Our-Story Dark Skinned Native Americans


Our-Story: Dark Olive Skinned Native Americans

Originally: The Dark Native History That Many Wish To Keep A Secret (Change to history of dark skinned natives-Aug 26, 2012

Cherokee, Choctaw, Shinnecock, Pequot, Natchez, Haudenosaunee. what do those tribes and all the tribes of the America’s have in common, all were and are Moorish. Many tribal nations were organized into confederations like the Iroquois under the Great law of Peace, that governed the land long before the first europeans set foot in the “New World”.

here are some videos to help guide your journey of learning on this subject:

Curator Dr. Gabrielle Tayac (Piscataway), hosts a conversation with Dr. Heriberto Dixon (Tutelo) about the history and contemporary cultures of mixed heritage Native people, the escape to the Caribbean islands during colonial period, on how when outside of the reservations, they were known in society as Free Negros or African Americans and much more. 
In this video Dr. Geri M Augusto Ed.D(Senior Fellow in International and Public Affairs, Director of Development Studies at Brown university) touches on “Indian” slavery in the America’s
Two Moor Chiefs explain about the history of the dark olive skin natives in Americas, their tribe, status, changing names, birth certificates, etc.