddington.” the full documentary is not available, here is a preview.

$ Purchase “The Real Eve: Modern Man’s Journey Out of Africa” Read online
“The Real Eve:Modern Man’s Journey Out of Africa”
the full documentary is no longer available on YouTube, this is a preview. if you find a full version please email the link to [email protected]

Sheikess G. Cherry-El requested this information be posted so that the melanated women, properly the Asiatic, Moslem, Moorish/Moabite women in North America will comprehend the importance of Ourstory, nationality, divine existence and the role of our women in our nation.  Part of separating and dividing us during the inquisition, invasion, colonization and denaturalization of the Americas was destroying the role the women in civilization.