Chopping the Cherry Tree


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Chopping down the Cherry Tree

In school they told us two good myths. One was of G.W. chopping down the cherry tree and the other was of old honest Abe who supposedly never told a lie.

Back when this country, as we know it, was first being formed by the rebels from Europe who decided that they wanted to be independent of their motherland, they petitioned to the then existing world empires for sovereignty…which basically means that they were asking the empires for permission to be granted the right to call and govern themselves as a nation.

No existing empire would grant them that permission. After continuous petitioning, finally the Empire of the Moors granted them permission. Because the Moors were an Islamic nation, no melaninated person designating themselves as a Moor or Muslim could be enslaved. This was a part of the treaty. What George Washington did after they obtained their sovereignty was “to take the Moorish flag, fold it up and lock it in a safe”…thereby leaving no sign or symbol of the empire or people who granted them sovereignty to be seen.

The Moorish flag looked like a big cherry in the middle of a blue background, therefore it was the cherry tree that granted this country the right to become a nation, and with the flag locked away, any and all darker skinned Moors were thereby designated to be enslaved.

The country became known as “The United States Of America”. Once the United States Of America (The Republic) went corporate their “corporate name” became known as the “United States”, There is a legal difference. Furthermore, we said; I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and TO THE REPUBLIC FOR WHICH IT STANDS. “Excuse me ! I Know yall thought you were living in a Democracy…but where did you learn that lie from when we were already told when we were young that “THIS IS A REPUBLIC” NOT A DEMOCRACY….AND YET WE FOOLISHLY LET OUR PEOPLE GO OFF TO FIGHT IN THE NAME OF A DEMOCRACY THAT IS NOT LAWFUL HERE IN AMERICA.

You’ve been hijacked out of The Republic, hijacked into illegally paying taxes, hijacked into thinking you’re legal citizens, and you’ve been hijacked into fear so real that very few dare move with the truth once they know it.

This is why it is a must that you proclaim your Nationality!  To reclaim what is ours.

The first step, RE-EDUCATION at our Moorish School of Law and History     

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