“The Resurrection” by Timothy Dingle-El


“The Resurrection”  a book by Timothy Dingle-El

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“The Resurrection”  a book by Timothy Dingle-El

The book outlines the oral statement and prophecy of the founder Prophet Noble Drew Ali when he said “It will take 50 years to find out what I brought you”. That statement by Prophet Noble Drew Ali the founder was said in 1928, The Resurrection book was published in 1978. The book outlines spiritual insight from a Moorish perspective, the lawful process of Naturalization, Moorish History in the Americas, Moorish History in other parts of the world; the letters, journey, mission and aim of President Abraham Lincoln by following his decisions, speeches and actions to preserve the Union and uphold the Constitution, highlights of the 13 Amendment with 20 Sections, the proclamations of President Abraham Lincoln, the atmosphere of the North and South during the civil war, literature of the Moorish Science Temple, copies of documents that was sent to local, State and Federal government agencies to secure the National side and the process of freedom according to the Hebrew Codes and much, much more.

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